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2022-04-26Makefile.PL: various updates for new versions
2022-04-23public-inbox 1.8.0 v1.8.0
2021-12-08Makefile.PL: fix useless use of push
2021-11-09build: do not repeatedly build some docs
2021-11-04public-inbox 1.7.0 v1.7.0
2021-11-04doc: switch to man(1) for pod => (text|html)
2021-11-04doc: add more 3rd-party refs, use Debian manpages for xapian
2021-10-31doc: add lei-mail-sync-overview manpage
2021-10-19Makefile.PL: drop generated lib/PublicInbox.pm in blib/
2021-10-16doc: lei: add manpages for remaining commands
2021-10-16doc: lei: restore alphabetical order to some listings
2021-10-02doc: lei-daemon: new manpage
2021-09-25doc: lei: manpages for export-kw and refresh-mail-sync
2021-09-17doc: add lei-security(7) manpage
2021-09-10INSTALL: depend on URI rather than URI::Escape
2021-09-10doc: lei-index manpage
2021-09-09lei-rm: add man page, support LeiInput args
2021-05-17doc lei: add manpages for new commands
2021-05-17doc lei: add manpage for convert
2021-05-17doc lei: resort lei-tag entries
2021-05-04doc: ignore onion URLs for 80-column check
2021-04-21doc: add lei_design_notes.txt and lei-store-format(5)
2021-04-01build: generate PublicInbox.pm with $VERSION
2021-03-31doc: add lei-mail-formats(5) manpage
2021-03-30lei tag: rename from "lei mark"
2021-03-29doc lei: add manpages for new commands
2021-03-15test_common: add create_inbox helper sub
2021-03-10doc: start glossary for overlapping concepts
2021-02-22tests: clean up t/home* consistently
2021-02-11doc: add lei-import(1)
2021-02-08INSTALL: depend on Text::ParseWords
2021-02-07Makefile.PL: depend on IO::Uncompress::Gunzip
2021-02-07t/tests: split out setup_public_inboxes sub
2021-02-04doc: update dependencies (+Storable, Data::Dumper)
2021-02-01doc: add lei-overview(7)
2021-02-01doc: start manpages for lei commands
2021-01-26build: check with lexgrog(1) if available
2021-01-25doc: re-add missing 1.6 release notes
2021-01-01Makefile.PL: add update-copyrights target
2020-12-31public-inbox 1.6.1 - minor bugfix release v1.6.1
2020-12-26Fix manpage section of perl module documentation
2020-12-26doc: post-1.6 updates, start 1.7
2020-12-19build: add lei.sh + "make symlink-install" target
2020-12-18Fix manpage section of perl module documentation
2020-12-12doc: add public-inbox-extindex-format(5) manpage
2020-11-07Makefile.PL: do not build manpage if POD is missing
2020-09-20doc: post-1.6 updates, start 1.7
2020-09-19gcf2: wire up read-only daemons and rm -gcf2 script
2020-09-19add gcf2 client and executable script
2020-09-16public-inbox 1.6.0 v1.6.0