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DateCommit message (Expand)
2022-07-07lei: track seen messages to note duplicates
2022-07-07lei_xsearch: simplify lei/store import check
2021-11-10lei q: make HTTP(S) query strings even less ugly
2021-10-30lei_xsearch: quiet error message on SIG{PIPE,TERM}
2021-10-27lei q: fix remote import accounting
2021-10-24lei: always pass $lei to LeiAuth->op_merge
2021-10-19lei: use die for external and query handling
2021-10-16lei: more eval guards for die on failure
2021-10-15lei q: guard query_done against die()
2021-10-15lei + ipc: simplify process reaping
2021-10-15lei q: avoid kw lookup failure on remote mboxrd
2021-10-15lei: TSTP affects all curl and related subprocesses
2021-10-15lei: give workers their own process group
2021-10-13treewide: use warn() or carp() instead of env->{psgi.errors}
2021-10-13lei: use standard warn() in more places
2021-09-25lei: make pkt_op easier-to-use and understand
2021-09-25lei up: show timezone offset with localtime
2021-09-23lei_xsearch: use localtime for user message
2021-09-21lei q: improve --limit behavior and progress
2021-09-21lei q: show progress on >1s preparation phase
2021-09-21lei lcat: use single queue for ordering
2021-09-19lei_xsearch: drop Data::Dumper use
2021-09-19lei/store: use SOCK_SEQPACKET rather than pipe
2021-09-18lei up: automatically use dt: for remote externals
2021-09-16lei: git_oid: replace git_blob_id
2021-09-13lei_xsearch: sensible errors for missing/broken externals
2021-09-11lei: normalize whitespace in remote queries
2021-09-10lei up: only delay non-zero "# $NR written to ..."
2021-09-03lei_xsearch: avoid false-positives on externals w/ L: and kw:
2021-08-25lei up: improve --all=local stderr output
2021-08-24lei: non-blocking lei/store->done in lei-daemon
2021-08-14lei: hexdigest mocks account for unwanted headers
2021-08-14lei <q|up>: wait on remote mboxrd imports synchronously
2021-08-09lei_xsearch: improve Xapian open failure messages
2021-07-25lei: avoid SQLite COUNT() for dedupe
2021-06-23search: make xap_terms easier-to-use and use it more
2021-06-08lei: generalize auxiliary WQ handling
2021-06-04pkt_op: make pkt_do an OO method
2021-05-30lei import|lcat: improve+fix single message IMAP support
2021-05-28lei q|up: support v2:/path/to/inboxdir destination
2021-05-28lei: retry_reopen on read-only Xapian access
2021-05-28lei: restore working directory in more places
2021-05-28lei_mail_sync: debug code for uncommitted txn
2021-05-23lei <q|up>: set \Recent on non-empty mbox and Maildir
2021-05-06lei_xsearch: fix accounting bugs in for remote mboxrd
2021-05-03lei <q|up>: combine written/results into one line
2021-05-01lei_auth: s/net_merge_complete/net_merge_all_done/
2021-05-01lei <q|up>: distinguish between mset and l2m counts
2021-04-28lei: quiet down Eml-related warnings consistently
2021-04-25lei_xsearch: show --output location with match count