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2019-04-16HACKING: stop advertising mailing list subscription info
It's still available, but no point in advertising something which increases the dependency on a centralized subscriber list. In fact, it's actively against the goal of promoting resistance against centralization.
2019-01-11HACKING: update Debian version information
It's been a few years since this was updated...
2016-09-07doc: new docs for user-level commands
Hopefully more folks can download and run public-inbox, nowadays.
2016-08-16HACKING: minor updates and add to the website
Also, at least add one of the Tor mirrors (the rest will be discoverable through the mirrors themselves).
2016-01-06HACKING: more docs about our philosophy
Reiterating reasons behind what we do might help drive our point across better.
2016-01-04misc doc updates
Strongly emphasize decentralization, as that was actually the main impetus for my interest in git.
2015-12-26doc: minor updates to trim down the README
We'll continue developing and supporting ssoma, but it's unlikely to gain much adoption in its current form; so stop cluttering up our own README with it.
2014-04-21doc: update design_www and add HACKING file
Document some of the stranger choices I've made.