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path: root/lib/PublicInbox/LeiSavedSearch.pm
DateCommit message (Expand)
2021-11-09lei q|up: fix saved searches for single-phrase search
2021-10-19lei: use die for external and query handling
2021-09-21lei q: improve --limit behavior and progress
2021-09-21lei q: update messages to reflect --save default
2021-09-19lei config --edit: use controlling terminal
2021-09-18lei up: automatically use dt: for remote externals
2021-09-15lei_saved_search: fix prefix for IMAP folders w/ slash
2021-09-11lei: fix handling of broken lei.saved-search config files
2021-08-19lei q: make --save the default
2021-08-11lei_saved_search: canonicalized relative save paths
2021-07-25lei: avoid SQLite COUNT() for dedupe
2021-05-28lei q|up: support v2:/path/to/inboxdir destination
2021-05-23lei <q|up>: set \Recent on non-empty mbox and Maildir
2021-05-06lei_mail_sync: Maildir canonicalization omits trailing slash
2021-05-04lei up: fix dedupe with remote externals on Maildir + IMAP
2021-05-01lei edit-search: support relocating lei.q.output
2021-05-01lei_saved_search: fix excess indent for first lei.q entry
2021-04-24lei_saved_search: avoid reentrancy in ->is_dup
2021-04-23lei up: support symlinked pathnames
2021-04-23lei: saved searches support --dedupe=<mid|oid>
2021-04-19lei q: --save and --augment may be combined
2021-04-19lei_saved_search: split "lei q --save" and "lei up" init paths
2021-04-19config: git_config_dump blesses
2021-04-19lei_saved_search: avoid needless var shadowing
2021-04-19lei: support unlinked/missing saved searches
2021-04-18lei ls-search: command to list saved searches
2021-04-18avoid wrong/needless squote_maybe shortcuts
2021-04-18lei_saved_search: avoid git-config
2021-04-17lei up: further improve Maildir canonicalization
2021-04-17lei up: fix canonicalization of Maildirs
2021-04-17lei q --save: clobber config file on repeats
2021-04-17lei q --save: avoid lei.q.format
2021-04-17lei up: support output destination as arg
2021-04-16lei: saved searches keyed only by path/URL and format
2021-04-16lei: expose share_path as a method
2021-04-16lei q: --save preserves relative time queries
2021-04-13lei: add "lei up" to complement "lei q --save"
2021-04-13lei q: start wiring up saved search