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From: Junio C Hamano <>
Subject: What's cooking in git.git (Jun 2019, #01; Mon, 3)
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 13:23:24 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Here are the topics that have been cooking.  Commits prefixed with
'-' are only in 'pu' (proposed updates) while commits prefixed with
'+' are in 'next'.  The ones marked with '.' do not appear in any of
the integration branches, but I am still holding onto them.

The third round of release candidate has been tagged, as we decided
to merge one last minute topic with security implications.
Hopefully the final will be identical to this one, modulo l10n that
needs to happen on top.

You can find the changes described here in the integration branches
of the repositories listed at

[Graduated to "master"]

* cc/list-objects-filter-wo-sparse-path (2019-05-29) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-30 at 5a294203ad)
 + list-objects-filter: disable 'sparse:path' filters

 Disable "--filter=sparse:path=<path>" that would allow reading from
 paths on the filesystem.

[New Topics]

* md/list-objects-filter-memfix (2019-05-31) 1 commit
 - list-objects-filter: correct usage of ALLOC_GROW

 The filter_data used in the list-objects-filter (which manages a
 lazily sparse clone repository) did not use the dynamic array API
 correctly---'nr' is supposed to point at one past the last element
 of the array in use.  This has been corrected.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* md/list-objects-filter-parse-msgfix (2019-05-31) 1 commit
 - list-objects-filter-options: error is localizeable

 Make an end-user facing message localizable.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* cm/send-email-document-req-modules (2019-05-31) 1 commit
 - send-email: update documentation of required Perl modules

 A doc update.

 Will merge to 'next'.


* jn/unknown-index-extensions (2018-11-21) 2 commits
 - index: offer advice for unknown index extensions
 - index: do not warn about unrecognized extensions

 A bit too alarming warning given when unknown index extensions
 exist is getting revamped.

 Expecting a reroll.

* jc/format-patch-delay-message-id (2019-04-05) 1 commit
 - format-patch: move message-id and related headers to the end

 The location "git format-patch --thread" adds the Message-Id:
 header in the series of header fields has been moved down, which
 may help working around a suspected bug in GMail MSA, reported at

 Waiting for feedback to see if it truly helps.
 Needs tests.

* jt/fetch-cdn-offload (2019-03-12) 9 commits
 - SQUASH???
 - upload-pack: send part of packfile response as uri
 - fetch-pack: support more than one pack lockfile
 - upload-pack: refactor reading of pack-objects out
 - Documentation: add Packfile URIs design doc
 - Documentation: order protocol v2 sections
 - http-fetch: support fetching packfiles by URL
 - http: improve documentation of http_pack_request
 - http: use --stdin when getting dumb HTTP pack

 WIP for allowing a response to "git fetch" to instruct the bulk of
 the pack contents to be instead taken from elsewhere (aka CDN).


* js/add-i-coalesce-after-editing-hunk (2018-08-28) 1 commit
 - add -p: coalesce hunks before testing applicability

 Applicability check after a patch is edited in a "git add -i/p"
 session has been improved.

 Will drop as "add -i in C" topic seems to be getting ready to test.

* js/protocol-advertise-multi (2018-12-28) 1 commit
 - protocol: advertise multiple supported versions

 The transport layer has been updated so that the protocol version
 used can be negotiated between the parties, by the initiator
 listing the protocol versions it is willing to talk, and the other
 side choosing from one of them.

 Expecting a reroll.
 cf. <>

* mk/use-size-t-in-zlib (2018-10-15) 1 commit
 - zlib.c: use size_t for size

 The wrapper to call into zlib followed our long tradition to use
 "unsigned long" for sizes of regions in memory, which have been
 updated to use "size_t".

* dl/remote-save-to-push (2018-12-11) 1 commit
 - remote: add --save-to-push option to git remote set-url

 "git remote set-url" learned a new option that moves existing value
 of the URL field to pushURL field of the remote before replacing
 the URL field with a new value.

 Anybody who wants to champion this topic?
 I am personally not yet quite convinced if this is worth pursuing.


* po/doc-branch (2019-05-29) 1 commit
 - doc branch: provide examples for listing remote tracking branches


* bb/unicode-12.1-reiwa (2019-05-29) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-30 at 016465335c)
 + unicode: update the width tables to Unicode 12.1

 Update to Unicode 12.1 width table.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ab/hash-object-doc (2019-05-28) 1 commit
 - hash-object doc: stop mentioning git-cvsimport

 Doc update.

 Will merge to 'next'.

* ds/object-info-for-prefetch-fix (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at ee0055b276)
 + sha1-file: split OBJECT_INFO_FOR_PREFETCH

 Code cleanup and futureproof.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ds/topo-traversal-using-commit-graph (2019-05-28) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-30 at 590527995e)
 + revision: keep topo-walk free of unintersting commits
 + revision: use generation for A..B --topo-order queries

 Prepare use of reachability index in topological walker that works
 on a range (A..B).

 Will cook in 'next'.

* es/git-debugger-doc (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 449ba4ae6c)
 + doc: hint about GIT_DEBUGGER in CodingGuidelines

 Doc update.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* es/grep-require-name-when-needed (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at e1ec57894a)
 + grep: fail if call could output and name is null

 More parameter validation.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ew/server-info-remove-crufts (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 655ba18f30)
 + server-info: do not list unlinked packs

 "git update-server-info" used to leave stale packfiles in its
 output, which has been corrected.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* jk/HEAD-symref-in-xfer-namespaces (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at c2cfe38955)
 + upload-pack: strip namespace from symref data

 The server side support for "git fetch" used to show incorrect
 value for the HEAD symbolic ref when the namespace feature is in
 use, which has been corrected.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* jk/am-i-resolved-fix (2019-05-28) 4 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at e711103b1a)
 + am: fix --interactive HEAD tree resolution
 + am: drop tty requirement for --interactive
 + am: read interactive input from stdin
 + am: simplify prompt response handling

 "git am -i --resolved" segfaulted after trying to see a commit as
 if it were a tree, which has been corrected.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* js/bisect-helper-check-get-oid-return-value (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 24125b3bc0)
 + bisect--helper: verify HEAD could be parsed before continuing

 Code cleanup.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* js/bundle-verify-require-object-store (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 747fbbaf11)
 + bundle verify: error out if called without an object database

 "git bundle verify" needs to see if prerequisite objects exist in
 the receiving repository, but the command did not check if we are
 in a repository upfront, which has been corrected.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* js/fsmonitor-unflake (2019-05-28) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-30 at 1aa850bc59)
 + mark_fsmonitor_valid(): mark the index as changed if needed
 + fill_stat_cache_info(): prepare for an fsmonitor fix

 The data collected by fsmonitor was not properly written back to
 the on-disk index file, breaking t7519 tests occasionally, which
 has been corrected.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* mm/p4-unshelve-windows-fix (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-31 at d45167d723)
 + p4 unshelve: fix "Not a valid object name HEAD0" on Windows

 The command line to invoke a "git cat-file" command from inside
 "git p4" was not properly quoted to protect a caret and running a
 broken command on Windows, which has been corrected.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* pb/request-pull-verify-remote-ref (2019-05-28) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-31 at 0f73300dfa)
 + request-pull: warn if the remote object is not the same as the local one
 + request-pull: quote regex metacharacters in local ref

 "git request-pull" learned to warn when the ref we ask them to pull
 from in the local repository and in the published repository are

 Will cook in 'next'.

* po/git-help-on-git-itself (2019-05-16) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-31 at 455541d73a)
 + Doc: git.txt: remove backticks from link and add
 + git.c: show usage for accessing the git(1) help page

 "git help git" was hard to discover (well, at least for some

 Will cook in 'next'.

* sw/git-p4-unshelve-branched-files (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-30 at e1985f61fc)
 + git-p4: allow unshelving of branched files

 "git p4" update.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* vv/merge-squash-with-explicit-commit (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 209baa3e55)
 + merge: refuse --commit with --squash

 "git merge --squash" is designed to update the working tree and the
 index without creating the commit, and this cannot be countermanded
 by adding the "--commit" option; the command now refuses to work
 when both options are given.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* xl/record-partial-clone-origin (2019-05-29) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-31 at dc291fa199)
 + clone: respect user supplied origin name when setting up partial clone

 When creating a partial clone, the object filtering criteria is
 recorded for the origin of the clone, but this incorrectly used a
 hardcoded name "origin" to name that remote; it has been corrected
 to honor the "--origin <name>" option.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ab/fail-prereqs-in-test (2019-05-14) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-16 at d1be55f485)
 + tests: add a special setup where prerequisites fail

 Developer support to emulate unsatisfied prerequisites in tests to
 ensure that the remainer of the tests still succeeds when tests
 with prerequisites are skipped.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* jk/help-unknown-ref-fix (2019-05-15) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at e3e01160f7)
 + help_unknown_ref(): check for refname ambiguity
 + help_unknown_ref(): duplicate collected refnames

 Improve the code to show args with potential typo that cannot be
 interpreted as a commit-ish.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* js/rebase-cleanup (2019-05-15) 5 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-16 at ccfed8f263)
 + rebase: fold git-rebase--common into the -p backend
 + sequencer: the `am` and `rebase--interactive` scripts are gone
 + .gitignore: there is no longer a built-in `git-rebase--interactive`
 + t3400: stop referring to the scripted rebase
 + Drop unused

 Update supporting parts of "git rebase" to remove code that should
 no longer be used.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* jt/partial-clone-missing-ref-delta-base (2019-05-15) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 5d7573a151)
 + index-pack: prefetch missing REF_DELTA bases
 + t5616: refactor packfile replacement

 "git fetch" into a lazy clone forgot to fetch base objects that are
 necessary to complete delta in a thin packfile, which has been

 Will cook in 'next'.

* bl/userdiff-octave (2019-05-29) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 6ed07afc89)
 + userdiff: fix grammar and style issues
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at 9ea1180d6c)
 + userdiff: add Octave

 The pattern "git diff/grep" use to extract funcname and words
 boundary for Matlab has been extend to cover Octave, which is more
 or less equivalent.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ew/update-server-info (2019-05-15) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at bf4f2871ab)
 + update-server-info: avoid needless overwrites

 "git update-server-info" learned not to rewrite the file with the
 same contents.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* nd/corrupt-worktrees (2019-05-15) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-16 at d92c25f800)
 + worktree add: be tolerant of corrupt worktrees

 "git worktree add" used to fail when another worktree connected to
 the same repository was corrupt, which has been corrected.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* mh/import-transport-fd-fix (2019-05-16) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at 5e86f92f7a)
 + Use xmmap_gently instead of xmmap in use_pack
 + dup() the input fd for fast-import used for remote helpers

 The ownership rule for the file descriptor to fast-import remote
 backend was mixed up, leading to unrelated file descriptor getting
 closed, which has been fixed.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ab/deprecate-R-for-dynpath (2019-05-19) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at 944976e981)
 + Makefile: remove the NO_R_TO_GCC_LINKER flag

 The way of specifying the path to find dynamic libraries at runtime
 has been simplified.  The old default to pass -R/path/to/dir has been
 replaced with the new default to pass -Wl,-rpath,/path/to/dir,
 which is the more recent GCC uses.  Those who need to build with an
 old GCC can still use "CC_LD_DYNPATH=-R"

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ba/clone-remote-submodules (2019-05-28) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at 71972f94c2)
 + clone: add `--remote-submodules` flag

 "git clone --recurse-submodules" learned to set up the submodules
 to ignore commit object names recorded in the superproject gitlink
 and instead use the commits that happen to be at the tip of the
 remote-tracking branches from the get-go, by passing the new
 "--remote-submodules" option.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ds/close-object-store (2019-05-28) 3 commits
 - packfile: rename close_all_packs to close_object_store
 - packfile: close commit-graph in close_all_packs
 - commit-graph: use raw_object_store when closing
 (this branch uses ds/commit-graph-write-refactor.)

 The commit-graph file is now part of the "files that the runtime
 may keep open file descriptors on, all of which would need to be
 closed when done with the object store", and the file descriptor to
 an existing commit-graph file now is closed before "gc" finalizes a
 new instance to replace it.

 Waiting on ds/commit-graph-write-refactor to stabilize.

* ml/userdiff-rust (2019-05-30) 2 commits
 - userdiff: two simplifications of patterns for rust
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at 1266fddce5)
 + userdiff: add built-in pattern for rust

 The pattern "git diff/grep" use to extract funcname and words
 boundary for Rust has been added.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* pw/rebase-edit-message-for-replayed-merge (2019-05-19) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at dc3e30641c)
 + rebase -r: always reword merge -c

 A "merge -c" instruction during "git rebase --rebase-merges" should
 give the user a chance to edit the log message, even when there is
 otherwise no need to create a new merge and replace the existing
 one (i.e. fast-forward instead), but did not.  Which has been

 Will cook in 'next'.

* sb/format-patch-base-patch-id-fix (2019-05-08) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-15 at 1ab7d2b71c)
 + format-patch: make --base patch-id output stable
 + format-patch: inform user that patch-id generation is unstable

 The recently added "--base" option of "format-patch" computed the
 patch-ids for prerequisite patches in an unstable way, which has
 been updated to compute in a way that is compatible with "git
 patch-id --stable".

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ab/send-email-transferencoding-fix (2019-05-29) 7 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-29 at c8a99d18c0)
 + send-email: fix regression in sendemail.identity parsing
 + send-email: document --no-[to|cc|bcc]
 + send-email: fix broken transferEncoding tests
 + send-email: remove cargo-culted multi-patch pattern in tests
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-13 at 38c6a1e7e0)
 + send-email: do defaults -> config -> getopt in that order
 + send-email: rename the @bcclist variable for consistency
 + send-email: move the read_config() function above getopts

 Since "git send-email" learned to take 'auto' as the value for the
 transfer-encoding, it by mistake stopped honoring the values given
 to the configuration variables sendemail.transferencoding and/or
 sendemail.<ident>.transferencoding.  This has been corrected to
 (finally) redoing the order of setting the default, reading the
 configuration and command line options.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* dl/format-patch-notes-config (2019-05-17) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at d3f6f1872b)
 + format-patch: teach format.notes config option
 + git-format-patch.txt: document --no-notes option

 "git format-patch" learns a configuration to set the default for
 its --notes=<ref> option.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* jk/unused-params-final-batch (2019-05-13) 14 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-15 at ef7435264c)
 + verify-commit: simplify parameters to run_gpg_verify()
 + show-branch: drop unused parameter from show_independent()
 + rev-list: drop unused void pointer from finish_commit()
 + remove_all_fetch_refspecs(): drop unused "remote" parameter
 + receive-pack: drop unused "commands" from prepare_shallow_update()
 + pack-objects: drop unused rev_info parameters
 + name-rev: drop unused parameters from is_better_name()
 + mktree: drop unused length parameter
 + wt-status: drop unused status parameter
 + read-cache: drop unused parameter from threaded load
 + clone: drop dest parameter from copy_alternates()
 + submodule: drop unused prefix parameter from some functions
 + builtin: consistently pass cmd_* prefix to parse_options
 + cmd_{read,write}_tree: rename "unused" variable that is used

 Remove many unused parameters throughout the codebase, with the
 ultimate aim to allow us compile with -Wunused-parameter cleanly.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* nd/init-relative-template-fix (2019-05-13) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-15 at 4d5b17f712)
 + init: make --template path relative to $CWD

 A relative pathname given to "git init --template=<path> <repo>"
 ought to be relative to the directory "git init" gets invoked in,
 but it instead was made relative to the repository, which has been

 Will cook in 'next'.

* an/ignore-doc-update (2019-05-31) 1 commit
 - gitignore.txt: make slash-rules more readable

 The description about slashes in gitignore patterns (used to
 indicate things like "anchored to this level only" and "only
 matches directories") has been revamped.

* en/fast-export-encoding (2019-05-14) 5 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-16 at c88bd3edb5)
 + fast-export: do automatic reencoding of commit messages only if requested
 + fast-export: differentiate between explicitly UTF-8 and implicitly UTF-8
 + fast-export: avoid stripping encoding header if we cannot reencode
 + fast-import: support 'encoding' commit header
 + t9350: fix encoding test to actually test reencoding

 The "git fast-export/import" pair has been taught to handle commits
 with log messages in encoding other than UTF-8 better.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* nd/merge-quit (2019-05-19) 2 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at 9880e7ee4e)
 + merge: add --quit
 + merge: remove drop_save() in favor of remove_merge_branch_state()

 "git merge" learned "--quit" option that cleans up the in-progress
 merge while leaving the working tree and the index still in a mess.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* pw/rebase-abort-clean-rewritten (2019-05-15) 4 commits
 - rebase --abort/--quit: cleanup refs/rewritten
 - sequencer: return errors from sequencer_remove_state()
 - rebase: warn if state directory cannot be removed
 - rebase: fix a memory leak

 "git rebase --abort" used to leave refs/rewritten/ when concluding
 "git rebase -r", which has been corrected.

 On hold.
 cf. <>

* nb/branch-show-other-worktrees-head (2019-05-07) 3 commits
 - branch: add worktree info on verbose output
 - branch: update output to include worktree info
 - ref-filter: add worktreepath atom

 "git branch --list" learned to show branches that are checked out
 in other worktrees connected to the same repository prefixed with
 '+', similar to the way the currently checked out branch is shown
 with '*' in front.

* es/first-contrib-tutorial (2019-05-29) 3 commits
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-30 at 96317960ab)
 + doc: add some nit fixes to MyFirstContribution
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-19 at 9ddfae82bf)
 + documentation: add anchors to MyFirstContribution
 + documentation: add tutorial for first contribution

 A new tutorial targetting specifically aspiring git-core

 Will cook in 'next'.

* cc/multi-promisor (2019-04-15) 17 commits
 - Move core_partial_clone_filter_default to promisor-remote.c
 - Move repository_format_partial_clone to promisor-remote.c
 - Remove fetch-object.{c,h} in favor of promisor-remote.{c,h}
 - remote: add promisor and partial clone config to the doc
 - partial-clone: add multiple remotes in the doc
 - t0410: test fetching from many promisor remotes
 - builtin/fetch: remove unique promisor remote limitation
 - promisor-remote: parse remote.*.partialclonefilter
 - diff: use promisor-remote.h instead of fetch-object.h
 - Use promisor_remote_get_direct() and has_promisor_remote()
 - promisor-remote: use repository_format_partial_clone
 - promisor-remote: add promisor_remote_reinit()
 - promisor-remote: implement promisor_remote_get_direct()
 - Add initial support for many promisor remotes
 - fetch-object: make functions return an error code
 - t0410: remove pipes after git commands
 - Merge branch 'jt/batch-fetch-blobs-in-diff' into cc/multi-promisor

 Teach the lazy clone machinery that there can be more than one
 promisor remote and consult them in order when downloading missing
 objects on demand.

 Needs review.

* nd/switch-and-restore (2019-05-07) 43 commits
 - Declare both git-switch and git-restore experimental
 - help: move git-diff and git-reset to different groups
 - doc: promote "git restore"
 - user-manual.txt: prefer 'merge --abort' over 'reset --hard'
 - completion: support restore
 - t: add tests for restore
 - restore: support --patch
 - restore: replace --force with --ignore-unmerged
 - restore: default to --source=HEAD when only --staged is specified
 - restore: reject invalid combinations with --staged
 - restore: add --worktree and --staged
 - checkout: factor out worktree checkout code
 - restore: disable overlay mode by default
 - restore: make pathspec mandatory
 - restore: take tree-ish from --source option instead
 - checkout: split part of it to new command 'restore'
 - doc: promote "git switch"
 - completion: support switch
 - t: add tests for switch
 - switch: make --orphan switch to an empty tree
 - switch: reject if some operation is in progress
 - switch: no worktree status unless real branch switch happens
 - switch: implicit dwim, use --no-guess to disable it
 - switch: add short option for --detach
 - switch: only allow explicit detached HEAD
 - switch: reject "do nothing" case
 - switch: stop accepting pathspec
 - switch: remove -l
 - switch: add --discard-changes
 - switch: better names for -b and -B
 - checkout: split part of it to new command 'switch'
 - checkout: split options[] array in three pieces
 - checkout: move 'confict_style' and 'dwim_..' to checkout_opts
 - checkout: make "opts" in cmd_checkout() a pointer
 - checkout: factor out some code in parse_branchname_arg()
 - checkout: keep most #include sorted
 - checkout: inform the user when removing branch state
 - checkout: advice how to get out of detached HEAD mode
 - t: rename to
 - git-checkout.txt: fix monospace typeset
 - doc: document --overwrite-ignore
 - git-checkout.txt: fix one syntax line
 - git-checkout.txt: spell out --no-option

 Two new commands "git switch" and "git restore" are introduced to
 split "checking out a branch to work on advancing its history" and
 "checking out paths out of the index and/or a tree-ish to work on
 advancing the current history" out of the single "git checkout"

 The "switch" part seems more or less ready for testing.  Perhaps
 we should split this back into two topics and merge it to 'next'.
 cf. <> (switch v6)
 cf. <> (restore v3)

* jc/format-patch-noclobber (2019-02-22) 1 commit
 - format-patch: --no-clobber refrains from overwriting output files

 "git format-patch" used to overwrite an existing patch/cover-letter
 file.  A new "--no-clobber" option stops it.

 Undecided but inclined to discard.

* am/p4-branches-excludes (2019-04-02) 8 commits
 - git-p4: respect excluded paths when detecting branches
 - git-p4: add failing test for "git-p4: respect excluded paths when detecting branches"
 - git-p4: don't exclude other files with same prefix
 - git-p4: add failing test for "don't exclude other files with same prefix"
 - git-p4: don't groom exclude path list on every commit
 - git-p4: match branches case insensitively if configured
 - git-p4: add failing test for "git-p4: match branches case insensitively if configured"
 - git-p4: detect/prevent infinite loop in gitCommitByP4Change()

 "git p4" update.

 Is this ready for 'next'?

* dl/rebase-i-keep-base (2019-04-25) 6 commits
 - rebase: teach rebase --keep-base
 - rebase: fast-forward --fork-point in more cases
 - rebase: fast-forward --onto in more cases
 - rebase: refactor can_fast_forward into goto tower
 - t3432: test rebase fast-forward behavior
 - t3431: add rebase --fork-point tests

 "git rebase --keep-base <upstream>" tries to find the original base
 of the topic being rebased and rebase on top of that same base,
 which is useful when running the "git rebase -i" (and its limited
 variant "git rebase -x").

 The command also has learned to fast-forward in more cases where it
 can instead of replaying to recreate identical commits.

 On hold.
 cf. <>
 cf. <>

* nd/worktree-name-sanitization (2019-05-15) 1 commit
  (merged to 'next' on 2019-05-16 at 9a2dd33122)
 + worktree add: sanitize worktree names

 In recent versions of Git, per-worktree refs are exposed in
 refs/worktrees/<wtname>/ hierarchy, which means that worktree names
 must be a valid refname component.  The code now sanitizes the names
 given to worktrees, to make sure these refs are well-formed.

 Will cook in 'next'.

* ds/commit-graph-write-refactor (2019-05-13) 11 commits
 - commit-graph: extract write_commit_graph_file()
 - commit-graph: extract copy_oids_to_commits()
 - commit-graph: extract count_distinct_commits()
 - commit-graph: extract fill_oids_from_all_packs()
 - commit-graph: extract fill_oids_from_commit_hex()
 - commit-graph: extract fill_oids_from_packs()
 - commit-graph: create write_commit_graph_context
 - commit-graph: remove Future Work section
 - commit-graph: collapse parameters into flags
 - commit-graph: return with errors during write
 - commit-graph: fix the_repository reference
 (this branch is used by ds/close-object-store.)

 Renamed from commit-graph-format-v2 and changed scope.

 Expecting a reroll.
 I think it is almost there, modulo a few internal API details..
 cf. <> (v4)
 cf. <>

* br/blame-ignore (2019-05-17) 10 commits
 - SQUASH??? test-lint -- seq not portable
 - SQUASH??? error: decl-after-stmt
 - blame: use the fingerprint heuristic to match ignored lines
 - blame: add a fingerprint heuristic to match ignored lines
 - blame: optionally track line fingerprints during fill_blame_origin()
 - blame: add config options for the output of ignored or unblamable lines
 - blame: add the ability to ignore commits and their changes
 - blame: use a helper function in blame_chunk()
 - Move oidset_parse_file() to oidset.c
 - fsck: rename and touch up init_skiplist()

 "git blame" learned to "ignore" commits in the history, whose
 effects (as well as their presence) get ignored.

 cf. <> (v7)


* nd/precious (2019-04-09) 1 commit
 . Introduce "precious" file concept

 "git clean" learned to pay attention to the 'precious' attributes
 and keep untracked paths with the attribute instead of removing
 when the "--keep-precious" is given.

 cf. <>

 I am not sure what aspect of this longer-term "precious" vision,
 which gets taught to various commands and use cases individually
 and incrementally, Ævar finds problematic, which I understand is
 the reason of redtraction.

* jc/send-email-transferencoding-fix (2019-05-09) 2 commits
 . send-email: honor transferencoding config option again
 . send-email: update the mechanism to set default configuration values

 Replaced by  Ævar's "do the default in the right order" approach.
 cf. <> (v2)

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