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2021-11-09build: do not repeatedly build some docs
2021-11-04public-inbox 1.7.0 v1.7.0
2021-11-04doc: relnotes: a few more 1.7.0 related updates
2021-11-04doc: design_notes: updates for "newer" things
2021-11-04doc: txt2pre: linkify a add a few more well-known things
2021-11-04doc: switch to man(1) for pod => (text|html)
2021-11-04doc: add more 3rd-party refs, use Debian manpages for xapian
2021-11-03doc: relnotes: 1.7.0: move extindex, note search results change
2021-11-03doc: -clone|lei add-external: add bit about the Makefile
2021-11-03doc: extindex: document current behavior + knobs
2021-11-03doc: lei-q: document SEARCH TERMS prefixes
2021-11-03doc: txt2pre: add references to newish manpages
2021-11-01doc: lei-config: fix missing =back
2021-11-01doc: update release notes and INSTALL
2021-10-31doc: add lei-mail-sync-overview manpage
2021-10-30doc: lei-security: add a note about core dumps
2021-10-28doc: lei-add-watch: add warning about unreliability
2021-10-28doc: lei blob: wording fixups, describe --remote
2021-10-28doc: lei-convert: various updates and cleanups
2021-10-26lei p2q: use LeiInput for multi-patch series
2021-10-26doc: lei-store-format: mail sync section, update IPC
2021-10-26doc: tuning: additional notes for many inboxes
2021-10-26lei p2q: document --uri, add examples
2021-10-23doc: lei-forget-search: fix option name in --prune description
2021-10-22lei forget-search: support --prune=<local|remote>
2021-10-22doc: lei-overview: add CAVEATS section
2021-10-19doc: lei: describe lei-daemon-kill and upgrades
2021-10-19lei up: support --exclude=, --no-(external|remote|local)
2021-10-16doc: lei: add manpages for remaining commands
2021-10-16doc: lei: restore alphabetical order to some listings
2021-10-16httpd/async: switch to level-triggered epoll
2021-10-14lei: -d (--dir) and -O (only) shortcuts
2021-10-13fetch: support --try-remote/-T for alternate remote names
2021-10-13doc: relnotes: note some recent improvements
2021-10-11doc: lei-refresh-mail-sync: drop repeated word
2021-10-09extindex: support --reindex --fast
2021-10-05index: --reindex w/ --{since,until,before,after}
2021-10-02doc: lei-daemon: new manpage
2021-10-01doc: lei-security: some more updates
2021-09-28doc: lei-rediff: grammar fixes for --drq and --dequote-only
2021-09-27lei rediff: add --drq and --dequote-only
2021-09-26net_reader: drop support for IgnoreSizeErrors option
2021-09-25doc: lei-rm: remove unnecessary -F values
2021-09-25doc: lei: manpages for export-kw and refresh-mail-sync
2021-09-25doc: lei-index: remove --stdin, reword -F
2021-09-25doc: lei-overview: implicit stdin, correct Inline::C notes
2021-09-25doc: lei blob+rediff+p2q: add notes about git directory
2021-09-24clone|--mirror: support --epoch=RANGE for partial clones
2021-09-21lei q: improve --limit behavior and progress
2021-09-21doc: lei-security: section for WIP auth methods