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2019-06-26certs/create-certs: create certs in 'certs/' directory
If running in our top-level source tree, use the 'certs/' directory as the prefix so we can just invoke `./certs/create-certs.perl' instead of `(cd certs && ./create-certs.perl)'
2019-06-24certs/create-certs.perl: fix cert validity on 32-bit
If I'm still alive, I won't be coding after 2038 :<
2019-06-24nntp: NNTPS and NNTP+STARTTLS working
It kinda, barely works, and I'm most happy I got it working without any modifications to the main NNTP::event_step callback thanks to the DS->write(CODE) support we inherited from Danga::Socket.