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2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-01-27linkify: move to_html over from ViewDiff
2020-01-27view: start performing buffering into {obuf}
2019-12-28solvergit: allow passing arg to user-supplied callback
2019-12-27viewvcs: avoid anonymous sub for HTML response
2019-12-26qspawn: psgi_return: allow non-anon parse_hdr callback
2019-12-26qspawn: remove some anonymous subs for psgi_qx
2019-12-18viewvcs: flesh out some functionality and test
2019-09-14tmpfile: give temporary files meaningful names
2019-05-26viewvcs: keep temporary Solver dir for large streams
2019-04-04viewvcs: match 8000-byte lookup for git
2019-04-04viewvcs: preliminary support for showing non-blobs
2019-04-02viewvcs: check for premature EOF from git-cat-file
2019-02-13ensure bytes::length is available to callers
2019-02-05hlmod: do_hl* performs src_escape immediately
2019-02-05hlmod: make into a singleton
2019-02-05viewvcs: cleanup utf8 handling
2019-02-01viewvcs: allow '0' as a valid filename for blob downloads
2019-01-31doc: remove completed TODO items
2019-01-31qspawn: documentation updates
2019-01-31viewvcs: support streaming large blobs
2019-01-29viewvcs: avoid segfault with highlight.pm at shutdown
2019-01-28hval: add src_escape for highlight post-processing
2019-01-27viewvcs: wire up syntax-highlighting for blobs
2019-01-27viewvcs: do not show final error message twice
2019-01-26solver: rewrite to use Qspawn->psgi_qx and pi-httpd.async
2019-01-20viewvcs: disable white-space prewrap in blob view
2019-01-20view: enforce trailing slash for /$INBOX/$OID/s/ endpoints
2019-01-20view: enable naming hints for raw blob downloads
2019-01-19view: wire up diff and vcs viewers with solver