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2020-09-03overidx: document column uses
2020-09-03wwwaltid: drop unused sqlite3_missing function
2020-09-03imap: drop old, pre-Parse::RecDescent search parser
2020-09-03search: remove {over_ro} field
2020-09-03search: replace ->query with ->mset
2020-09-03tests: add "use strict" and declare v5.10.1 compatibility
2020-09-03search: remove special case for blank query
2020-09-03use more idiomatic internal API for ->over access
2020-09-03disambiguate OverIdx and Over by field name
2020-09-03msgmap: note how we use ->created_at
2020-09-02t/run: Perl future proofing
2020-09-02init+convert: create non-existing directory hierarchies
2020-09-02doc: remove B<> (bold) markup from the remaining POD
2020-09-02watch: add --help/-h support
2020-09-02config: use defined-or (//) in a few places
2020-09-02mda+learn: add --help / -h support
2020-09-02daemon: support --help/-h in -httpd/imapd/nntpd
2020-09-02script/*: fold $usage into $help, support `-h' instead of -?
2020-09-02edit+purge: support `--help' and `-h' like other commands
2020-09-02admin: improve minimum version text
2020-09-02script/*: set executable bit on -learn and -imapd
2020-09-02t/v2dupindex: test indexing mirrors with duplicate messages
2020-09-02index: check for xapian-compact when using --compact
2020-09-01replace ParentPipe with EOFpipe
2020-09-01ds: avoid unnecessary timer for waitpid
2020-09-01watch: use EOFpipe to reduce dwaitpid wakeups
2020-09-01ds: avoid excessive queueing when reaping PIDs
2020-09-01watch: comments and tiny cleanups
2020-09-01watch: block signals before fork on non-signalfd/kevent systems
2020-09-01watch: avoid unnecessary spawning on spam removals
2020-09-01watch: log signal activities to STDERR
2020-09-01rename WatchMaildir => Watch
2020-09-01watchmaildir: use v5.10.1, drop warnings
2020-09-01watch: limit batch size of NNTP and IMAP workers, too
2020-08-31doc: expand on indexBatchSize regarding fragmentation
2020-08-30imapd: filter out unusable flags from search
2020-08-29tests: check-run: fixup un-squashed simplification
2020-08-28tests: check-run: show skipped tests
2020-08-28imaptracker: update_last: simplify callers
2020-08-28watch: flush changes to inbox before updating IMAPTracker
2020-08-28Makefile.PL: run check-man for <= 80 columns on check-run, too
2020-08-28www: more descriptive pagination
2020-08-28www: improve navigation around contemporary threads
2020-08-28doc: watch: expand on NNTP and IMAP-specific knobs
2020-08-27doc: move watch config docs to -watch manpage
2020-08-27watch: imap: only remove \Seen spam
2020-08-27doc: speling fickses
2020-08-27doc: document graceful shutdown signals
2020-08-27overidx: inline create_ghost sub
2020-08-27imaptracker: preserve WAL journal_mode if set by user