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2022-07-19searchidx: skip "delta $N" sections for base-85
I don't deal with binary patches ever, so I failed to notice binary deltas are supported in addition to the more common literals. A quick check of apply.c in git.git confirms "delta" and "literal" are the only binary patch classes we can expect.
2022-06-21search: do not index base-85 binary patches
Base-85 binary patches generated by git lead to many false positives, so skip over gibberish words which may occur in them. To avoid regressions in search results, continue to allow searching for exact size matches (via "literal $SIZE") and the phrase "GIT binary patch" for the mere presence of a binary patch.
2022-06-21search: support "patchid:" prefix (git patch-id --stable)
This allows easy searching via patch-id from a git commit. Currently, abbreviations are not supported, and it seems needless to support them since AFAIK (git) doesn't generate nor resolve abbreviated patch-ids anywhere.
2022-06-21searchidx: use regexp as first arg for `split' op
Current implementations of Perl5 don't have optimizations for single-character field separators (unlike another non-Perl5 VM I'm familiar with).
2022-03-08index|extindex: support --dangerous flag
This enables Xapian::DB_DANGEROUS to support in-place updates. This can speed up the initial index and reduce I/O at the cost of preventing concurrent readers and being unsafe in the face of any abnormal terminations. This is more dangerous than --no-fsync. --no-fsync is only unsafe in the event of a power loss or kernel crash; --dangerous is unsafe even on SIGKILL.
2022-01-31rewrite Linux nodatacow use in pure Perl w/o system
btrfs is Linux-only at the moment (and likely to remain that way for practical purposes). So rely on Linux ABI stability and use the `syscall' and `ioctl' perlops rather than relying on Inline::C. Inline::C (and gcc||clang) are monstrous dependencies which we can't expect users to have. This makes supporting new architectures more difficult, but new architectures come along rarely and this reduces the burden for the majority of Linux users on popular architectures (while still avoiding the distribution of pre-built binaries). Link: https://public-inbox.org/meta/YbCPWGaJEkV6eWfo@codewreck.org/
2021-11-22searchidx: avoid modification of read-only `$_'
This fixes the "Modification of a read-only value attempted at ..." error in an initial run of t/reindex-time-range.t. It was reproducible by running `rm -rf t/data-gen/reindex-time-range.v*' before `make && prove -bvw t/reindex-time-range.t'. Thanks to Jörg Rödel for providing the backtrace which helped find this. Debugged-by: Jörg Rödel <joro@8bytes.org> Link: https://public-inbox.org/meta/YZuZEY+WSnm4wlrS@8bytes.org/
2021-11-09searchidx: index "diff --git a/... b/..." headers
While we do detailed indexing of git diffs, the header itself was failing and queries like 'nq:diff' would not work. Noticed-by: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
2021-10-23searchidx: v1: raise on msgmap init failure
Indexing any inboxes requires SQLite and msgmap, so don't hide exceptions if it fails.
2021-10-15lei q: avoid kw lookup failure on remote mboxrd
When importing several sources in parallel via http(s) mboxrd, we need to be able to get keywords of uncommitted documents directly from shard workers. Otherwise, Xapian DocNotFound errors happen because the read-only LeiSearch won't see documents from uncomitted transactions. Keep in mind that it's possible the keywords can be changed on-the-fly even for uncommitted documents because of inotify watches from LeiNoteEvent.
2021-10-13index: optimize after all SQLite DB commits
This covers v1 inboxes, as well. We also guard the execution since "PRAGMA optimize" was only introduced in SQLite 3.18.0 (2017-03-30)
2021-10-12msgmap: ->new_file to supports $ibx arg, drop ->new
The original Msgmap->new API was v1-specific and not necessary. The ->new_file API now supports an $ibx object being passed to it, simplify -no_fsync use. It will also make an upcoming change easier...
2021-10-10extindex: speed up Xapian cleanup in --gc
Avoiding repeated SQL statements brings --gc down to 2-3 minutes from around 10. We'll also add some checkpoints around over and xref3 cleanups.
2021-10-06extindex: --gc checkpoints
We need to ensure -extindex --gc runs don't prevent other work from happening in the meantime. I actually caused my -extindex to OOM due to the lack of checkpoints :x We'll also hoist out the shard scanning into its own sub in preparation for lei/store usage.
2021-10-05index: --reindex w/ --{since,until,before,after}
This lets administrators reindex specific time ranges according to git "approxidate" formats. These arguments are passed directly to underlying git-log(1) invocations and may still reach into old epochs. Since these options rely on git committer dates (which we infer from the most recent Received: header), they are not guaranteed to be strictly tied to git history and it's possible to over/under-reindex some messages. It's probably not a major problem in practice, though; reindexing a few extra messages is generally harmless aside from some extra device wear. Since this currently relies on git-log, these options do not affect -extindex, yet.
2021-08-08searchidx: die on Xapian load errors
Xapian bindings may not be installed or be out-of-date w.r.t. the Perl version, improve the visibility of errors in those cases. Cleanup and drop some redundant checks while we're at it. Cc: "Toke Høiland-Jørgensen" <toke@toke.dk> Link: https://public-inbox.org/meta/87k0ky5mbd.fsf@toke.dk/
2021-06-30searchidx: default BATCH_BYTES to 8MB on 64-bit systems
This default seems closer to reasonable on 64-bit systems which are the norm these days. 32-bit systems gain 48K so it's an even 1 MB, but we need to keep 32-bit systems from using too much since there's still some ancient systems out there with small inboxes.
2021-06-23search: make xap_terms easier-to-use and use it more
This allows us to simplify callers throughout, and exceptions are can no longer be silently hidden. MiscSearch now uses xap_terms for looking up eidx_key terms for a code reduction. We also simplify LeiStore->_msg_kw for runtime use by moving the MsetIterator handling into t/lei_store.t test case.
2021-06-17lei/store: cull redundant docids based on blob OID
I'm not sure how this happened (only once for me in March), but it should not happen... In any case, we'll operate on the lowest numbered docid and cull redundant index entries when lei/store is open for read-write. This also fixes the normal lei/store removal path to clean up the xref3 table (since it's not done automatically for public-facing -eidx due to the multi-list nature of it).
2021-04-23lei import: support adding keywords and labels on import
This saves some work and makes it easier to set volatile metadata on a message at import time.
2021-03-26lei: add some labels support
"lei q" now displays labels in JSON output, "lei mark" can add or remove labels for any messages. "lei ls-label" is supported, too. Unfortunately, "lei q" won't hande "kw:" or "L:" for external messages, they must be imported, first.
2021-03-24lei mark: command for (un)setting keywords and labels
Only tested for keywords and labels with file inputs, so far; but it seems to do what it needs to do. There's a bit more redundant code than I'd like, and more opportunities for code sharing in the future "lei import" will be expanded to support +kw:$KEYWORD and +L:$LABEL in the future.
2021-03-21lei import: vivify external-only messages
Keyword storage for external-only messages was preventing messages from being explicitly imported. Teach lei_store to vivify keyword-only entries into fully-indexed messages on import.
2021-03-21lei q: support vmd for external-only messages
"lei q" now preserves changes per-message keywords across invocations when it's --output (Maildir or mbox) is reused (with or without --augment). In the future, these changes will be monitored via inotify, EVFILT_VNODE or IMAP IDLE, too. Unfortunately, this currently prevents "lei import" from ever importing a message that's in an external. That will be fixed in a future change.
2021-03-17lei_store: keywords => vmd (volatile metadata), prepare for labels
Since keywords and mailboxes (AKA labels) are separate things in JMAP; and only keywords can map reliably to Maildir and mbox; we'll keep them separate in our internal data representations, too. I initially wanted to call this just "meta" for "metadata", but that might be confused with our mailing list name. "metadata" is already used in Xapian's own API, to add another layer of confusion. "tags" was also considered, but probably confusing to notmuch users since our "labels" are analogous to "tags" in notmuch, and notmuch doesn't seem to cover "keywords" separately... So "vmd" it is, since we haven't used this particular three-letter-abbreviation anywhere before; and "volatile" seems like a good description of this metadata since everything else up to this point has been mostly WORM (write-once, read-many).
2021-03-13searchidx: fix -Lmedium for IDs and filenames
This fixes "m:", "l:", "f:", "t:", "c:", "dfn:", and "n:" search prefixes under indexlevel=medium when mixed with indexlevel=full inboxish. We need positional data for Message-IDs, List-Id, email addresses and filenames for exact matches, though we still want to support wildcards. Fortunately the storage cost is still small as these prefixes tend to be small compared to message bodies. These are NOT boolean terms since wildcard support and partial matching is desired.
2021-03-11searchidx: remove smsg_from_doc
We no longer read Xapian docdata and favor hitting over.sqlite3, instead, as Xapian is less likely to be available than SQLite.
2021-01-24smsg: make parse_references an object method
Having parse_references in OverIdx was awkward and Smsg is a better place for it.
2021-01-18extindex: fix w/ Xapian 1.2.21..1.2.24
Xapian v1.2.21..v1.2.24 failed to set the close-on-exec flag on the flintlock FD, causing "git cat-file" processes to hold onto the lock and prevent subsequent Xapian::WritableDatabase from locking the DB. So cleanup git processes after committing the miscidx transaction.
2021-01-03searchidxshard: use add_xapian directly for v2
We can more clearly distinguish between v1 and v2-only code paths this way, and may be able to save a few cycles this way.
2021-01-03use Eml (or MIME) objects for all indexing paths
We don't need to be keeping the raw message around after it hits git. Shard work now relies on Storable (or Sereal) and all of the indexing code relies on the Email::MIME-like API of Eml to access interesting parts of the message. Similarly, smsg->{raw_bytes} is no longer carried around and we do the CRLF adjustment when setting smsg->{bytes}. There's also a small simplification to t/import.t while we're in the area to use xqx instead of spawn/popen_rd.
2021-01-03searchidxshard: IPC conversion, part 2
We can remove some now-pointless wrapper functions by using ->ipc_do in even more places.
2021-01-03searchidxshard: use PublicInbox::IPC to kill lots of code
It's nice to prove the new code works by swapping it into the current V2Writable / SearchIdxShard packages. This is only the first step for the core bits, and we'll be able to delete more code in a subsequent patch.
2021-01-01update copyrights for 2021
Using "make update-copyrights" after setting GNULIB_PATH in my config.mak
2020-12-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lorelei
* origin/master: (58 commits) ds: flatten + reuse @events, epoll_wait style fixes ds: simplify EventLoop implementation check defined return value for localized slurp errors import: check for git->qx errors, clearer return values git: qx: avoid extra "local" for scalar context case search: remove {mset} option for ->mset method search: remove pointless {relevance} setting miscsearch: take reopen from Search and use it extsearch: unconditionally reopen on access extindex: allow using --all without EXTINDEX_DIR extindex: add undocumented --no-scan switch extindex: enable autoflush on STDOUT/STDERR extindex: various --watch signal handling fixes extindex: --watch for inotify-based updates eml: fix undefined vars on <Perl 5.28 t/config: test --get-urlmatch for git <2.26 default to CORE::warn in $SIG{__WARN__} handlers inbox: name variable for values loop iterator inboxidle: avoid needless syscalls on refresh inboxidle: clue users into resolving ENOSPC from inotify ...
2020-12-26index: do not attach inbox to extindex unless updated
We'll count the number of log changes (regardless of index or unindex) and only attach inboxes to ExtSearchIdx objects when they get new work. We'll also reduce lock bouncing and only update external indices after all per-inbox indexing is done. This also updates existing v2 indexing/unindexing callers to be more consistent and ensures unindex log entries update per-inbox last commit information.
2020-12-25inboxwritable: delay umask_prepare calls
This simplifies all ->with_umask callers and opens the door for further optimizations to delay/elide process spawning.
2020-12-23miscsearch: index UIDVALIDITY, use as startup cache
This brings -nntpd startup time down from ~35s to ~5s with 50K inboxes. Further improvements ought to be possible with deeper changes to MiscIdx, since -mda having to load every inbox seems unreasonable; but this general change is fairly unintrusive.
2020-12-21searchidx: rename get_val to int_val and return IV
Values can be strings in Xapian, although we currently use integer values exclusively. Give the wrapper a more appropriate name in case we start using string columns. For future-proofing, we'll now return `undef' on missing columns and coerce the return value to an IV (integer value) to save memory, as sortable_unserialise returns a PV (pointer value) scalar despite it existing to support numeric values.
2020-12-19search: simplify initialization, add ->xdb_shards_flat
This reduces differences between v1 and v2 code, and introduces ->xdb_shards_flat to provide read-only access to shards without using Xapian::MultiDatabase. This will allow us to combine shards of several inboxes AND extindexes for lei.
2020-12-19lei_store: local storage for Local Email Interface
Still unstable, this builds off the equally unstable extindex :P This will be used for caching/memoization of traditional mail stores (IMAP, Maildir, etc) while providing indexing via Xapian, along with compression, and checksumming from git. Most notably, this adds the ability to add/remove per-message keywords (draft, seen, flagged, answered) as described in the JMAP specification (RFC 8621 section 4.1.1). We'll use `.' (a single period) as an $eidx_key since it's an invalid {inboxdir} or {newsgroup} name.
2020-12-17index: ignore some warnings, set {current_info} for v1
-index runs on data that's already frozen in git, so there's no point in warning users about it. While we're at it, set the {current_info} prefix for v1 as we do in v2 inboxes in case new problems show up.
2020-12-17extsearchidx: simplify reindex code paths
Since we're inside a Xapian transaction, calling ->index_raw followed by ->shard_add_eidx_info calls on the same docid doesn't seem to hurt indexing performance. It definitely reduces FS read traffic and IPC from git at the cost of some more IPC between the parent and workers. Nevertheless, the code and FD reductions seem worth it.
2020-12-17extindex: preliminary --reindex support
--reindex allows us to catch missed and stale messages due to -extindex vs -index races prior to commit 02b2fcc46f364b51 ("extsearchidx: enforce -index before -extindex"). We'll also rely on reindex to internally deal with v1/v2 inbox removals and partial-unindexing of messages which are only removed from one inbox out of many. This reindex design is completely different than how normal v1/v2 inbox reindex operates due to extindex having multiple histories to work with. Instead of scanning git history, this relies exclusively on comparing over.sqlite3 contents between the v1/v2 inboxes and the extindex. Changes to Xapian behavior also get picked up, now. Xapian indexing is handled by workers with minimal IPC to the parent process. This results in more read I/O but fewer writes when dealing with cross-posted messages. Changes to $smsg->populate and --rethread still need further work.
2020-12-10searchidx: all indexers check for bad blobs
This should help us detect bugs in our code or storage synchronization problems more easily. This probably won't detect corrupted git storage, but can detect corrupted SQLite files. "Bad blobs, bad blobs, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"
2020-12-08searchidx: remove $oid parameter from most calls
Xapian docids have been tied to the over {num} column for nearly 3 years, now; and OIDs are no longer stored in Xapian document data. There's no need to increase code and IPC complexity by passing the OID around.
2020-11-29extindex: support `--gc' to remove dead inboxes
Inboxes may be removed or newsgroups renamed over time. Introduce a switch to do garbage collection and eliminate stale search and xref3 results based on inboxes which remain in the config file. This may also fixup stale results leftover from any bugs which may leave stale data around. This is also useful in case a clumsy BOFH (me :P) is swapping between several PI_CONFIGs and accidentally indexed a bunch of inboxes they didn't intend to.
2020-11-28*index: more consistent graceful shutdown checks
v1 and v2 inbox indexing now supports graceful shutdown checks just like ExtSearchIdx. Additionally, we'll consistently perform quit checks at the top of loops for consistency. Interaction with the --xapian-only and --sequential-shard options are a bit lacking, and will warn the user to use "--reindex --xapian-only" to fix.
2020-11-24miscsearch: a new Xapian sub-DB for extindex
This will be used to index and search Inbox objects and perhaps individual git repositories/epochs for grokmirror manifest.js.gz generation. There is no sharding planned for this at the moment since inbox count should remain low (~100K to 1M) compared to message count. Folding this into the existing sharded DBs could be possible; but would likely increase query and maintenance costs, as well as development complexity. So we'll use a few more inodes and FDs at runtime, instead.
2020-11-15searchidx: check for graceful shutdown in log2stack
The initial "git log" invocation for a git epoch can be time consuming, so check for graceful shutdown at each line to ensure timely shutdowns and avoid SSD/HDD wear.