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@@ -76,9 +76,22 @@ Why git?
   developers.  For non-developers it is packaged for all major GNU/Linux
   and *BSD distributions.  NNTP is not as widely-used nowadays.
+Why perl 5?
+* Perl 5 is widely available on modern *nix systems with good a history
+  of backwards and forward compatibility.
+* git and SpamAssassin both use it, so it should be one less thing for
+  admins to install and waste disk space with.
+* Stick to dependencies available in Debian main, this should make it
+  easier for potential users to install, and easier for distro
+  maintainers to pick up.
 * A list server being turned into an SMTP spam relay and being
   blacklisted while an admin is asleep is scary.
   Sidestep that entirely by having clients pull.
@@ -98,7 +111,7 @@ Laziness
 * Avoids bikeshedding about web UI decisions, GUI-lovers can write their
   own GUI-friendly interfaces (HTML or native) based on public archives.
-  Maybe one day integrated MUAs will feature a built-in git protocol support!
+  Maybe one day integrated MUAs will feature built-in git protocol support!
 Web notes