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2022-06-21search: add help for patchid: prefix
2022-06-21search: support "patchid:" prefix (git patch-id --stable)
2021-11-03doc: lei-q: document SEARCH TERMS prefixes
2021-10-16inbox + search: use 5.10.1 and do some golfing
2021-10-15www: various help text updates
2021-10-14lei inspect: account for non-extindex inboxes
2021-10-12daemon: unconditionally close Xapian shards on cleanup
2021-10-12search: delete QueryParser along with DB handle
2021-09-26search: avoid setting undef hashtable entries
2021-09-23daemons: revamp periodic cleanup task
2021-09-21search: drop reopen retry message
2021-09-17search: fix rt: w/ approxidate when TZ != UTC
2021-07-31extindex: -xcpdb and -compact support
2021-06-23search: make xap_terms easier-to-use and use it more
2021-05-28lei: retry_reopen on read-only Xapian access
2021-04-16search: expand "d:" to "dt:" for precision with approxidate
2021-03-26lei: add some labels support
2021-03-11doc: glossary: add information for dates and timestamps
2021-03-05search: use "z:" instead of "bytes:" prefix
2021-02-12search: query_approxidate: cleanup regexp, more tests
2021-02-11search: disallow spaces in argv approxidate queries
2021-02-11search: use git approxidate in WWW and "lei q --stdin"
2021-02-10search: fix argv handling of quoted phrases
2021-02-09www: stream mboxrd in descending docid order
2021-02-08search: use one git-rev-parse process for all dates
2021-02-08lei q: use git approxidate with d:, dt: and rt: ranges
2021-02-07lei: replace --thread with --threads
2021-01-22lei q: retrieve keywords for local, non-external messages
2021-01-14search: rename "ts:" prefix to "rt:"
2021-01-12lei query + pagination sorta working
2021-01-02search: do not use $QP_FLAGS until Xapian is loaded
2021-01-01update copyrights for 2021
2020-12-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lorelei
2020-12-31lei_xsearch: cross-(inbox|extindex) search
2020-12-28search: remove {mset} option for ->mset method
2020-12-28search: remove pointless {relevance} setting
2020-12-23miscsearch: index UIDVALIDITY, use as startup cache
2020-12-19search: simplify initialization, add ->xdb_shards_flat
2020-12-17inbox: simplify v2 epoch counting
2020-12-09search: reinstate "uid:" internal search prefix
2020-12-05imap: support isearch and reduce Xapian queries
2020-12-05isearch: emulate per-inbox search with ->ALL
2020-12-05search: remove mdocid export
2020-11-24*search: simplify retry_reopen users
2020-11-24miscsearch: a new Xapian sub-DB for extindex
2020-11-07search: xdb_sharded: make this a public method for ExtSearch
2020-11-07extsearch: start mocking out
2020-11-07search: hoist out _xdb_sharded for v2 inboxes
2020-09-24searchidx: fix (undocumented) --skip-docdata handling
2020-09-03v2writable: reuse read-only shard counting code