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2021-10-12extindex: speed up --reindex --fast
2021-10-10set nodatacow on more SQLite files
2021-08-28move ->ids_after from mm to over
2021-06-03lei import: speed up kw updates for old IMAP messages
2021-03-21lei import: vivify external-only messages
2021-03-21lei q: support vmd for external-only messages
2021-01-01update copyrights for 2021
2020-12-17extindex: support --rethread and content bifurcation
2020-12-17over: sort xref3 by xnum if ibx_id repeats
2020-12-08over: gracefully show invalid ibx_id
2020-11-07over: store xref3 data in over.sqlite3
2020-08-28www: improve navigation around contemporary threads
2020-08-27over*: use v5.10.1, drop warnings
2020-08-27over: recent: remove expensive COUNT query
2020-08-27over: rename ->disconnect to ->dbh_close
2020-08-27over: rename ->connect method to ->dbh
2020-08-26over+msgmap: respect WAL journal_mode if set
2020-08-26over: skip nodatacow on the journal
2020-08-23search: support downloading mboxes results with full thread
2020-08-23searchidx: index THREADID in Xapian
2020-08-20searchview: speed up search summary by ~10%
2020-08-20searchview: use over.sqlite3 instead of Xapian docdata
2020-08-20smsg: reduce utf8::decode call sites
2020-08-08support setting No_COW on Perl <5.22
2020-07-29searchidx: disable CoW for SQLite and Xapian under btrfs
2020-07-25index+xcpdb: support --no-sync flag
2020-07-14over+msgmap: do not store filename after DBI->connect
2020-07-14over: unset sqlite_unicode attribute
2020-06-27imap: EXAMINE: avoid potential race conditions
2020-06-13nntpd+imapd: detect replaced over.sqlite3
2020-06-13over: uid_range: remove LIMIT
2020-06-13imap: STATUS/EXAMINE: rely on SQLite overview
2020-06-13over: get_art: use dbh->prepare_cached
2020-06-13imap: allow UID range search on timestamps
2020-03-22rename PublicInbox::SearchMsg => PublicInbox::Smsg
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-02-04over: simplify read-only vs read-write checking
2019-09-09run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2019-01-08over: cull unneeded fields for get_thread
2018-08-05view: distinguish strict and loose thread matches
2018-06-19Tweak over.sqlite3 queries for sqlite < 3.8
2018-04-18ensure SQLite and Xapian files respect core.sharedRepository
2018-04-07over: avoid excessive SELECT
2018-04-07psgi: ensure /$INBOX/$MESSAGE_ID/T/ endpoint is chronological
2018-04-06www: favor reading more from SQLite, and less from Xapian
2018-04-03mbox: remove remaining OFFSET usage in SQLite
2018-04-03view: avoid offset during pagination
2018-04-03nntp: make XOVER, XHDR, OVER, HDR and NEWNEWS faster
2018-04-02over: speedup get_thread by avoiding JOIN
2018-04-02www: rework query responses to avoid COUNT in SQLite