public-inbox-imapd - IMAP server for sharing public-inboxes

      public-inbox-imapd [OPTIONS]

    public-inbox-imapd provides a read-only IMAP daemon for public-inbox. It
    uses options and environment variables common to all
    public-inbox-daemon(8) implementations.

    Like public-inbox-nntpd(1) and public-inbox-httpd(1),
    "public-inbox-imapd" will never require write access to the directory
    where the public-inboxes are stored, so it may be run as a different
    user than the user running public-inbox-watch(1), public-inbox-mda(1),
    or git-fetch(1).

    See common options in "OPTIONS" in public-inbox-daemon(8). Additionally,
    IMAP-specific behavior for certain options are supported and documented

    -l, --listen PROTO://ADDRESS/?cert=/path/to/cert,key=/path/to/key
        In addition to the normal "-l"/"--listen" switch described in
        public-inbox-daemon(8), the "PROTO" prefix (e.g. "imap://" or
        "imaps://") may be specified to force a given protocol.

        For STARTTLS and IMAPS support, the "cert" and "key" may be
        specified on a per-listener basis after a "?" character and
        separated by ",". These directives are per-directive, and it's
        possible to use a different cert for every listener.

    --cert /path/to/cert
        The default TLS certificate for optional STARTTLS and IMAPS support
        if the "cert" option is not given with "--listen".

        If using systemd-compatible socket activation and a TCP listener on
        port 993 is inherited, it is automatically IMAPS when this option is
        given. When a listener on port 143 is inherited and this option is
        given, it automatically gets STARTTLS support.

    --key /path/to/key
        The default private TLS certificate key for optional STARTTLS and
        IMAPS support if the "key" option is not given with "--listen". The
        private key may concatenated into the path used by "--cert", in
        which case this option is not needed.

    "public-inbox-imapd" uses the same configuration knobs as
    public-inbox-nntpd(1), see public-inbox-nntpd(1) and

            The newsgroup name maps to an IMAP folder name.

    Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

    The mail archives are hosted at <>,

    Copyright 2020 all contributors <>

    License: AGPL-3.0+ <>

    git(1), git-config(1), public-inbox-daemon(8), public-inbox-config(5),