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From: Eric Wong <>
To: Alyssa Ross <>
Cc:, "Eric W. Biederman" <>
Subject: Re: Do I need multiple publicinbox.<name>.address values?
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2019 00:10:50 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20191008001050.rwd7bh7cek7qrydi@dcvr> (raw)
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Alyssa Ross <> wrote:

> Subject: Do I need multiple publicinbox.<name>.address values?

Absolutely not

> Suppose I have a mailing list,, and a
> public-inbox set up, subscribed to that mailing list, that is subscribed
> to that list as, where my MTA
> delivers to public-inbox using public-inbox-mda.

Currently, -mda does if you're mirroring, unfortunately.  I
think Eric Biederman is/was working on List-Id support to drop
that requirement, but I'm not sure where that is...

Eric B: would you mind if I take List-Id support over?  I've got
some hours free in the coming days(s)... (I think :x)

> In this case, mail will be To:, but RCPT TO (and
> my testing, public-inbox requires *both* the To: header and
> ORIGINAL_RECIPIENT to match publicinbox.<name>.address.

Yes, but To:/Cc: and ORIGINAL_RECIPIENT can be different. uses two addresses: one for the well-known
address (e.g. and the other, which nobody (should) be
sending to.

> But, public-inbox-config(7) has this to say for
> publicinbox.<name>.address:

> > The email address of the public-inbox.  May be specified
> > more than once for merging multiple mailing lists (or migrating
> > to new addresses).

> Nothing in this suggests to me that I would need to set it more than
> once for my simple use case.

Sorry for that confusion.  Historically, I wrote public-inbox
and -mda because I needed to migrate mailing lists with a
several month window where the old list would be active,
but I was preparing for the switch:

So it started as:

  posters -> to_be_shutdown_host -> MTA (postfix) -> public-inbox-mda

And ends up being:

  posters -> MTA (postfix) -> public-inbox-mda --[1]--> (mlmmj|mailman)

It sounds like what you're doing is:

  MTA -> (mlmmj|mailman) -> public-inbox-mda

Which wasn't my original intended usecase for -mda, but is for -watch.

> So my question is, am I overcomplicating this -- should I be able to set
> a single value for publicinbox.<name>.address that will get my
> public-inbox to accept mail from the list?  Or, alternatively, should a
> sentence be added to that description explaining that multiple addresses
> will also be required for the case where public-inbox is subscribed
> itself to a mailing list?

Generally, I use -watch exclusively when mirroring lists.
With -watch, you won't need to set extra addresses.

But apparently some folks prefer -mda for everything.  So I
guess we'll have to better support that, too (via List-Id).

(*) via scripts/ssoma-replay, which I intend to replace with an
    nntpd-based replacement at some point for v2 compatibility.

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