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2015-09-15extmsg: wire up to use msgmap for prefixes
2015-09-15searchidx: sync Msgmap database along with Xapian
2015-09-15searchidx: hoist out rlog code
2015-09-15msgmap: add message mapping via SQLite
2015-09-14searchview: do not link Atom feed by relevance
2015-09-13view: jump to anchor of current message on References
2015-09-13view: do not show References unless a message has them
2015-09-13view: use header_obj to avoid extra method calls
2015-09-13view: extra Atom feed link in standalone message view
2015-09-13view: add Atom links in headers for per-message links
2015-09-13searchview: implement Atom feed for search results
2015-09-13feed: consolidate updated tag generation
2015-09-12searchview: support displaying entire threads
2015-09-12searchview: hoist out subroutines for clarity
2015-09-12view: more consistent prefix for ghost links
2015-09-10constent X?HTML MIME type filtering
2015-09-07view: change References link to expand thread
2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2015-09-05extmsg: add note about the deficiency of the implementation
2015-09-05searchview: link users to permalink instead of thread
2015-09-05extmsg: fall back to partial Message-ID matching
2015-09-05search: tweak parsing for internal queries
2015-09-05search: note why we do not support FLAG_PURE_NOT
2015-09-05searchview: error description for invalid queries
2015-09-05search: use relevance as secondary sort by default
2015-09-05searchview: factor out dump_mset subroutine
2015-09-05searchview: improve footer navigation
2015-09-05view: preliminary HTML search interface
2015-09-04view: fix broken link to ghost fallback
2015-09-04www: extra redirects for the '/'-challenged
2015-09-04view: thread view expands focused message
2015-09-04view: indentation adjustments for collapsed headers
2015-09-04view: reduce redundant attributions in permalink refs
2015-09-04view: add missing newline to inline dump
2015-09-04view: adjust spacing and indentation of index threads
2015-09-04view: one line for thread subjects
2015-09-04view: eliminate redundant [threaded|flat] link
2015-09-04view: do not generate anchors in thread views
2015-09-04SearchMsg: avoid encoding Message-IDs
2015-09-04view: avoid attempting to find "subject dummy"
2015-09-04extmsg: close HTML tag in response
2015-09-04consolidate thread sorting in view
2015-09-04index: use message threading if search is available
2015-09-03www: move fallback after legacy matches
2015-09-03feed: use application/atom+xml for Content-Type
2015-09-03www: attempt to handle Message-IDs with slashes
2015-09-03get rid of Message-ID compression entirely
2015-09-03ExtMsg: 300 to external mailing list archives
2015-09-03search: disable Message-ID compression in Xapian
2015-09-03view: include ghost messages in thread views