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2019-05-30doc/hosted: drop some links and clarify wording
I don't have time to check and train spam for all these projects. Spam filtering is especially difficult on ruby-core: it enters via Redmine, so it doesn't have a distinct Received: chain, and also gets mixed with non-spam bug-report text, throwing off Bayes training. And I'm not sure if those mirrors did anybody any good, even; so lets not say its' a "service" to anybody :P The actual mirrors remain up, for now, but who knows... I care about decentralization too much to ask anybody to trust me to keep anything up :P
2019-05-08doc: give txt files proper titles
We can fix the redundant rule in include.mk which causes make(1) on FreeBSD to complain; but HTML docs will likely still require GNU make.
2018-12-12doc/hosted: add glibc and bug-gnulib mirrors
These have existed for a while, actually, so, we might as well publicize them. While we're at it, add a disclaimer to discourage reliance on single points of failure.
2017-07-02doc: add ruby-dev mirror to the list of hosted mirrors
It seems Xapian is not prepared for Japanese, unfortunately. https://public-inbox.org/meta/20170702213657.GA5312@dcvr/
2017-06-30doc: add a list of hosted archives for external projects
This will hopefully increase visibility of some archives.