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2020-01-05search: remove lookup_article
2020-01-04tests: fix running without SQLite or Xapian
2020-01-04viewdiff: do not anchor spaces after filenames in diffstat
2020-01-04searchidx: remove_message: pedantic fix for v1
2020-01-04searchidx: index_text: use Xapian parameter names
2020-01-04searchidx: simplify quote-splitting in index_body
2020-01-04searchidx: add_message: fix and make use of prototypes
2020-01-04searchidx: split off index_xapian for msg_iter
2020-01-04searchidx: index_diff: allow /^$/ line as diff context
2020-01-04solver: allow literal '\r' character in diff lines
2020-01-04solver: minor cleanups to diff extraction
2020-01-04solver: do not enforce order on extended headers
2020-01-04xt/solver.t: real-world regression tests
2020-01-03qspawn: use per-call quiet flag for solver
2020-01-03solver: extract_diff: deal with missing "diff --git" line
2020-01-03solver: try the next patch on apply failures
2020-01-03build: allow "check" to work in non-git subdirs of worktrees
2020-01-03examples: add empty "lib" dir to placate plackup
2020-01-02config: support multi-value inbox.*.*url
2020-01-02wwwlisting: show configured "infourl" properly
2020-01-02doc: fix a few spelling errors in user-facing docs
2020-01-02build: fix xapian-* manpage generation
2020-01-02doc/txt2pre: flush output before utime()
2020-01-02doc: release notes: set Date for 1.2.0, start 1.3.0
2020-01-02build: remove NEWS from dist-git target
2020-01-02doc: allow NEWS file to be built without Plack::Util
2020-01-01wwwstatic: add directory listing + index.html support
2020-01-01wwwstatic: avoid TOCTTOU for FIFO check
2020-01-01wwwstatic: do not open() files for HEAD requests
2020-01-01wwwstatic: move r(...) functions here
2020-01-01www: move more logic into path_info_raw
2020-01-01wwwstatic: implement Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since
2020-01-01cgit: type declaration for PublicInbox::Git
2020-01-01filter/base: export REJECT as a constant
2020-01-01githttpbackend: remove ancient compatibility check
2020-01-01http: update comment about psgix.io usage
2020-01-01wwwstatic: getline: die on missing psgix.io
2020-01-01spamcheck/spamc: pass GLOB handles instead of FD numbers
2020-01-01nntp: handle 2-digit year "70" properly
2019-12-30spawn: better error handling
2019-12-30spawn: support chdir via -C option
2019-12-30spawn: allow passing GLOB handles for redirects
2019-12-29search: load_xapian: return true on success
2019-12-28Merge branch 'no-closure'
2019-12-28ds: use MSG_MORE when wbuf is empty during long responses
2019-12-28search: retry_reopen passes user arg to callback
2019-12-28solvergit: allow passing arg to user-supplied callback
2019-12-27viewvcs: avoid anonymous sub for HTML response
2019-12-27wwwattach: avoid anonymous sub for msg_iter
2019-12-27view: msg_iter calls add_body_text directly