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2021-09-16doc: lei-mail-formats: add "eml" and expand on git things
2021-09-16www: support publicinbox.imapserver
2021-09-15fetch: support --exit-code switch
2021-09-14doc: update authentication notes for lei
2021-09-12new public-inbox-{clone,fetch} commands
2021-09-11lei q|lcat: support "-f reply" output format
2021-09-10doc: lei-index manpage
2021-09-09lei-rm: add man page, support LeiInput args
2021-09-08doc: acknowledge the MMDF mailbox format
2021-09-07doc: lei-*.pod: update to Tor v3 .onion address
2021-09-07lei up: support --all for IMAP folders
2021-09-01extindex: document --all and indexlevel=basic interaction
2021-08-19lei q: make --save the default
2021-07-25doc: lei-{p2q,rediff}: note implicit --stdin
2021-07-22init: allow arbitrary key-values via -c KEY=VALUE
2021-07-22extsearch: support publicinbox.*.boost parameter
2021-07-20httpd: fix SIGHUP by invalidating cache on reload
2021-06-24doc: tuning: add a note about Linux sys.vm.max_map_count
2021-06-24favor git(1) rather than libgit2 for ExtSearch
2021-05-17doc lei: update manpages with new options
2021-05-17doc lei: add manpages for new commands
2021-05-17doc lei: add manpage for convert
2021-05-17doc lei q: add missing value for --lock
2021-05-17doc lei q: fix a typo
2021-05-17doc lei: resort lei-tag entries
2021-05-17doc lei blob: point to lei-q for shared options
2021-05-17doc: split option variants into separate items
2021-05-17doc lei blob: avoid combined description of separate options
2021-05-04doc: ignore onion URLs for 80-column check
2021-05-04treewide: update to v3 Tor onions
2021-04-30lei import: avoid IMAPTracker, use LeiMailSync more
2021-04-28doc: lei q: split --output and --format, note "text"
2021-04-28doc: lei q: split =item aliases onto separate lines
2021-04-28doc: lei: use /tmp for search results pathnames
2021-04-24doc: lei_design_notes: add a bit on WAL usage
2021-04-22lei import|convert: drop --no-kw aliases
2021-04-22lei import: --incremental default for NNTP and IMAP
2021-04-21doc: add lei_design_notes.txt and lei-store-format(5)
2021-04-18doc config: mention obfuscation-related options
2021-04-15doc: technical/whyperl: update w/ (good) news from PSC
2021-03-31doc: lei-overview: favor Maildir for mutt examples
2021-03-31doc: add lei-mail-formats(5) manpage
2021-03-30lei tag: rename from "lei mark"
2021-03-29doc: lei: update description, add warnings
2021-03-29doc: lei q: clarify default output as stdout
2021-03-29doc: lei q: add warning for --output clobbering
2021-03-29doc: lei q: drop NNTP from --output description
2021-03-29doc config: don't render a to-do comment
2021-03-29doc lei overview: better explain routes into local store
2021-03-29doc lei overview: note that lei-init is usually unnecessary