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2019-01-31doc: remove completed TODO items
2019-01-31doc/config: document "replyto" configuration knob
2019-01-31doc/config: user documentation for limiters
2019-01-31config: tiny cleanup to use _array() sub
2019-01-31qspawn: documentation updates
2019-01-31inbox: drop psgi.url_scheme requirement from base_url
2019-01-31viewvcs: support streaming large blobs
2019-01-31solvergit: allow shorter-than-necessary OIDs from user
2019-01-31solvergit: allow searching on longer-than-needed OIDs
2019-01-31inbox: perform cleanup of Git objects for coderepos
2019-01-30t/config.t: test PublicInbox::Git sharing between inboxes
2019-01-30doc/config: document coderepo and css bits
2019-01-30solvergit: don't confuse Xapian with ".." in filenames
2019-01-30git: use "git rev-parse --git-path"
2019-01-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/viewvcs' into master
2019-01-30view: remove unused _msg_date sub
2019-01-30httpd: a few comments about some fields we set
2019-01-30solvergit: deal with alternative diff prefixes
2019-01-30solvergit: extract mode from diff headers properly
2019-01-30solvergit: avoid "Wide character" warnings
2019-01-30solvergit: do not show full path names to "git apply"
2019-01-29css/216dark: add comments and tweak highlight colors
2019-01-29viewvcs: avoid segfault with highlight.pm at shutdown
2019-01-29solvergit: do not solve blobs twice
2019-01-29t/check-www-inbox: disable history
2019-01-29t/check-www-inbox: don't follow mboxes
2019-01-29t/check-www-inbox: replace IPC::Run with PublicInbox::Spawn
2019-01-29mid: filter out 'y', 'n', and email addresses from references()
2019-01-28hval: add src_escape for highlight post-processing
2019-01-27viewvcs: wire up syntax-highlighting for blobs
2019-01-27hlmod: disable enclosing <pre> tag
2019-01-27t/hl_mod: extra check to ensure we escape HTML
2019-01-27wwwhighlight: read_in_full returns undef on errors
2019-01-27solver: crank up max patches to 9999
2019-01-27viewvcs: do not show final error message twice
2019-01-27qspawn: decode $? for user-friendliness
2019-01-27solver: reduce "git apply" invocations
2019-01-27solver: hold patches in temporary directory
2019-01-26solver: rewrite to use Qspawn->psgi_qx and pi-httpd.async
2019-01-26view: swap CRLF for LF in HTML output
2019-01-26t/qspawn.t: psgi_qx stderr test
2019-01-22qspawn: implement psgi_qx
2019-01-22httpd/async: stop running command if client disconnects
2019-01-22qspawn|httpd/async: improve and fix out-of-date comments
2019-01-22qspawn|getlinebody: support streaming filters
2019-01-22qspawn: implement psgi_return and use it for githttpbackend
2019-01-22httpd/async: remove needless sysread wrapper
2019-01-21t/check-www-inbox: trap SIGINT for File::Temp destruction
2019-01-21hval: split out escape sequences to a separate table
2019-01-21highlight: initial wrapper and PSGI service