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path: root/lib/PublicInbox/SpawnPP.pm
DateCommit message (Expand)
2019-04-04spawn: support RLIMIT_CPU, RLIMIT_DATA and RLIMIT_CORE
2019-01-09doc: various overview-level module comments
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
2016-06-21spawn: improve error checking for fork failures
2016-06-18spawn: try to keep signals blocked in spawned child
2016-05-03spawnpp: use native perl %ENV outside of mod_perl
2016-02-29spawnpp: use env(1) for mod_perl compatibility
2016-02-28spawnpp: die instead of exit on exec failure
2016-02-28spawnpp: fix error message for stderr redirect failing
2016-02-27initial spawn implementation using vfork