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2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-01-24nntp: simplify setting X-Alt-Message-ID
2020-01-13ds|http|nntp: simplify {wbuf} population
2020-01-08nntp: correctly log long response errors
2020-01-01nntp: handle 2-digit year "70" properly
2019-12-22nntp: cmd_xover: use named sub for long_response
2019-12-22nntp: hdr_msg_id: use named sub for long_response
2019-12-22nntp: cmd_newnews: use named sub for long_response
2019-12-22nntp: cmd_listgroup: use named subs for long_response
2019-12-22nntp: cmd_xrover: use named sub for long_response
2019-12-22nntp: hdr_searchmsg: use named sub for numeric range response
2019-12-22nntp: remove cyclic refs from long_response
2019-12-22nntp: get_range: return scalarref for $beg
2019-12-22nntp: get rid of some unused imports
2019-12-22nntp: simplify method detection using UNIVERSAL::can
2019-12-14ds: move NNTP-only expiration code into DS
2019-12-14ds: move EvCleanup code into DS
2019-09-08nntp: regexp always consumes rbuf if "\n" exists
2019-09-08nntp: fix redundant CRLF from "LISTGROUP GROUP RANGE"
2019-07-13nntp: support optional [range] arg in LISTGROUP
2019-07-13nntp: fix LIST OVERVIEW.FMT ordering and format
2019-07-12nntp: clear local timer on idle client expiry
2019-07-10http|nntp: avoid recursion inside ->write
2019-07-08http|nntp: "use PublicInbox::DS" instead of ->import
2019-07-07nntp: improve error reporting for COMPRESS
2019-07-06nntp: reduce memory overhead of zlib
2019-07-06nntp: support COMPRESS DEFLATE per RFC 8054
2019-07-06nntp: move LINE_MAX constant to the top
2019-07-06nntp: use msg_more as a method
2019-06-30nntp: add support for CAPABILITIES command
2019-06-30nntp: remove DISABLED hash checks
2019-06-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/email-simple-mem' into master
2019-06-29ds: consolidate IO::Socket::SSL checks
2019-06-29ds: handle deferred DS->close after timers
2019-06-29ds: move requeue logic over from NNTP
2019-06-29ds: share lazy rbuf handling between HTTP and NNTP
2019-06-27nntp: reduce syscalls for ARTICLE and BODY
2019-06-27nntp: rework and simplify art_lookup response
2019-06-24nntp: send greeting immediately for plain sockets
2019-06-24nntp: lazily allocate and stash rbuf
2019-06-24nntp: simplify long response logic and fix nesting
2019-06-24nntp: reduce allocations for greeting
2019-06-24nntp: call SSL_shutdown in normal cases
2019-06-24ds|nntp: use CORE::close on socket
2019-06-24nntp: NNTPS and NNTP+STARTTLS working
2019-06-24nntp: wait for writability before sending greeting
2019-06-24nntp: simplify re-arming/requeue logic
2019-06-24ds: hoist out do_read from NNTP and HTTP
2019-06-24http|nntp: be explicit about bytes::length on rbuf
2019-06-24ds: favor `delete' over assigning fields to `undef'