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2016-07-01git: allow cloning from the URL root, too
This means we can still show non-git users a somewhat browseable URL with a link to the README.html file while allowing git users to type less when cloning. All of the following are supported: git clone https://public-inbox.org/ public-inbox git clone https://public-inbox.org/public-inbox git clone https://public-inbox.org/public-inbox.git torsocks git clone http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/public-inbox
2016-07-01update git repo location to https:// using GitHTTPBackend.pm
Might as well eat our own dogfood...
2016-04-25remove ssoma dependency
By converting to using ourt git-fast-import-based Import module. This should allow us to be more easily installed.
2014-07-02doc/dc-dlvr-spam-flow: link to ssoma, too
Some readers may not be familiar with ssoma internals such as ssoma-rm.
2014-07-02doc/dc-dlvr-spam-flow: include links to relevant projects
Some of these projects are not well known, so link to them to help new users.
2014-04-21scripts/dc-dlvr: allow exiting from ~/.dc-dlvr.pre
The ~/.dc-dlvr.pre script for my public-inbox user does this.