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2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-01-27viewdiff: rewrite and simplify
2020-01-27linkify: move to_html over from ViewDiff
2020-01-27view: inline and eliminate msg_html
2020-01-27view: start performing buffering into {obuf}
2020-01-27view: simplify duplicate Message-ID handling
2020-01-27view: thread_skel: drop constant tpfx parameter
2020-01-27view: reduce parameters for html_footer
2020-01-27view: improve readability around walk_thread
2020-01-27www: use "skel" terminology consistently
2020-01-25spelling: favor `publicly' over `publically'
2020-01-12www: discard multipart parent on iteration
2020-01-06view: update POSIX::strftime usage
2020-01-06hval: export prurl and add prototype
2020-01-05view: msg_html: reduce memory use on reused MIDs
2019-12-27view: msg_iter calls add_body_text directly
2019-12-27searchview: remove anonymous sub when sorting threads by relevance
2019-12-27view: thread_html: pass named sub to WwwStream
2019-12-27view: msg_html: stop using an anonymous sub
2019-12-27view: avoid anon sub in stream_thread
2019-12-21searchview: save a column in &x=t thread skeleton
2019-12-20view: show percentage in search results thread skeleton
2019-12-20searchthread: fix usage of user-supplied parameter
2019-10-28view: show X-Alt-Message-ID in permalink view, too
2019-10-28linkify: support adding "(raw)" link for Message-IDs
2019-10-28view: improve warning for multiple Message-IDs
2019-10-28view: move '<' and '>' outside <a>
2019-10-28view: display redundant headers in permalink
2019-09-09run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2019-06-04view: require YYYYmmDD(HHMMSS) timestamps to be ASCII
2019-06-04www: only emit ASCII chars in attachment filenames
2019-05-15www: use Inbox->over where appropriate
2019-04-23view: avoid "1+ messages" in per-message footer of /t/ and /T/
2019-04-18view: show "(no subject)" consistently in HTML
2019-04-16cleanup: use '$ibx' consistently when referring to Inbox refs
2019-02-13ensure bytes::length is available to callers
2019-02-01viewdiff: support renames and long paths in diffstat anchors
2019-02-01view: simplify quote splitting
2019-02-01view: fix broken hunk header hrefs in Atom feeds
2019-02-01view: diffstat anchors for multi-message/attachment views
2019-01-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/viewvcs' into master
2019-01-30view: remove unused _msg_date sub
2019-01-26view: swap CRLF for LF in HTML output
2019-01-20viewdiff: support diff-highlighting w/o coderepo
2019-01-19view: wire up diff and vcs viewers with solver
2019-01-19view: disable bold in topic display
2019-01-08view: more culling for search threads
2019-01-08view: fix wrong date for non-Xapian/SQLite v1 users
2019-01-08view: stop storing all MIME objects on large threads
2018-12-30handle "multipart/mixed" messages which are not multipart