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From: Luis Chamberlain @ 2021-09-15 21:34 UTC (permalink / raw)
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I unsubscribed to most mailing lists thanks to public-inbox. Thanks
to public-inbox my inbox went on quite a bit of diet.

Now, the way I work though is... I like to hop onto different systems
every now and then, and not rely on one central place for everything.
This is because when I've done that before I get outages / network
outages / etc.

So I often have to start from scratch.

My use case is I'm subscribed to a few kernel mailign lists and I use
mutt with Maildir. I had configured recently pi-piper and grokmirror
so that I get only the last 1 year of email from a few set of mailing
lists. For this I needed to know the commit IDs for those emails on
the public-inbox git mirror for each mailing list.

To start from scratch I could go into my logs and figure out what that
was again, and start from scratch... but I'm inpsired to just provide
a 'make menuconfig' interface for this so that all I have to do is
select the mailing list I want to git clone and then dump into Maildir
the last 1 year of content for each. Since this time frame of 1 year
can be variable, it would seem a good candidate would be to use kconfig
to allow those interested to associate the content year by year to git
tree and respective commit IDs on each mailing list epoch/git tree.

I was hinted using lei would be better though. But I'm stuck:

lei init
# The next two don't work
lei import import
lei add-external git://

I can use nttp but jeesh, really?

Anyway, once the above works, if one didn't want to have the git
entire git tree around I gather that I can use something like

lei index <same-path-as-above>

Then in so far as the date idea I mentioned, I take it the way to go
there might be after this to use something like:

lei q --only=linux-fsdevel <search-term>

but its not clear if a date is supported as a search term.

Also how about doing updates?

Is my intended use case better with grok-pull or is there
hopes I can end up using lei for all what I have intentions for?
My vision is, kernel deveoper would 'make menuconfig' and select
a few mailing lists they want to import, then when one is selected
new options appear so you can pick the starting year from where
you want the import to occur for. Then for each mailing list there
is also a refresh thing, so that we can grok-pull differently
for each mailing list, which will be handled by systemd timers
and a service for each. The reason for differnt times for refresh
is updating linux-kernel is not a priority to me, but linux-fsdevel
and linux-block are, so I want linux-fsdevel and linux-block to
refresh once every 10 minutes, while linux-kernel can update... 
I don't know once every 8 hours. Anyway, this should all be
configurable. And my hope is that developers would not have to
know what's going on behind the scenes. All they need to know
is that their ~Mail/linux/ directory will eventually be stuffed
with Maildir directories for the mailing lists they enabled and
they'll be updated as often as specified in their configuration.


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