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@@ -7,10 +7,8 @@ public-inbox spawned around three main ideas:
 * Publically accessible and archived communication is essential to
   Free and Open Source development.
 * Contributing to Free and Open Source projects should not require the
   use of non-Free/non-Open Source services or software.
 * Graphical user interfaces should not be required for text-based
@@ -51,7 +49,7 @@ Casual readers may also follow the list via Atom feed or web archives.
 _Anybody_ may also setup a delivery-only mailing list server to replay
 a public-inbox git archive to subscribers via SMTP.
-[1] http://ssoma.public-inbox.org/README
+[1] http://ssoma.public-inbox.org/
 Requirements (Atom, read-only client)
@@ -61,13 +59,13 @@ Any basic web browser will do for the HTML archives.
 Requirements (participant)
-* ssoma - http://ssoma.public-inbox.org/INSTALL
+* ssoma - http://ssoma.public-inbox.org/
 * any MUA which may send text-only emails ("git send-email" works!)
 * participants do not need to install public-inbox, only server admins
 Requirements (server)
+See http://public-inbox.org/INSTALL.html
@@ -93,7 +91,7 @@ on git@vger.kernel.org).
 You may subscribe via ssoma(1), LISTNAME is a name of your choosing:
-    URL=git://git.public-inbox.org/public-inbox
+    URL=git://public-inbox.org/meta
     # to initialize a maildir (this may be a new or existing maildir,
@@ -110,8 +108,8 @@ You may subscribe via ssoma(1), LISTNAME is a name of your choosing:
     # your MUA may modify and delete messages from the maildir or mbox,
     # this does not affect ssoma functionality at all
-    # to sync all your ssoma subscriptions
-    ssoma sync
+    # to sync all your ssoma subscriptions via cronjob
+    ssoma sync --cron