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2021-07-06extindex: --gc: avoid SQLite lock conflict on shard cleanup
Xapian shard cleanup only requires read-only access to over.sqlite3, so avoid opening it with read-write access since create_tables will hit lock conflicts on "INSERT OR IGNORE" statements.
2021-01-03searchidxshard: use add_xapian directly for v2
We can more clearly distinguish between v1 and v2-only code paths this way, and may be able to save a few cycles this way.
2021-01-03ipc: switch to one-way pipes
This fixes a performance regression in multi-process v2 indexing due to the switch to PublicInbox::IPC. While Unix sockets are fewer FDs to manage, pipes allow unprivileged processes to use larger buffers (up to 1M) on out-of-the-box Linux instances. A larger buffer via F_SETPIPE_SZ afforded by pipes was proven valuable during v2 development in 2018 and continues to be valuable when we get significant amounts of one-way traffic from the producer parent to worker children. Compression may be an option for systems without F_SETPIPE_SZ; but it increases CPU usage with no memory bandwidth savings on hosts where larger buffers are available.
2021-01-03searchidxshard: replace index_raw with index_eml
Since Storable and Sereal are designed for lossless serialization, we'll just pass $eml objects to whatever process is running SearchIdx.
2021-01-03searchidxshard: IPC conversion, part 2
We can remove some now-pointless wrapper functions by using ->ipc_do in even more places.
2021-01-03searchidxshard: use PublicInbox::IPC to kill lots of code
It's nice to prove the new code works by swapping it into the current V2Writable / SearchIdxShard packages. This is only the first step for the core bits, and we'll be able to delete more code in a subsequent patch.
2021-01-01update copyrights for 2021
Using "make update-copyrights" after setting GNULIB_PATH in my config.mak
2021-01-01searchidxshard: call DS->Reset at worker start
The daemon for the local email interface will be inside the DS->EventLoop. -watch currently doesn't trigger this bug since it doesn't enable parallelism, but it may in the future.
2020-12-19lei_store: local storage for Local Email Interface
Still unstable, this builds off the equally unstable extindex :P This will be used for caching/memoization of traditional mail stores (IMAP, Maildir, etc) while providing indexing via Xapian, along with compression, and checksumming from git. Most notably, this adds the ability to add/remove per-message keywords (draft, seen, flagged, answered) as described in the JMAP specification (RFC 8621 section 4.1.1). We'll use `.' (a single period) as an $eidx_key since it's an invalid {inboxdir} or {newsgroup} name.
2020-12-17searchidxshard: simplify newline elimination
This overdue change fixes {current_info} to not inject a newline into every warning message. Simpler code helps us avoid bugs and the need to make fixes like commit 44de182766037948d62bc2a8ba924de2264dd5fc ("searchidxshard: chomp $eidx_key from pipe").
2020-12-17extsearchidx: simplify reindex code paths
Since we're inside a Xapian transaction, calling ->index_raw followed by ->shard_add_eidx_info calls on the same docid doesn't seem to hurt indexing performance. It definitely reduces FS read traffic and IPC from git at the cost of some more IPC between the parent and workers. Nevertheless, the code and FD reductions seem worth it.
2020-12-17extindex: preliminary --reindex support
--reindex allows us to catch missed and stale messages due to -extindex vs -index races prior to commit 02b2fcc46f364b51 ("extsearchidx: enforce -index before -extindex"). We'll also rely on reindex to internally deal with v1/v2 inbox removals and partial-unindexing of messages which are only removed from one inbox out of many. This reindex design is completely different than how normal v1/v2 inbox reindex operates due to extindex having multiple histories to work with. Instead of scanning git history, this relies exclusively on comparing over.sqlite3 contents between the v1/v2 inboxes and the extindex. Changes to Xapian behavior also get picked up, now. Xapian indexing is handled by workers with minimal IPC to the parent process. This results in more read I/O but fewer writes when dealing with cross-posted messages. Changes to $smsg->populate and --rethread still need further work.
2020-12-08shard_add_eidx_info: pass $eidx_key instead of $ibx object
This improves consistency with sibling methods such as ->shard_remove_eidx_info and ->add_xref3. Passing the $eidx_key scalar is preferable to the entire $ibx object for IPC-friendliness.
2020-12-08searchidx: remove $oid parameter from most calls
Xapian docids have been tied to the over {num} column for nearly 3 years, now; and OIDs are no longer stored in Xapian document data. There's no need to increase code and IPC complexity by passing the OID around.
2020-11-29extindex: support `--gc' to remove dead inboxes
Inboxes may be removed or newsgroups renamed over time. Introduce a switch to do garbage collection and eliminate stale search and xref3 results based on inboxes which remain in the config file. This may also fixup stale results leftover from any bugs which may leave stale data around. This is also useful in case a clumsy BOFH (me :P) is swapping between several PI_CONFIGs and accidentally indexed a bunch of inboxes they didn't intend to.
2020-11-28searchidxshard: chomp $eidx_key from pipe
We were accidentally adding "\n" to terms (which Xapian happily accepts), causing incompatibilities when enabling parallel sharding in some invocations of -extindex but not others. This is an extindex incompatibility and starting a new extindex will be required to take advantage of in-development features, so it's not urgent to start another one, either. (other incompatible things may happen before a 1.7 release)
2020-11-15extindex: support graceful shutdown via QUIT/INT/TERM
Just like the daemon processes, -extindex now supports graceful shutdown via the same signals. This lets users avoid having to repeat indexing messages when a power outage strikes during a long (multi-hour/day) indexing run. Per-inbox (v1/v2) -index graceful shutdowns are not supported, yet, but is planned for later.
2020-11-08searchidxshard: further improve {current_info} readability
Add a space after \0 to visually disambiguate it from the {bytes} field.
2020-11-08searchidxshard: reduce syscalls when writing ->eidx_key
We use ->autoflush(1) on this pipe to ensure the shard workers see data immediately on print; so this means we have to do our own buffering for optional data.
2020-11-07searchidxshard: make warnings with eidx_key less confusing
Seeing "Xorg.foo.bar" can be confusing in warnings if the eidx_key is only "org.foo.bar" with no relation to "Xorg" at all. Furthermore, printing "\0" to log or terminal output isn't very nice and could throw off some users/tools.
2020-11-07searchidx: remove xref3 support for Xapian
It doesn't seem worth storing xref3 data in Xapian now that the same info is in over.sqlite3.
2020-11-07searchidxshard: special init for eidx
Having a special init path for external indices is probably easier than further overloading SearchIdx->new initialization to work without an Inbox object.
2020-11-07inboxwritable: eidx_key for external index
This is preferable to open-coding "newsgroup // inboxdir" everywhere.
2020-11-07searchidxshard: allow msgref to be undef
We don't need to keep it in code paths which are guaranteed to only see PublicInbox::Eml (and not Email::MIME or PublicInbox::MIME which did not round-trip properly). However, we must set {raw_bytes} since PublicInbox::Eml may add an extra "\n" for rare messages with no bodies.
2020-11-07searchidx: introduce "xref3" concept
This will be used to track cross-posted messages in the external/detached index.
2020-08-23searchidx: index THREADID in Xapian
This is the `tid' column from over.sqlite3; and will be used for IMAP and JMAP search (among other things).
2020-08-23searchidx: put all shard-related stuff in SearchIdxShard.pm
We'll also rename the /^remote_/ prefix to "shard_", since remote implies the process is on a different host. These methods only pass messages to a child process on the same host OR perform operations within the same process.
2020-08-23searchidxshard: clear $msgref buffer properly
Merely assigning `undef' to a scalar does not free the underlying buffer memory of a scalar.
2020-08-20init+index: support --skip-docdata for Xapian
Since we no longer read document data from Xapian, allow users to opt-out of storing it. This breaks compatibility with previous releases of public-inbox, but gives us a ~1.5% space savings on Xapian storage (and associated I/O and page cache pressure reduction).
2020-08-07index: support --xapian-only switch
This is useful for speeding up indexing runs when only Xapian rules change but SQLite indexing doesn't change. This mostly implies `--reindex', but does NOT pick up new messages (because SQLite indexing needs to occur for that). I'm leaving this undocumented in the manpage for now since it's mainly to speed up development and testing. Users upgrading to 1.6.0 will be advised to `--reindex --rethread', anyways, due to the threading improvements since 1.1.0-pre1. It may make sense to document for 1.7+ when there's Xapian-only indexing changes, though.
2020-07-25searchidx: rename _xdb_{acquire,release} => idx_
The "xdb" prefix was inaccurate since it's used by indexlevel=basic, which is Xapian-free. The '_' (underscore) prefix was also wrong for a method which is called across package boundaries.
2020-07-25use consistent {ibx} field for writable code paths
This is a step which makes our use of abbreviations more consistent when referring to PublicInbox::Inbox objects. We'll also be reducing the number of redundant fields in SearchIdx and V2Writable code paths to make the object graph easier-to-follow.
2020-07-17search: simplify unindexing
Since over.sqlite3 seems here to stay, we no longer need to do Message-ID lookups against Xapian and can simply rely on the docid <=> NNTP article number equivalancy SCHEMA_VERSION=15 gave us. This rids us of the closure-using batch_do sub in the v1 code path and vastly simplifies both v1 and v2 unindexing.
2020-07-17drop binmode usage
We only support Unix-like platforms where binmode (":raw") is the default anyways, and v5.10 semantics means it won't do unicode_strings (unlike v5.12). So save some lines of code.
2020-07-17v2: use v5.10.1, parent.pm, drop warnings
The "5.010_001" form was for Perl 5.6, which I doubt anybody would attempt; so favor "v5.10.1" as it is more readable to humans. Prefer "parent" to "base" since the former is lighter. We'll also rely on warnings from "-w" globally (or not) instead of via "use". We'll also update "use" statements to reflect what's actually used by V2Writable.
2020-06-13index: account for CRLF conversion when storing bytes
NNTP and IMAP both require CRLF conversions on the wire. They're also the only components which care about $smsg->{bytes}, so store the CRLF-adjusted value in over.sqlite3 and Xapian DBs.. This will allow us to optimize RFC822.SIZE fetch item in IMAP without triggering size mismatch errors in some clients' default configurations (e.g. Mail::IMAPClient), but not most others. It could also fix hypothetical problems with NNTP clients that report discrepancies between overview and article data.
2020-05-19favor readline() and print() as functions
In our inbox-writing code paths, ->getline as an OO method may be confused with the various definitions of `getline' used by the PSGI interface. It's also easier to do: "perldoc -f readline" than to figure out which class "->getline" belongs to (IO::Handle) and lookup documentation for that. ->print is less confusing than the "readline" vs "getline" mismatch, but we can still make it clear we're using a real file handle and not a mock interface. Finally, functions are a bit faster than their OO counterparts.
2020-05-09replace most uses of PublicInbox::MIME with Eml
PublicInbox::Eml has enough functionality to replace the Email::MIME-based PublicInbox::MIME.
2020-03-31v2writable: index Message-IDs w/ spaces properly
Message-IDs can apparently contain spaces and other weird characters. Ensure we pass those properly to shard subprocesses when importing messages in parallel mode. Our NNTP request parser does not deal with spaces in the Message-ID, yet, and I don't expect most NNTP clients to, either. Nor does the Net::NNTP client handle them in responses.
2020-03-29searchidxshard: ensure we set indexlevel on shard[0]
For sharded v2 repositories with few-enough messages, it is possible for shard[0] to go unused and never trigger the ->commit_txn_lazy to set the indexlevel field in Xapian metadata. So set it immediately at initialization and avoid this case. While we're at it, avoid triggering needless pwrite syscalls from ->set_metadata by checking with ->get_metadata, first.
2020-03-22*idx: pass smsg in even more places
We can finally get rid of the awkward, ad-hoc use of V2Writable, SearchIdx, and OverIdx args for passing {cotime} and {autime} between classes. We'll still use those git time fields internally within V2Writable and SearchIdx for (re)indexing, but that's not worth avoiding as a fallback.
2020-03-22v2: pass smsg in more places
We can pass fewer order-dependent args to V2Writable::do_idx and SearchIdxShard::index_raw by passing the smsg object, instead.
2020-03-22*idx: pass $smsg in more places instead of many args
We can pass blessed PublicInbox::Smsg objects to internal indexing APIs instead of having long parameter lists in some places. The end goal is to avoid parsing redundant information each step of the way and hopefully make things more understandable.
2020-03-22index: use git commit times on missing Date/Received
When indexing messages without Date: and/or Received: headers, fall back to using timestamps originally recorded by git in the commit object. This allows git mirrors to preserve the import datestamp and timestamp of a message according to what was fed into git, instead of blindly falling back to the current time.
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
I didn't wait until September to do it, this year!
2020-02-02searchidxshard: rely on autoflush instead of ->flush
It reduces the number of ops and simplifies the code, slightly. Add a missing IO::Handle import while we're at it, to be explicit about which methods we use.
2019-11-03searchidxshard: reuse $SIG{__WARN__} callback from Admin
We don't want to define $SIG{__WARN__} in the worker to call an existing non-default callback. Instead update ->{current_info} the same way the V2Writable master process does. I noticed this while reindexing with a large XAPIAN_FLUSH_THRESHOLD and seeing the wrong epoch on my terminal from a shard because the shard worker was spawned while reindexing a higher-numbered epoch.
2019-09-09run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2019-06-14v2: rename SearchIdxPart => SearchIdxShard
Another step towards keeping our file and package names consistent with Xapian terminology.