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DateCommit message (Expand)
2014-04-24html: refactor header value handling to be OO
2014-04-22fix quoted URL generation in feeds
2014-04-21feed: fix address when multiple addresses exist
2014-04-21config: use description file for gitweb
2014-04-21html/index: fix broken prev/next pagination on short histories
2014-04-21feed: there is only one atom feed, with all messages
2014-04-21html/index: do not waste space with non-existent thread roots
2014-04-20feed: close string ref before returning
2014-04-20cgi: delay some requires
2014-04-20feed: speed up blob checks if Git.pm is usable
2014-04-19cgi: index pages allow iterating some pagination
2014-04-17cgi: sort HTML index by most recent date
2014-04-17HTML: various encoding fixups
2014-04-17Feed: add bug note on memory cycle
2014-04-15cgi: support /all.html page with inline threads
2014-04-15HTML: use shorter URLs in indices
2014-04-15HTML: ensure hrefs are quoted properly
2014-04-14cgi: fix up top-level index
2014-04-11cgi: update feed/view and tests for shorter URLs
2014-04-11cgi: /$LISTNAME/ and /$LISTNAME/index.html are equal
2014-04-09preliminary HTML index generation
2014-04-08feed: filter out each_recent_blob wrapper
2014-04-07feed: generate takes a hashref for args
2014-04-06feed: reuse view class to display message
2014-04-05feed: remove unnecessary use
2014-04-05feed: use Date::Parse to parse dates
2014-04-05get a basic CGI feed sender running
2014-03-24initial cut at Atom feed generation