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authorEric Wong <e@yhbt.net>2020-02-22 08:27:29 +0000
committerEric Wong <e@yhbt.net>2020-02-23 04:52:19 +0000
commitd87053bf6cae0258125e84e1531d5f1206c53288 (patch)
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parent9703d80efd848f582e5b265db1958e0f143d8712 (diff)
Since v2 inboxes contain multiple git repositories, avoid the
use of the word "repository" when referring to inboxes as a
whole in most places.
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diff --git a/Documentation/public-inbox-index.pod b/Documentation/public-inbox-index.pod
index 7c04f753..14113ec8 100644
--- a/Documentation/public-inbox-index.pod
+++ b/Documentation/public-inbox-index.pod
@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ normal search functionality.
 =item --reindex
-Forces a search engine re-index of all messages in the
-repository.  This can be used for in-place upgrades while
+Forces a re-index of all messages in the inbox.
+This can be used for in-place upgrades and bugfixes while
 NNTP/HTTP server processes are utilizing the index.  Keep in
 mind this roughly doubles the size of the already-large
 Xapian database.  Running L<public-inbox-compact(1)>
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ For v1 (ssoma) repositories described in L<public-inbox-v1-format>.
 All public-inbox-specific files are contained within the
 C<$GIT_DIR/public-inbox/> directory.
-v2 repositories are described in L<public-inbox-v2-format>.
+v2 inboxes are described in L<public-inbox-v2-format>.