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2017-02-16repobrowse: shorten "repo_info" to "-repo"
2017-02-16repo: only read description if git
2017-02-16repobrowse: switch to new URL format to avoid query strings
2017-02-15config: avoid circular loading dependency
2017-02-14repobrowse: do not unescape PATH_INFO twice
2017-02-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into repobrowse
2017-02-14searchidx: switch to accounting by message bytes
2017-02-14www: do not unescape PATH_INFO twice
2017-02-11handle repeated References and In-Reply-To headers
2017-02-11repo: lazily read description and cloneurl
2017-02-10config: move try_cat function from inbox
2017-02-10repo: add class for representing a code repo
2017-02-10repogit: add prototypes for error checking
2017-02-10repo: search index flushes for excessive active refs
2017-02-10search: remove unnecessary abstractions and functionality
2017-02-10repo: search index no longer indexes for --contains
2017-02-09repo: increase search index flush granularity
2017-02-09repobrowse: shorten internal names
2017-02-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into repobrowse
2017-02-09repobrowse: avoid slurping lines
2017-02-09config: do not slurp lines into memory
2017-02-08repobrowse: start wiring up git search
2017-02-07search: hoist out git directory search index helper
2017-02-06search: schema version bump for empty References/In-Reply-To
2017-02-06Revert "searchidx: reindex clobbers old thread IDs"
2017-02-06searchidx: reindex clobbers old thread IDs
2017-02-06searchidx: deal with empty In-Reply-To and References headers
2017-02-06searchview: increase limit for displaying search results
2017-02-06searchview: clarify numeric summary at bottom
2017-02-05repobrowse: git tag listing is now async
2017-01-26repobrowse/git/atom: remove unused subroutine
2017-01-26repobrowse: simplify command generation for git commands
2017-01-26add filter for Subject: tags
2017-01-26watchmaildir: allow arguments for filters
2017-01-22repobrowse: git summary view uses psgi_qx
2017-01-21repobrowse: preserve newlines in Atom feed
2017-01-21repobrowse: simplify git log parsing implementation
2017-01-21repobrowse: fix full URL generation in Atom feed
2017-01-21repobrowse: avoid extra hash assignments for Atom feed
2017-01-21repobrowse: git Atom feed uses Qspawn->psgi_return
2017-01-21repobrowse: git Atom feed uses Qspawn->psgi_qx
2017-01-21qspawn: better annotate where $qx_cb is called
2017-01-19watchmaildir: limit live importer processes
2017-01-18mime: avoid SUPER usage in Email::MIME subclass
2017-01-18repobrowse: expath is always defined
2017-01-18http: cast a wider net to prevent circular references
2017-01-18repobrowse: git snapshot waits for all commands asynchronously
2017-01-17qspawn: better description
2017-01-17repobrowse: verbose git tree display uses qspawn for ls-tree
2017-01-15repobrowse: use qspawn for plain tree views