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2015-09-30daemon: always autoflush stdout/stderr
2015-09-30remove unnecessary fields usage
2015-09-30nntp: reduce syscalls for LIST OVERVIEW.FMT
2015-09-30nntp: HDR returns 225, not 224
2015-09-30search: remove get_subject_path
2015-09-25daemon: fix various permissions + daemon issues
2015-09-25nntp: avoid signals for long responses
2015-09-25git: use fields for GitCatFile
2015-09-25git: signal-safety for pipe writes
2015-09-25nntp: prefix FD on every log line
2015-09-25nntp: do not repeat result on blocked write
2015-09-25searchidx: remove unused sub: next_doc_id
2015-09-25nntp: consistently use 501 for unsupported LIST
2015-09-25nntp: HDR allows metadata prefixed with ':'
2015-09-24nntpd: hoist out daemon management code
2015-09-24nntp: avoid infinite loop on partial read
2015-09-24nntpd: move busy check to NNTP package
2015-09-24nntp: fix XOVER command
2015-09-23nntp: support HDR command from RFC 3977
2015-09-22nntp: XHDR lookups by Message-ID may cross groups
2015-09-22nntp: XHDR fixes for Message-ID lookups
2015-09-22nntp: implement OVER from RFC 3977
2015-09-22nntp: avoid setting Bytes and Lines headers
2015-09-22nntp: ensure body lines end with CRLF
2015-09-22nntp: support YYYYMMDD dates for commands
2015-09-21nntp: proper UTF-8 support (hopefully?)
2015-09-21remove bytes:: for length checks
2015-09-21nntp: speed up xover slightly
2015-09-21nntp: speed up XHDR Xref for rtin
2015-09-21msgmap: minor cleanup to move constant declaration
2015-09-20nntp: add "newsgroup" parameter and sort grouplist
2015-09-20newsgroup: use only the first address
2015-09-20nntp: fix handling of trickled responses
2015-09-20nntp: do not re-enable reads during long responses
2015-09-20nntpd: support systemd FD inheritance + signals
2015-09-19nntp: article lookups by Message-ID may cross newsgroups
2015-09-19nntp: log to FDs given by the Nntpd module
2015-09-19nntp: fix ARTICLE/HEAD/BODY/STAT
2015-09-19nntp: fix logging of long responses
2015-09-19nntp: implement XPATH
2015-09-19nntp: implement XROVER, speed up XHDR for some cases
2015-09-19nntp: speed up XHDR for the Message-ID case
2015-09-19nntp: XOVER does not require range
2015-09-19nntp: implement command argument checking
2015-09-19nntp: use long response API for LISTGROUP
2015-09-19nntp: introduce long response API for streaming
2015-09-19nntp: use write_buf_size instead write_buf
2015-09-18read-only NNTP server
2015-09-16view: do not shorten top-level messages in thread view
2015-09-15extmsg: wire up to use msgmap for prefixes