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From: Eric Wong <>
To: "Eric W. Biederman" <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] PublicInbox::Import Extend add with a optional raw message parameter
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 22:04:17 +0000
Message-ID: <20190519220417.ejyqwyy6xwkq6lts@dcvr> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

"Eric W. Biederman" <> wrote:
> Eric Wong <> writes:
> > "Eric W. Biederman" <> wrote:
> >> Eric Wong <> writes:
> >> 
> >> > "Eric W. Biederman" <> wrote:
> >
> >> I will take a second look at the code.  I did not make it all of the
> >> way through last time.  I just know the bazillions of warnings I could
> >> not easily track down with old emails did not make me comfortable
> >> with that code base as anything other than a suggestion.
> >
> > Ah, I added ce18b29d175ef5f01f05d59c95bcf8e0cd40e611
> > ("index: warn with info about the message as context") exactly
> > for that.
> Knowing what the code is doing in those modules would be interesting.

Yes, I considered adding Carp::longmess to it, but didn't need
it since (AFAIK) all the warnings were easily found by reading
the Email::* sources.

<snip> thanks for the info on IMAP modules

> Oh that and IO::Socket::SSL.  Something that is currently missing  (or
> at least missing until recently I haven't check in the last couple of
> months) is ssl support for our nntp sockets.  So do imap or prevent
> mischief for our nntp streams we need to use tls.  Which IO::Socket::SSL
> seems to do.

Yup, IO::Socket::SSL will be what we use for STARTTLS support,
not sure when I'll get around to it.

Fwiw, it's also used by Perlbal for non-blocking HTTPS with
Danga::Socket.  I plan on keeping PublicInbox::DS close to
Danga::Socket, for now[1])...

Using the TLS support in the kernel might be a fun option to
add, too; but portable stuff, first.

> But again I grabbed the first implementation that seems to work.  Going
> through those modules in detail to make certain nothing goofy is going
> on might be wise.

Yes; at least choosing IO::Socket::SSL seems straightforward.

Looking at Perl IMAP libraries in the past has made my head spin
in the past; and lack of IDLE support (or the cost of having an
entire process wait on it) has turned me off of going further,
so far.

In any case, I think anything we do for IMAP should use
git's credential system (same as git-imap-send) to minimize

> >> I think perhaps we could move all of the scrubbing into
> >>  Instead of having a hard coded
> >> drop_unwanted_headers in PublicInbox::Import.  That would make it very
> >> straight forward to just make this a knob that the user controls
> >> for how they want their email received/imported.
> >
> > Not calling drop_unwanted_headers can have dangerous side-effects
> > (training loops, bugs in other consumers, private data exposure),
> > so I'm very hesitant to move it to Filter::Base
> Usually it is my experience that dropping headers is more likely
> to cause loops than keeping them.  But I definitely understand
> the private data exposure angle.  However since this is my primary
> archive I don't want to loose the information, in case I need it to
> debug something.
> > @PublicInbox::MDA::BAD_HEADERS is exposed via `our', so it could
> > remain stable-but-undocumented API if people really feel the
> > need to tweak it.  At most, we'd add a comment for that variable
> > asking potential hackers not to move/rename it.
> >
> >> If that general idea sounds palatable I will investigate to see
> >> if I can move the caching of the raw email into PublicInbox::MIME,
> >> see about moving the dropping of headers into an appropriate config
> >> knob.
> >
> > I think using $mime->{-public_inbox_raw} will be sufficient for
> > now.  Thanks.
> Then I will move in that direction.  It seems a straight forward
> and simple change to make.

Alright, so treating @PublicInbox::MDA::BAD_HEADERS as a stable
interface ought to be enough?

Keeping qw(bytes lines content-length) could throw off
consumers.  The HTTP mbox.gz code filters them out, too;
but I just noticed the NNTP code doesn't, maybe it should...

[1] I've also been thinking about making PublicInbox::DS switch
    to EPOLLONESHOT/EV_ONESHOT to map better to my mind when
    distinguishing between SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ/WRITE..  And it
    would give me an excuse to pick up and dogfood an epoll API
    to reduce syscall overhead:

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