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path: root/lib/PublicInbox/Xapcmd.pm
DateCommit message (Expand)
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-01-27xapcmd: increase scope of lock
2020-01-27inbox: add ->version method
2020-01-13xapcmd: use popen_rd for running xapian-compact
2020-01-06treewide: "require" + "use" cleanup and docs
2019-12-30spawn: allow passing GLOB handles for redirects
2019-12-24search: support SWIG-generated Xapian.pm
2019-11-24xapcmd: replace Xtmpdirs with File::Temp->newdir
2019-11-16xapcmd: do not fire END and DESTROY handlers in child
2019-11-16inboxwritable: add ->cleanup method
2019-11-14inboxwritable: drop {-importer} cyclic reference
2019-11-14xapcmd: localize %SIG changes using "local"
2019-10-16config: support "inboxdir" in addition to "mainrepo"
2019-06-14xapcmd: favor 'shard' over 'part' in local variables
2019-06-14xapcmd: update comments referencing "partitions"
2019-06-14v2writable: rename {partitions} field to {shards}
2019-06-14v2writable: count_partitions => count_shards
2019-06-14admin|xapcmd: user-facing messages say "shard"
2019-06-14xcpdb: support resharding v2 repos
2019-06-14xcpdb: use destination shard as progress prefix
2019-06-14xapcmd: preserve indexlevel based on the destination
2019-06-04require ASCII digits for local FS items
2019-05-29searchidx: store indexlevel=medium as metadata
2019-05-29index: support --verbose option
2019-05-23xapcmd: do not reset %SIG until last Xtmpdir is done
2019-05-23xcpdb|compact: support --jobs/-j flag like gmake(1)
2019-05-23xapcmd: cleanup on interrupted xcpdb "--compact"
2019-05-23xcpdb|compact: support some xapian-compact switches
2019-05-23compact: reuse infrastructure from xcpdb
2019-05-23xcpdb: remove temporary directories on aborts
2019-05-23xcpdb: show re-indexing progress
2019-05-23xapcmd: use "print STDERR" for progress reporting
2019-05-23xapcmd: avoid EXDEV when finalizing changes
2019-05-23xcpdb: cleanup error handling and diagnosis
2019-05-23xcpdb: implement progress reporting
2019-05-23xcpdb: use fine-grained locking
2019-05-23xapcmd: xcpdb supports compaction
2019-05-23xcpdb: implement using Perl bindings
2019-05-23xapcmd: do not cleanup on errors
2019-05-23xapcmd: support spawn options
2019-05-23xapcmd: new module for wrapping Xapian commands