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2019-01-02update and add documentation for repository formats
Remove confusing documentation around ssoma now that we have NNTP and downloadable mbox support. Only lightly-checked for grammar and speling, and not yet formatting. Edits, corrections and addendums expected :>
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
Using update-copyrights from gnulib While we're at it, use the SPDX identifier for AGPL-3.0+ to ease mechanical processing.
2017-06-30doc: add a list of hosted archives for external projects
This will hopefully increase visibility of some archives.
2016-12-12doc: simplify makefile snippet
We have these manpages, and will always have them, so stop trying to pretend we're doing something about maintainability, here.
2016-09-07doc: flesh out public-inbox-index documentation
And include it into the build + website
2016-09-07doc: new docs for user-level commands
Hopefully more folks can download and run public-inbox, nowadays.
2016-08-31doc: set release and section properly for manpages
This will be important as we will have more of them.
2016-08-31txt2pre: allow overriding title via env
This will allow reasonable titles to be generated for manpages.
2016-08-31txt2pre: use public-inbox internal APIs
Since this is bundled with the source, we might as well use internal APIs to avoid having duplicate code (and bugs :P)
2016-08-21doc: avoid conflicting with MakeMaker variable names
We want the pod2man(1) executable for handling certain options. Also, use the correct year while we're at it :P
2016-08-21avoid spaces after shell redirection operators
This makes us closer to git.git style (though I'm not quite sure why we do this...)
2016-08-16HACKING: minor updates and add to the website
Also, at least add one of the Tor mirrors (the rest will be discoverable through the mirrors themselves).
2016-04-27import: document API for public consumption
This is probably trivial enough to be final?
2016-01-04use Perl POD instead of pandoc-flavored Markdown
This project is currently implemented in Perl, and pod2man is probably more common among potential users and developers of this project.
2016-01-04doc: add TODO.html to public website
HTML has one major advantage over plain text: <a href=...> links That's about it.
2015-12-26doc: use ".html" instead of ".txt.html" for website
Shorter URLs are easier to read, remember, and more efficient.
2015-08-20misc documentation updates
Threading in Xapian is mostly supported by now; so start documenting things.
2014-12-22doc: generate README.html instead of index.html
This allows us to generate links without caring about discoverability and remains reasonably WYSIWYG for folks editing our documentation in their favorite $EDITOR
2014-10-05doc: add TODO to the website
2014-07-02doc: remove HTML
Even with txt2pre, the maintenance/discoverability burden is too high and lynx still uses too much memory. Unfortunately, we'll have to keep our INSTALL.html for a while longer on the server since it's linked, but not index.html!
2014-04-19various documentation updates
We have an HTML homepage, OMG!