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2016-05-28remove redundant NewsGroup class
Most of its functionality is in the PublicInbox::Inbox class. While we're at it, we no longer auto-create newsgroup names based on the inbox name, since newsgroup names probably deserve some thought when it comes to hierarchy.
2016-03-01linkify: do not capture trailing '.' or ';' in URLs
It seems common for users to end statements with URLs, while it is rare for a URL itself to end with a '.' or ';'. So make a guess and assume the URL was intended to not include the trailing '.' or ';'
2016-03-01extract linkification code to a separate package
This will allow us to more easily reuse it elsewhere.
2016-03-01MANIFEST: add examples/apache2_perl_old.conf
Ugh, I wonder if we can/should generate this automatically...
2016-02-28MANIFEST: update (generate via "git ls-files")
It's been a while...
2016-01-04use Perl POD instead of pandoc-flavored Markdown
This project is currently implemented in Perl, and pod2man is probably more common among potential users and developers of this project.
2015-12-22rename 'GitCatFile' package to 'Git'
We'll be using it for more than just cat-file. Adding a `popen' API for internal use allows us to save a bunch of code in other places.
2014-05-01workaround Mail::Thread memory leak
Thanks to Ask for the patch in https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=22817
2014-05-01split out WWW package and CGI/PSGI-specific parts
This should allow us to more-easily test with Plack.
2014-04-29implement our own cat-file --batch wrapper
We use --git-dir=... instead of $ENV{GIT_DIR} because ENV changes do not propagate easily with mod_perl.
2014-04-24html: refactor header value handling to be OO
This helps us keep track of escaping which needs to be done for various levels.
2014-04-19move precheck to MDA namespace
We will be combining common code between -learn and -mda
2014-04-05flesh out MDA and simplify config setup
We will be reusing the config parsing code for the CGI script, too.
2014-01-09add MANIFEST for distribution