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@@ -6,10 +6,13 @@ It is archived at <http://public-inbox.org/meta/>.
 Please consider our goals in mind:
-        Accessibility, Compatibility, Performance
+        Decentralization, Accessibility, Compatibility, Performance
 These goals apply to everyone: users viewing over the web or NNTP,
 sysadmins running public-inbox, and other hackers working public-inbox.
+We will reject any feature which advocates or contributes to a particular
+instance of a public-inbox becoming a single point of failure.
 See design_www.txt and design_notes.txt in the Documentation/ directory
 for design decisions made during development.
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@@ -66,7 +66,8 @@ Requirements (participant)
 * any MUA which may send text-only emails ("git send-email" works!)
   Users are strongly encouraged to use the "reply-all" feature of
-  their mailers to reduce the impact of a public-inbox as a SPOF.
+  their mailers to reduce the impact of a public-inbox as a
+  single point of failure.
 * participants do not need to install public-inbox, only server admins
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+TODO items for public-inbox
+(Not in any particular order)
 * implement RFC 4685 (Atom message threading)
 * configurable constants (quote folding, index limits)
 * use tags as date-based skiplists for navigating history
+  (maybe not needed with Xapian support nowadays?)
+* handle Xapian date range queries:
+  http://mid.gmane.org/20151005222157.GE5880@survex.com
+* use REQUEST_URI properly for CGI / mod_perl2 compatibility
+  with Message-IDs which include '%'
+* more test cases (use git fast-import to speed up creation)
+* large mbox/Maildir/MH/NNTP spool import (use git fast-import)
+* remove dependency on ssoma installation (inline the code)
 * improve + document mlmmj integration, currently only at: