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2016-03-01linkify: do not capture trailing '.' or ';' in URLs
2016-03-01extract linkification code to a separate package
2016-03-01MANIFEST: add examples/apache2_perl_old.conf
2016-02-28MANIFEST: update (generate via "git ls-files")
2016-01-04use Perl POD instead of pandoc-flavored Markdown
2015-12-22rename 'GitCatFile' package to 'Git'
2014-05-01workaround Mail::Thread memory leak
2014-05-01split out WWW package and CGI/PSGI-specific parts
2014-04-29implement our own cat-file --batch wrapper
2014-04-24html: refactor header value handling to be OO
2014-04-19move precheck to MDA namespace
2014-04-05flesh out MDA and simplify config setup
2014-01-09add MANIFEST for distribution