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2019-10-22v2writable: use msgmap as multi_mid queue
2019-10-22v2writable: move git->cleanup to the correct place
2019-10-21v2writable: reindex handles 3-headered monsters
2019-10-21v2writable: improve "num_for" API and disambiguate
2019-10-21v2writable: set unindexed article number
2019-10-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/inboxdir'
2019-10-17doc: avoid [<directory>] arg for git-clone(1)
2019-10-16config: remove redundant inboxdir check
2019-10-16config: support "inboxdir" in addition to "mainrepo"
2019-10-16Merge branch 'listid'
2019-10-16admin: show failing directory
2019-10-15wwwtext: show listid config directive(s)
2019-10-15mda, watch: wire up List-ID header support
2019-10-15config: allow "0" as a valid mainrepo path
2019-10-15config: avoid unnecessary '||' use
2019-10-15config: simplify lookup* methods
2019-10-15config: we always have {-section_order}
2019-10-15Config.pm: Add support for mailing list information
2019-10-15PublicInbox::Import Smuggle a raw message into add
2019-10-09doc: PublicInbox::SaPlugin::ListMirror manpage
2019-10-09extmsg: drop unused $have_mm variable
2019-10-02listener: warn on some accept()/accept4() errors
2019-10-01www: fix absolute URLs when mounted under a subdir
2019-09-30config: use NUL-delimited git-config(1) output
2019-09-27qspawn: workaround Perl 5.16.3 leak, re-enable Deflater
2019-09-27wwwtext: support $INBOX_URL/_/text/config/raw
2019-09-27v2writable: only change $EPOCH.git/config on epoch creation
2019-09-27mbox: update URL for mboxrd info
2019-09-26hlmod: update for highlight 3.51 API change
2019-09-26ds: workaround a memory leak in Perl 5.16.x
2019-09-24spawnpp: use absolute path for exec
2019-09-22feed: remove unused $cmt->{-html_url} field
2019-09-20wwwatomstream: fix per-feed <id>
2019-09-18config: boolean handling matches git-config(1)
2019-09-17http: remove unnecessary delete
2019-09-17http: drop unused `$env' variable after delete
2019-09-17qspawn: improve variable naming and commenting
2019-09-17qspawn: shorten lifetime of circular references
2019-09-17qspawn: log errors for generic PSGI server users
2019-09-17qspawn: remove return value from ->finish
2019-09-15qspawn: shorten lifetime of environ and opts args
2019-09-15qspawn: clarify and improve error handling
2019-09-14qspawn: remove unused WNOHANG import
2019-09-14httpd/async: improve naming and comments
2019-09-14githttpbackend: use REMOTE_ADDR for deleted identifier
2019-09-14tmpfile: support O_APPEND and use it in DS::tmpio
2019-09-14tmpfile: give temporary files meaningful names
2019-09-14qspawn: simplify by using PerlIO::scalar
2019-09-14admin: warn and ignore inaccessible inboxes
2019-09-12solvergit: don't drop update-index stdin with qspawn