public-inbox-overview - an overview of public-inbox

    public-inbox consists of many parts which may be used independently or
    in conjunction of each other for:

    1   Mirroring existing public-inboxes.

    2   Mirroring mailing lists directly.

    3   Hosting standalone.

  Mirroring existing public-inboxes
    Mirroring existing public-inboxes is the easiest way to get started.
    Your mirror will remain dependent on the REMOTE_URL you are mirroring
    and you only need to use two new commands in addition to common git(1)

            git clone --mirror REMOTE_URL /path/to/repo.git

            # The following should create the necessary entry in
            # ~/.public-inbox/config
            public-inbox-init NAME /path/to/repo.git MY_URL LIST_ADDRESS

            # Optional but strongly recommended for hosting HTTP
            # (and required for NNTP)
            # enable search (requires Search::Xapian and DBD::SQLite)
            public-inbox-index /path/to/repo.git

            # Periodically update the repo with the following commands
            # to update the git repo and index new messages:
            cd /path/to/repo.git && git fetch && public-inbox-index

    See "Hosting public-inboxes" below for info on how to expose your mirror
    to other readers.

  Mirroring mailing lists directly
    Mirroring existing mailing lists may be done by any reader of a mailing
    list using public-inbox-watch(1).

            # This will create a new git repository:
            public-inbox-init NAME /path/to/repo.git MY_URL LIST_ADDRESS

    Then, see the public-inbox-watch(1) manual for configuring "watch",
    "watchheader", and the optional "spamcheck" and "watchspam" entries.

    You will need to leave public-inbox-watch(1) running to keep the mailbox
    up-to-date as messages are delivered to the mailing list.

    Running public-inbox-index(1) to create search indices is recommended.
    public-inbox-watch(1) will automatically maintain the indices if they
    were created by public-inbox-index(1)

            public-inbox-index /path/to/repo.git

  Hosting standalone
    Using public-inbox-init(1) to initialize the inbox as in the other
    methods is recommended. See public-inbox-mda(1) for more details; but
    this also requires MTA-specific knowledge.

  Hosting public-inboxes
    Since public-inboxes are git repositories, they may be served to remote
    clients via git-daemon(1) as well as specialized HTTP and NNTP daemons
    distributed with public-inbox.

    See public-inbox-httpd(1) and public-inbox-nntpd(1) for more information
    on using these daemons.

    Hosting a public-inbox over HTTP or NNTP will never require write access
    to any files in the git repository, including the search indices or
    article number map database.

    Users familiar with PSGI and Plack may also use PublicInbox::WWW with
    the preferred server instead of public-inbox-httpd(1)

    Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

    The mail archives are hosted at <> and

    Copyright 2016-2018 all contributors <>

    License: AGPL-3.0+ <>