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2015-08-20replace references to lynx
2015-08-20search: index_sync allows specifying alternate HEAD
2015-08-20view: do not fold top-level messages in thread
2015-08-20index: layout fix + title and Atom feed links at top
2015-08-20search: bump schema version to 5 for subject_path
2015-08-20view: reduce memory usage when displaying large threads
2015-08-20search: reject ghosts in all cases
2015-08-20search: avoid needless decode
2015-08-20index: simplify main landing page if search-enabled
2015-08-20view: avoid nesting <a> tags from auto-linkification
2015-08-20use tables for rendering comment nesting
2015-08-20feed: move timestamp parsing to view
2015-08-20feed: remove threading from index
2015-08-19www: redirect /f/$MESSAGE_ID.txt links to /m/$MESSAGE_ID.txt
2015-08-19view: return empty string to avoid undefined values
2015-08-19view: fix spacing on missing ghosts
2015-08-18view: close anchor tag correctly before starting another
2015-08-18thread: another workaround for a Mail::Thread bug
2015-08-18search: bump SCHEMA_VERSION to 4
2015-08-18search: expose $PublicInbox::Search::LANG variable
2015-08-18search: common Subject: normalization for Re: prefixes
2015-08-18search: avoid creating ghosts for circular References
2015-08-18view: cleaner Message-ID filtering for References
2015-08-17view: do not recompress already-compressed MID for anchors
2015-08-17search: simplify indexing operation
2015-08-17view: always compress Message-IDs for anchors
2015-08-17search: bump schema version for '%' compression change
2015-08-17mid: compress Message-IDs with '%' in them
2015-08-17search: apply mid_compression to subject paths, too
2015-08-17drop bodies and messages ASAP after processing
2015-08-17feed: disable the generator statement
2015-08-17search: use raw headers without MIME decoding
2015-08-17terminology: replies => followups
2015-08-17www: simplify parameter passing to feed
2015-08-17WWW: eliminate "top" parameter for feeds
2015-08-17favor /t/ to /s/, since subjects may change mid-thread
2015-08-17feed: remove unnecesary time paramenter in index state
2015-08-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/search'
2015-08-16view: kill leading empty lines correctly
2015-08-16view: cleaner killing of leading/trailing whitespace
2015-08-16view: hoist out index_walk function
2015-08-16view: deduplicate common code for loading search results
2015-08-16SearchMsg: ensure metadata for ghost messages mid
2015-08-16implement /s/$SUBJECT_PATH.html lookups
2015-08-16search: remove unnecessary xpfx export
2015-08-16www: /t/$MESSAGE_ID.html for threads
2015-08-16view: hoist out index_walk function
2015-08-16view: reply threading adjustment
2015-08-15thread: common sorting code
2015-08-15view: display replies in per-message view