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2016-05-19www: validate and check filenames in URLs
2016-05-19msg_iter: workaround broken Email::MIME versions
2016-05-19www: support downloading attachments
2016-05-19switch read-only uses of walk_parts to msg_iter
2016-05-19msg_iter: new internal API for iterating through MIME
2016-05-19view: rely on Email::MIME::body_str for decoding
2016-05-19nntpd: avoid uninitialized warning
2016-05-18nntpd: reject control characters entirely
2016-05-18view: avoid redirect to reply endpoint
2016-05-18feed: inline feed entry generation
2016-05-17http: release resources when idle
2016-05-17view: escape Message-ID for "next" link
2016-05-16www: fix for running under mount paths
2016-05-16config: allow taking an existing reference
2016-05-16declare Inbox object for reusability
2016-05-15mbox: support /$INBOX/all.mbox.gz endpoint
2016-05-15mbox: consistent header order when decompressed
2016-05-15git-http-backend: set cache headers
2016-05-14rename most instances of "list" to "inbox"
2016-05-14nntp: use "newsgroup" instead of "name"
2016-05-13nntp: fixup "Wide character" warnings
2016-05-13Revert "nntp: proper UTF-8 support (hopefully?)"
2016-05-12git-http-backend: do not drop connection on successful finish
2016-05-12import: fallback to email if '<>' exists in author name
2016-05-12import: normalize body by stripping trailing newlines
2016-05-06mbox: sort messages by ascending date
2016-05-03git-http-backend: reduce memory use for clone/fetch
2016-05-03http: move empty string check into write callback
2016-05-03spawnpp: use native perl %ENV outside of mod_perl
2016-05-02nntp: append Archived-At and List-Archive headers
2016-05-02view: disable subject threading
2016-05-02http: remove needless binmode call
2016-05-02spawn: proper signal handling for vfork
2016-05-01git-http-backend: use real lseek for Content-Range
2016-05-01daemon: reduce timer-related allocations
2016-05-01mda: export @BAD_HEADERS variable
2016-05-01linkify: match more URL characters [:,\$] and schemes
2016-05-01linkify: match '~' (tilde) in URLs
2016-04-30daemon: graceful shutdown warning and limit removal
2016-04-30http: graceful shutdown for pi-httpd.async callers
2016-04-30searchmsg: ensure long subject lines are not broken
2016-04-29http: avoid lseek if no input
2016-04-29http: improve error handling for aborted responses
2016-04-29git-http-backend: check EINTR as well as EAGAIN
2016-04-29http: avoid corking on "Content-Length: 0" response
2016-04-28githttpbackend: clamp to one smart HTTP request at-a-time
2016-04-28githttpbackend: fall back to dumb if smart HTTP is off
2016-04-28import: run git-update-server-info when done
2016-04-27import: document API for public consumption
2016-04-25githttpbackend: require IO::File explicitly