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2020-07-06stop auto-loading Plack::Middleware::Deflater
Instead of gzipping some (mbox.gz, manifest.js.gz) responses and leaving P::M::D to do the rest, we gzip everything ourselves, now, so P::M::D is redundant.
2020-06-28watch: remove Filesys::Notify::Simple dependency
Since we already use inotify and EVFILT_VNODE (kqueue) in -imapd, we might as well use them directly in -watch, too. This will allow public-inbox-watch to use PublicInbox::DS for timers to watch newsgroups/mailboxes and have saner signal handling in future commits.
2020-05-09remove most internal Email::MIME usage
We no longer load or use Email::MIME outside of comparison tests.
2020-04-20doc: HACKING: add a bit about faster testing
`make test' is annoyingly slow, and `make check-run' works wonders for improving the edit && test cycle.
2020-03-08INSTALL: refer to the proper Debian version
Debian 10.0 was released July 2019, so update our documentation to reflect that. While we're at it, fixup a broken footnote reference for Inline::C, too.
2020-03-01INSTALL: update for 1.3.0+, clarify IO::Compress
IO::Compress is required for v2 inboxes and overview indices, after all, but it is often pulled in by other packages (HTTP::Message via Plack::Test).
2020-02-24INSTALL: s/repositories/inboxes/
Since v2 inboxes can be made of several git repositories, consistently call them "inboxes", instead.
2020-02-07tests: switch to XML::TreePP for testing Atom feeds
XML::Feed pulls in a lot of dependencies, some of which XS. That makes testing with blead or any non-OS-supplied Perl installations more time consuming and more difficult because of the need to have development headers and libraries for libexpat1 or libxml2. Performance from libexpat1 or libxml2 for our small tests cases isn't relevant, either, and the pure Perl XML::TreePP seems up to the task. It's also available in CentOS 7.x, FreeBSD 11.x, and Debian, at least.
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
I didn't wait until September to do it, this year!
2020-01-28INSTALL: fix Linux::Inotify2 package name
The "2" is important, since "Linux::Inotify" without the "2" is not available from Debian 9/10 or CentOS 7.x and seems unmaintained.
2020-01-25doc: INSTALL describe required deps for released versions
1.3.0 isn't out, yet, and sometimes folks will rely on INSTALL on our website while installing older versions, so try to clarify that.
2020-01-11make Plack optional for non-WWW and non-httpd users
Some users just want to run -mda, -watch, and/or -nntpd. Let them run just those without forcing them to pull in a bunch of dependencies.
2019-12-12Date::Parse is now optional
-mda should not be dealing with broken Date: headers nowadays, and deprioritize it in our documentation and internal checks.
2019-12-11build: support doc generation w/o GNU make
We can replace the GNU-isms for building docs with Perl5 equivalents. The only downside is the resulting Makefile gets larger, but that's the price of portability.
2019-11-16doc: remove IPC::Run as a dev and test dependency
It's no longer needed and we're able to speed up some of our tests as a result.
2019-10-15INSTALL: recommend inotify|kqueue modules for -watch
Jan Kiszka reported high polling frequency when using -watch. It turns out OS-specific packages for Filesys::Notify::Simple do not pull in interfaces to use kqueue or inotify, which are required to perform power-efficient event-based wakeups on Maildir writes. Fix the name of the Filesys::Notify::Simple for FreeBSD while we're at it. Link: https://public-inbox.org/meta/c85803c6-6d77-a300-491a-9f310dd284c1@web.de/
2019-10-09INSTALL: note that we prefer GNU make
ExtUtils::MakeMaker uses non-POSIX '::', at least; and our own Documentation/include.mk and our postamble are written for GNU make. GNU make is also more widely-installed and available than any other make; even if I'm not generally a fan of GNU-isms.
2019-06-13doc: update dependencies for CentOS 7.x
Digest::SHA is the most notable missing package at runtime for a minimal system. Tests don't run at all without Test::Simple (or Test::More). Plack::Test is also a separate package, too... Also, the package for IO::Compress::Gzip should be IO::Compress; as perl-PerlIO-gzip is a different thing entirely which is not relevant to our needs. Test::HTTP::Server::Simple doesn't seem required at all for Plack tests. ExtUtils::MakeMaker needs to be documented as a install dependency for people installing this, too; since AFAIK public-inbox is not yet in any distros.
2019-05-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/xap-optional' into master
* origin/xap-optional: admin: improve warnings and errors for missing modules searchidx: do not create empty Xapian partitions for basic lazy load Xapian and make it optional for v2 www: use Inbox->over where appropriate nntp: use Inbox->over directly inbox: add ->over method to ease access
2019-05-15remove hard Devel::Peek dependency and lazy load for daemons
It's only useful for a corner case in long-running daemons when an admin decides to compact or vacuum a Xapian or SQLite DB. As a result, other scripts should run slightly faster. For instance, this saves about 80ms (2.710s => 2.630s) in t/mda.t on my remote workstation. While we're at it, make sure EvCleanup is properly require'd in Daemon.pm and HTTP.pm and document our use of Devel::Peek.
2019-05-15lazy load Xapian and make it optional for v2
More tests work without Search::Xapian, now. Usability issues still need to be fixed
2019-05-08INSTALL: note xapian-compact(1) tool
The Perl Xapian bindings do not support compacting, yet, so we rely on the xapian-compact tool.
2019-05-08INSTALL: depend on Encode instead of Encode::MIME::Header
Email::MIME uses Encode::MIME::Header and depends on that appropriately; however we depend on other parts of the Encode distribution, but that's bundled with Perl by upstream, anyways; and should place no additional burden on users.
2019-05-08INSTALL: update with FreeBSD pkg names and reorder
Fortunately, there is a pattern to most of these package names in all distros I've tested (and hopefully other BSDs have them, too). Then, reorder the INSTALL document to mention the top-level modules, first, so users can avoid needing to type extra dependencies. However, we still list some implicit dependencies in case the upstream package drops dependencies independently of us. Finally, Devel::Peek is not a dependency worth making optional since it's bundled by Perl upstream. Fedora/RH-based distros are the only one which turn it into a non-standard package when Perl5 is installed.
2019-05-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/danga-bundle'
* origin/danga-bundle: DS: epoll: fix misordered EPOLL_CTL_DEL call DS: drop unused "_undef" sub syscall: drop readahead wrapper build: do not manify DS and Syscall pods DS: handle EINTR in IO::Poll path, too DS: workaround IO::Kqueue EINTR (mis-)handling DS: drop profiling support DS: remove unused fields and functions listener: use EPOLLEXCLUSIVE for listen sockets bundle Danga::Socket and Sys::Syscall
2019-05-04bundle Danga::Socket and Sys::Syscall
These modules are unmaintained upstream at the moment, but I'll be able to help with the intended maintainer once/if CPAN ownership is transferred. OTOH, we've been waiting for that transfer for several years, now... Changes I intend to make: * EPOLLEXCLUSIVE for Linux * remove unused fields wasting memory * kqueue bugfixes e.g. https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=116615 * accept4 support And some lower priority experiments: * switch to EV_ONESHOT / EPOLLONESHOT (incompatible changes) * nginx-style buffering to tmpfile instead of string array * sendfile off tmpfile buffers * io_uring maybe?
2019-04-19start depending on Perl 5.10.1+
I mainly want to start using the '//' (defined-or) operator to simplify code, and Perl 5.10.1 is roughly a decade old at this point. "given/when" would've be nice, but it's future is in doubt AFAIK. I also started using the 'parent' module in WwwHighlight, and 'autodie' in UserContent.pm, both of which were only distributed with Perl since 5.10.1; and testing with ancient versions/distros is time-consuming. Anyways, I think this a small-enough jump to not break any existing installations, given we already depend on fairly recent versions of git and Xapian. Maybe we can use more newish Perl features in the future...
2019-04-16INSTALL: document Crypt:CBC for PublicInbox::Unsubscribe
I basically forgot about this module, but "make syntax" on a new chroot trips it up.
2019-02-07daemon: favor Socket.pm in Perl 5.14+ for IPv6
Users on Perl 5.14+ are common, so we can try the bundled Socket (not "Socket6") module before attempting Socket6 for IPv6.
2019-01-10check git version requirements
This allows v1 tests to continue working on git 1.8.0 for now. This allows git 2.1.4 packaged with Debian 8 ("jessie") to run old tests, at least. I suppose it's safe to drop Debian 7 ("wheezy") due to our dependency on git 1.8.0 for "merge-base --is-ancestor". Writing V2 repositories requires git 2.6 for "get-mark" support, so mask out tests for older gits.
2019-01-10INSTALL: Net::Server is not needed for systemd use
Also, move Socket6 down since it's usually pulled in as a dependency of Net::Server or SpamAssassin; and we can fail gracefully without it.
2019-01-09INSTALL: fix Date::Parse dependency for Debian
So yes, both "libdatetime-perl" and "libtimedate-perl" exist in Debian. We want the latter for the Date::Parse module. (And the former pulls in THIRTY-SEVEN dependencies on a fresh sid chroot, ohg yrsgcnq vf abg bar bs gurz).
2019-01-02update and add documentation for repository formats
Remove confusing documentation around ssoma now that we have NNTP and downloadable mbox support. Only lightly-checked for grammar and speling, and not yet formatting. Edits, corrections and addendums expected :>
2019-01-02INSTALL: note Plack and URI::Escape are required at the moment
They really shouldn't be... Also, it seems like eliminating IPC::Run is not going to be worth the effort.
2018-06-12INSTALL: mention Socket6
2018-04-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into v2
* origin/master: nntp: allow and ignore empty commands mbox: do not barf on queries which return no results nntp: fix NEWNEWS command searchview: fix non-numeric comparison Allow specification of the number of search results to return githttpbackend: avoid infinite loop on generic PSGI servers http: fix modification of read-only value extmsg: use news.gmane.org for Message-ID lookups extmsg: rework partial MID matching to favor current inbox Update the installation instructions with Fedora package names nntp: do not drain rbuf if there is a command pending nntp: improve fairness during XOVER and similar commands searchidx: do not modify Xapian DB while iterating Don't use LIMIT in UPDATE statements
2018-03-14Update the installation instructions with Fedora package names
Add a few more details and (especially) the Fedora package names. I also took the liberty of reorganizing things slightly while I was there.
2018-03-05INSTALL: document more optional dependencies
I've missed a few things over time :x
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
Using update-copyrights from gnulib While we're at it, use the SPDX identifier for AGPL-3.0+ to ease mechanical processing.
2016-10-05thread: remove Mail::Thread dependency
Introduce our own SearchThread class for threading messages. This should allow us to specialize and optimize away objects in future commits.
2016-07-10INSTALL: postfix and spamassassin are optional for HTTP mirrors
Not everybody needs to run an -mda or -watch
2016-06-24document Filesys::Notify::Simple dependency
And improve documentation for existing dependencies, too.
2016-06-17remove dependency on IPC::Run
We no longer depend on it for the core code, and tests are optional for users. Hopefully this makes this easier-to-install.
2016-06-15INSTALL: recommend Debian 8.5 for Xapian corruption fix
Debian 8.5 is out and fixes the Xapian corruption bug, so no need to recommend jessie-backports anymore. ref: https://www.debian.org/News/2016/20160604
2016-06-15mda: hook up new filter functionality
This removes the Email::Filter dependency as well as the signature-breaking scrubber code. We now prefer to reject unacceptable messages and grudgingly (and blindly) mirror messages we're not the primary endpoint for.
2016-06-15drop dependency on File::Path::Expand
We still pull it in via Email::LocalDelivery, but that dependency will go away, soon.
2016-06-09doc: update links to HTTPS sites in INSTALL and README
Thanks to Let's Encrypt and getssl, we can afford to have HTTPS for our own hosting, and www.gnu.org has been accessible over HTTPS for a long while. While we're at it, update the copyright years, too.
2016-05-29INSTALL: note Debian bug #808610 corruption
Ugh, this is a nasty corruption bug and I can't recommend this project for Debian 8.0 users without documenting this.
2016-05-25remove Email::Address dependency
git has stricter requirements for ident names (no '<>') which Email::Address allows. Even in 1.908, Email::Address also has an incomplete fix for CVE-2015-7686 with a DoS-able regexp for comments. Since we don't care for or need all the RFC compliance of Email::Address, avoiding it entirely may be preferable. Email::Address will still be installed as a requirement for Email::MIME, but it is only used by the Email::MIME::header_str_set which we do not use
2016-04-25remove ssoma dependency
By converting to using ourt git-fast-import-based Import module. This should allow us to be more easily installed.