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From: Junio C Hamano <>
Cc: Linux Kernel <>,
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Git v2.22.0
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2019 14:31:01 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The latest feature release Git v2.22.0 is now available at the
usual places.  It is comprised of 745 non-merge commits since
v2.21.0, contributed by 74 people, 18 of which are new faces.

The tarballs are found at:

The following public repositories all have a copy of the 'v2.22.0'
tag and the 'master' branch that the tag points at:

  url =
  url = git://
  url =

New contributors whose contributions weren't in v2.21.0 are as follows.
Welcome to the Git development community!

  Alexander Blesius, Baruch Siach, Boxuan Li, Cédric Malard,
  Chris Mayo, Chris. Webster, Clément Chigot, Corentin BOMPARD,
  Damien Robert, Dustin Spicuzza, Emily Shaffer, Michal Suchanek,
  Rohit Ashiwal, Sun Chao, Tanushree Tumane, Vadim Kochan,
  William Hubbs, and Yash Bhatambare.

Returning contributors who helped this release are as follows.
Thanks for your continued support.

  Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Alban Gruin, Alessandro Menti,
  Alexander Shopov, Anders Waldenborg, Andreas Heiduk, Andrei
  Rybak, Beat Bolli, Ben Peart, Brandon Richardson, brian
  m. carlson, Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón, Christian Couder,
  Christopher Díaz Riveros, Daniels Umanovskis, David Aguilar,
  David Kastrup, Denton Liu, Derrick Stolee, Elijah Newren, Eric
  Sunshine, Eric Wong, Fangyi Zhou, İsmail Dönmez, Jean-Noël
  Avila, Jeff Hostetler, Jeff King, Jiang Xin, Joel Teichroeb,
  Joey Hess, Johannes Schindelin, Jonathan Tan, Jordi Mas, Josh
  Steadmon, Junio C Hamano, Kyle Meyer, Martin Ågren, Matthew
  Kraai, Matthias Rüster, Mike Hommey, Nguyễn Thái Ngọc
  Duy, Paul-Sebastian Ungureanu, Peter Krefting, Philip Oakley,
  Phillip Wood, Ralf Thielow, Ramsay Jones, René Scharfe, Robert
  P. J. Day, Sven Strickroth, SZEDER Gábor, Taylor Blau, Thomas
  Gummerer, Todd Zullinger, Torsten Bögershausen, and Trần
  Ngọc Quân.


Git 2.22 Release Notes

Updates since v2.21

Backward compatibility note

 * The filter specification "--filter=sparse:path=<path>" used to
   create a lazy/partial clone has been removed.  Using a blob that is
   part of the project as sparse specification is still supported with
   the "--filter=sparse:oid=<blob>" option.

UI, Workflows & Features

 * "git checkout --no-overlay" can be used to trigger a new mode of
   checking out paths out of the tree-ish, that allows paths that
   match the pathspec that are in the current index and working tree
   and are not in the tree-ish.

 * The %(trailers) formatter in "git log --format=..."  now allows to
   optionally pick trailers selectively by keyword, show only values,

 * Four new configuration variables {author,committer}.{name,email}
   have been introduced to override user.{name,email} in more specific

 * Command-line completion (in contrib/) learned to tab-complete the
   "git submodule absorbgitdirs" subcommand.

 * "git branch" learned a new subcommand "--show-current".

 * Output from "diff --cc" did not show the original paths when the
   merge involved renames.  A new option adds the paths in the
   original trees to the output.

 * The command line completion (in contrib/) has been taught to
   complete more subcommand parameters.

 * The final report from "git bisect" used to show the suspected
   culprit using a raw "diff-tree", with which there is no output for
   a merge commit.  This has been updated to use a more modern and
   human readable output that still is concise enough.

 * "git rebase --rebase-merges" replaces its old "--preserve-merges"
   option; the latter is now marked as deprecated.

 * Error message given while cloning with --recurse-submodules has
   been updated.

 * The completion helper code now pays attention to repository-local
   configuration (when available), which allows --list-cmds to honour
   a repository specific setting of completion.commands, for example.

 * "git mergetool" learned to offer Sublime Merge (smerge) as one of
   its backends.

 * A new hook "post-index-change" is called when the on-disk index
   file changes, which can help e.g. a virtualized working tree

 * "git difftool" can now run outside a repository.

 * "git checkout -m <other>" was about carrying the differences
   between HEAD and the working-tree files forward while checking out
   another branch, and ignored the differences between HEAD and the
   index.  The command has been taught to abort when the index and the
   HEAD are different.

 * A progress indicator has been added to the "index-pack" step, which
   often makes users wait for completion during "git clone".

 * "git submodule" learns "set-branch" subcommand that allows the
   submodule.*.branch settings to be modified.

 * "git merge-recursive" backend recently learned a new heuristics to
   infer file movement based on how other files in the same directory
   moved.  As this is inherently less robust heuristics than the one
   based on the content similarity of the file itself (rather than
   based on what its neighbours are doing), it sometimes gives an
   outcome unexpected by the end users.  This has been toned down to
   leave the renamed paths in higher/conflicted stages in the index so
   that the user can examine and confirm the result.

 * "git tag" learned to give an advice suggesting it might be a
   mistake when creating an annotated or signed tag that points at
   another tag.

 * The "git pack-objects" command learned to report the number of
   objects it packed via the trace2 mechanism.

 * The list of conflicted paths shown in the editor while concluding a
   conflicted merge was shown above the scissors line when the
   clean-up mode is set to "scissors", even though it was commented
   out just like the list of updated paths and other information to
   help the user explain the merge better.

 * The trace2 tracing facility learned to auto-generate a filename
   when told to log to a directory.

 * "git clone" learned a new --server-option option when talking over
   the protocol version 2.

 * The connectivity bitmaps are created by default in bare
   repositories now; also the pathname hash-cache is created by
   default to avoid making crappy deltas when repacking.

 * "git branch new A...B" and "git checkout -b new A...B" have been
   taught that in their contexts, the notation A...B means "the merge
   base between these two commits", just like "git checkout A...B"
   detaches HEAD at that commit.

 * Update "git difftool" and "git mergetool" so that the combinations
   of {diff,merge}.{tool,guitool} configuration variables serve as
   fallback settings of each other in a sensible order.

 * The "--dir-diff" mode of "git difftool" is not useful in "--no-index"
   mode; they are now explicitly marked as mutually incompatible.

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

 * The diff machinery, one of the oldest parts of the system, which
   long predates the parse-options API, uses fairly long and complex
   handcrafted option parser.  This is being rewritten to use the
   parse-options API.

 * The implementation of pack-redundant has been updated for
   performance in a repository with many packfiles.

 * A more structured way to obtain execution trace has been added.

 * "git prune" has been taught to take advantage of reachability
   bitmap when able.

 * The command line parser of "git commit-tree" has been rewritten to
   use the parse-options API.

 * Suggest GitGitGadget instead of submitGit as a way to submit
   patches based on GitHub PR to us.

 * The test framework has been updated to help developers by making it
   easier to run most of the tests under different versions of
   over-the-wire protocols.

 * Dev support update to make it easier to compare two formatted
   results from our documentation.

 * The scripted "git rebase" implementation has been retired.

 * "git multi-pack-index verify" did not scale well with the number of
   packfiles, which is being improved.

 * "git stash" has been rewritten in C.

 * The "check-docs" Makefile target to support developers has been

 * The tests have been updated not to rely on the abbreviated option
   names the parse-options API offers, to protect us from an
   abbreviated form of an option that used to be unique within the
   command getting non-unique when a new option that share the same
   prefix is added.

 * The scripted version of "git rebase -i" wrote and rewrote the todo
   list many times during a single step of its operation, and the
   recent C-rewrite made a faithful conversion of the logic to C.  The
   implementation has been updated to carry necessary information
   around in-core to avoid rewriting the same file over and over

 * Test framework update to more robustly clean up leftover files and
   processes after tests are done.

 * Conversion from unsigned char[20] to struct object_id continues.

 * While running "git diff" in a lazy clone, we can upfront know which
   missing blobs we will need, instead of waiting for the on-demand
   machinery to discover them one by one.  The code learned to aim to
   achieve better performance by batching the request for these
   promised blobs.

 * During an initial "git clone --depth=..." partial clone, it is
   pointless to spend cycles for a large portion of the connectivity
   check that enumerates and skips promisor objects (which by
   definition is all objects fetched from the other side).  This has
   been optimized out.

 * Mechanically and systematically drop "extern" from function

 * The script to aggregate perf result unconditionally depended on
   libjson-perl even though it did not have to, which has been

 * The internal implementation of "git rebase -i" has been updated to
   avoid forking a separate "rebase--interactive" process.

 * Allow DEP and ASLR for Windows build to for security hardening.

 * Performance test framework has been broken and measured the version
   of Git that happens to be on $PATH, not the specified one to
   measure, for a while, which has been corrected.

 * Optionally "make coccicheck" can feed multiple source files to
   spatch, gaining performance while spending more memory.

 * Attempt to use an abbreviated option in "git clone --recurs" is
   responded by a request to disambiguate between --recursive and
   --recurse-submodules, which is bad because these two are synonyms.
   The parse-options API has been extended to define such synonyms
   more easily and not produce an unnecessary failure.

 * A pair of private functions in http.c that had names similar to
   fread/fwrite did not return the number of elements, which was found
   to be confusing.

 * Update collision-detecting SHA-1 code to build properly on HP-UX.

Fixes since v2.21

 * "git prune-packed" did not notice and complain against excess
   arguments given from the command line, which now it does.
   (merge 9b0bd87ed2 rj/prune-packed-excess-args later to maint).

 * Split-index fix.
   (merge 6e37c8ed3c nd/split-index-null-base-fix later to maint).

 * "git diff --no-index" may still want to access Git goodies like
   --ext-diff and --textconv, but so far these have been ignored,
   which has been corrected.
   (merge 287ab28bfa jk/diff-no-index-initialize later to maint).

 * Unify RPC code for smart http in protocol v0/v1 and v2, which fixes
   a bug in the latter (lack of authentication retry) and generally
   improves the code base.
   (merge a97d00799a jt/http-auth-proto-v2-fix later to maint).

 * The include file compat/bswap.h has been updated so that it is safe
   to (accidentally) include it more than once.
   (merge 33aa579a55 jk/guard-bswap-header later to maint).

 * The set of header files used by "make hdr-check" unconditionally
   included sha256/gcrypt.h, even when it is not used, causing the
   make target to fail.  We now skip it when GCRYPT_SHA256 is not in
   (merge f23aa18e7f rj/hdr-check-gcrypt-fix later to maint).

 * The Makefile uses 'find' utility to enumerate all the *.h header
   files, which is expensive on platforms with slow filesystems; it
   now optionally uses "ls-files" if working within a repository,
   which is a trick similar to how all sources are enumerated to run
   ETAGS on.
   (merge 92b88eba9f js/find-lib-h-with-ls-files-when-possible later to maint).

 * "git rebase" that was reimplemented in C did not set ORIG_HEAD
   correctly, which has been corrected.
   (merge cbd29ead92 js/rebase-orig-head-fix later to maint).

 * Dev support.
   (merge f545737144 js/stress-test-ui-tweak later to maint).

 * CFLAGS now can be tweaked when invoking Make while using
   DEVELOPER=YesPlease; this did not work well before.
   (merge 6d5d4b4e93 ab/makefile-help-devs-more later to maint).

 * "git fsck --connectivity-only" omits computation necessary to sift
   the objects that are not reachable from any of the refs into
   unreachable and dangling.  This is now enabled when dangling
   objects are requested (which is done by default, but can be
   overridden with the "--no-dangling" option).
   (merge 8d8c2a5aef jk/fsck-doc later to maint).

 * On platforms where "git fetch" is killed with SIGPIPE (e.g. OSX),
   the upload-pack that runs on the other end that hangs up after
   detecting an error could cause "git fetch" to die with a signal,
   which led to a flaky test.  "git fetch" now ignores SIGPIPE during
   the network portion of its operation (this is not a problem as we
   check the return status from our write(2)s).
   (merge 143588949c jk/no-sigpipe-during-network-transport later to maint).

 * A recent update broke "is this object available to us?" check for
   well-known objects like an empty tree (which should yield "yes",
   even when there is no on-disk object for an empty tree), which has
   been corrected.
   (merge f06ab027ef jk/virtual-objects-do-exist later to maint).

 * The setup code has been cleaned up to avoid leaks around the
   repository_format structure.
   (merge e8805af1c3 ma/clear-repository-format later to maint).

 * "git config --type=color ..." is meant to replace "git config --get-color"
   but there is a slight difference that wasn't documented, which is
   now fixed.
   (merge cd8e7593b9 jk/config-type-color-ends-with-lf later to maint).

 * When the "clean" filter can reduce the size of a huge file in the
   working tree down to a small "token" (a la Git LFS), there is no
   point in allocating a huge scratch area upfront, but the buffer is
   sized based on the original file size.  The convert mechanism now
   allocates very minimum and reallocates as it receives the output
   from the clean filter process.
   (merge 02156ab031 jh/resize-convert-scratch-buffer later to maint).

 * "git rebase" uses the refs/rewritten/ hierarchy to store its
   intermediate states, which inherently makes the hierarchy per
   worktree, but it didn't quite work well.
   (merge b9317d55a3 nd/rewritten-ref-is-per-worktree later to maint).

 * "git log -L<from>,<to>:<path>" with "-s" did not suppress the patch
   output as it should.  This has been corrected.
   (merge 05314efaea jk/line-log-with-patch later to maint).

 * "git worktree add" used to do a "find an available name with stat
   and then mkdir", which is race-prone.  This has been fixed by using
   mkdir and reacting to EEXIST in a loop.
   (merge 7af01f2367 ms/worktree-add-atomic-mkdir later to maint).

 * Build update for SHA-1 with collision detection.
   (merge 07a20f569b jk/sha1dc later to maint).

 * Build procedure has been fixed around use of asciidoctor instead of
   (merge 185f9a0ea0 ma/asciidoctor-fixes later to maint).

 * remote-http transport did not anonymize URLs reported in its error
   messages at places.
   (merge c1284b21f2 js/anonymize-remote-curl-diag later to maint).

 * Error messages given from the http transport have been updated so
   that they can be localized.
   (merge ed8b4132c8 js/remote-curl-i18n later to maint).

 * "git init" forgot to read platform-specific repository
   configuration, which made Windows port to ignore settings of
   core.hidedotfiles, for example.

 * A corner-case object name ambiguity while the sequencer machinery
   is working (e.g. "rebase -i -x") has been fixed.

 * "git format-patch" did not diagnose an error while opening the
   output file for the cover-letter, which has been corrected.
   (merge 2fe95f494c jc/format-patch-error-check later to maint).

 * "git checkout -f <branch>" while the index has an unmerged path
   incorrectly left some paths in an unmerged state, which has been

 * A corner case bug in the refs API has been corrected.
   (merge d3322eb28b jk/refs-double-abort later to maint).

 * Unicode update.
   (merge 584b62c37b bb/unicode-12 later to maint).

 * dumb-http walker has been updated to share more error recovery
   strategy with the normal codepath.

 * A buglet in configuration parser has been fixed.
   (merge 19e7fdaa58 nd/include-if-wildmatch later to maint).

 * The documentation for "git read-tree --reset -u" has been updated.
   (merge b5a0bd694c nd/read-tree-reset-doc later to maint).

 * Code clean-up around a much-less-important-than-it-used-to-be
   update_server_info() function.
   (merge b3223761c8 jk/server-info-rabbit-hole later to maint).

 * The message given when "git commit -a <paths>" errors out has been
   (merge 5a1dbd48bc nd/commit-a-with-paths-msg-update later to maint).

 * "git cherry-pick --options A..B", after giving control back to the
   user to ask help resolving a conflicted step, did not honor the
   options it originally received, which has been corrected.

 * Various glitches in "git gc" around reflog handling have been fixed.

 * The code to read from commit-graph file has been cleanup with more
   careful error checking before using data read from it.

 * Performance fix around "git fetch" that grabs many refs.
   (merge b764300912 jt/fetch-pack-wanted-refs-optim later to maint).

 * Protocol v2 support in "git fetch-pack" of shallow clones has been

 * Performance fix around "git blame", especially in a linear history
   (which is the norm we should optimize for).
   (merge f892014943 dk/blame-keep-origin-blob later to maint).

 * Performance fix for "rev-list --parents -- pathspec".
   (merge 8320b1dbe7 jk/revision-rewritten-parents-in-prio-queue later to maint).

 * Updating the display with progress message has been cleaned up to
   deal better with overlong messages.
   (merge 545dc345eb sg/overlong-progress-fix later to maint).

 * "git blame -- path" in a non-bare repository starts blaming from
   the working tree, and the same command in a bare repository errors
   out because there is no working tree by definition.  The command
   has been taught to instead start blaming from the commit at HEAD,
   which is more useful.
   (merge a544fb08f8 sg/blame-in-bare-start-at-head later to maint).

 * An underallocation in the code to read the untracked cache
   extension has been corrected.
   (merge 3a7b45a623 js/untracked-cache-allocfix later to maint).

 * The code is updated to check the result of memory allocation before
   it is used in more places, by using xmalloc and/or xcalloc calls.
   (merge 999b951b28 jk/xmalloc later to maint).

 * The GETTEXT_POISON test option has been quite broken ever since it
   was made runtime-tunable, which has been fixed.
   (merge f88b9cb603 jc/gettext-test-fix later to maint).

 * Test fix on APFS that is incapable of store paths in Latin-1.
   (merge 3889149619 js/iso8895-test-on-apfs later to maint).

 * "git submodule foreach <command> --quiet" did not pass the option
   down correctly, which has been corrected.
   (merge a282f5a906 nd/submodule-foreach-quiet later to maint).

 * "git send-email" has been taught to use quoted-printable when the
   payload contains carriage-return.  The use of the mechanism is in
   line with the design originally added the codepath that chooses QP
   when the payload has overly long lines.
   (merge 74d76a1701 bc/send-email-qp-cr later to maint).

 * The recently added feature to add addresses that are on
   anything-by: trailers in 'git send-email' was found to be way too
   eager and considered nonsense strings as if they can be legitimate
   beginning of *-by: trailer.  This has been tightened.

 * Builds with gettext broke on recent macOS w/ Homebrew, which
   seems to have stopped including from /usr/local/include; this
   has been corrected.
   (merge 92a1377a2a js/macos-gettext-build later to maint).

 * Running "git add" on a repository created inside the current
   repository is an explicit indication that the user wants to add it
   as a submodule, but when the HEAD of the inner repository is on an
   unborn branch, it cannot be added as a submodule.  Worse, the files
   in its working tree can be added as if they are a part of the outer
   repository, which is not what the user wants.  These problems are
   being addressed.
   (merge f937bc2f86 km/empty-repo-is-still-a-repo later to maint).

 * "git cherry-pick" run with the "-x" or the "--signoff" option used
   to (and more importantly, ought to) clean up the commit log message
   with the --cleanup=space option by default, but this has been
   broken since late 2017.  This has been fixed.

 * When given a tag that points at a commit-ish, "git replace --graft"
   failed to peel the tag before writing a replace ref, which did not
   make sense because the old graft mechanism the feature wants to
   mimic only allowed to replace one commit object with another.
   This has been fixed.
   (merge ee521ec4cb cc/replace-graft-peel-tags later to maint).

 * Code tightening against a "wrong" object appearing where an object
   of a different type is expected, instead of blindly assuming that
   the connection between objects are correctly made.
   (merge 97dd512af7 tb/unexpected later to maint).

 * An earlier update for MinGW and Cygwin accidentally broke MSVC build,
   which has been fixed.
   (merge 22c3634c0f ss/msvc-path-utils-fix later to maint).

 * %(push:track) token used in the --format option to "git
   for-each-ref" and friends was not showing the right branch, which
   has been fixed.
   (merge c646d0934e dr/ref-filter-push-track-fix later to maint).

 * "make check-docs", "git help -a", etc. did not account for cases
   where a particular build may deliberately omit some subcommands,
   which has been corrected.

 * The logic to tell if a Git repository has a working tree protects
   "git branch -D" from removing the branch that is currently checked
   out by mistake.  The implementation of this logic was broken for
   repositories with unusual name, which unfortunately is the norm for
   submodules these days.  This has been fixed.
   (merge f3534c98e4 jt/submodule-repo-is-with-worktree later to maint).

 * AIX shared the same build issues with other BSDs around fileno(fp),
   which has been corrected.
   (merge ee662bf5c6 cc/aix-has-fileno-as-a-macro later to maint).

 * The autoconf generated configure script failed to use the right
   gettext() implementations from -libintl by ignoring useless stub
   implementations shipped in some C library, which has been
   (merge b71e56a683 vk/autoconf-gettext later to maint).

 * Fix index-pack perf test so that the repeated invocations always
   run in an empty repository, which emulates the initial clone
   situation better.
   (merge 775c71e16d jk/p5302-avoid-collision-check-cost later to maint).

 * A "ls-files" that emulates "find" to enumerate files in the working
   tree resulted in duplicated Makefile rules that caused the build to
   issue an unnecessary warning during a trial build after merge
   conflicts are resolved in working tree *.h files but before the
   resolved results are added to the index.  This has been corrected.

 * "git cherry-pick" (and "revert" that shares the same runtime engine)
   that deals with multiple commits got confused when the final step
   gets stopped with a conflict and the user concluded the sequence
   with "git commit".  Attempt to fix it by cleaning up the state
   files used by these commands in such a situation.
   (merge 4a72486de9 pw/clean-sequencer-state-upon-final-commit later to maint).

 * On a filesystem like HFS+, the names of the refs stored as filesystem
   entities may become different from what the end-user expects, just
   like files in the working tree get "renamed".  Work around the
   mismatch by paying attention to the core.precomposeUnicode
   (merge 8e712ef6fc en/unicode-in-refnames later to maint).

 * The code to generate the multi-pack idx file was not prepared to
   see too many packfiles and ran out of open file descriptor, which
   has been corrected.

 * To run tests for Git SVN, our scripts for CI used to install the
   git-svn package (in the hope that it would bring in the right
   dependencies).  This has been updated to install the more direct
   dependency, namely, libsvn-perl.
   (merge db864306cf sg/ci-libsvn-perl later to maint).

 * "git cvsexportcommit" running on msys did not expect cvsnt showed
   "cvs status" output with CRLF line endings.

 * The fsmonitor interface got out of sync after the in-core index
   file gets discarded, which has been corrected.
   (merge 398a3b0899 js/fsmonitor-refresh-after-discarding-index later to maint).

 * "git status" did not know that the "label" instruction in the
   todo-list "rebase -i -r" uses should not be shown as a hex object

 * A prerequisite check in the test suite to see if a working jgit is
   available was made more robust.
   (merge abd0f28983 tz/test-lib-check-working-jgit later to maint).

 * The codepath to parse :<path> that obtains the object name for an
   indexed object has been made more robust.

 * Code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
   (merge 11f470aee7 jc/test-yes-doc later to maint).
   (merge 90503a240b js/doc-symref-in-proto-v1 later to maint).
   (merge 5c326d1252 jk/unused-params later to maint).
   (merge 68cabbfda3 dl/doc-submodule-wo-subcommand later to maint).
   (merge 9903623761 ab/receive-pack-use-after-free-fix later to maint).
   (merge 1ede45e44b en/merge-options-doc later to maint).
   (merge 3e14dd2c8e rd/doc-hook-used-in-sample later to maint).
   (merge c271dc28fd nd/no-more-check-racy later to maint).
   (merge e6e15194a8 yb/utf-16le-bom-spellfix later to maint).
   (merge bb101aaf0c rd/attr.c-comment-typofix later to maint).
   (merge 716a5af812 rd/gc-prune-doc-fix later to maint).
   (merge 50b206371d js/untravis-windows later to maint).
   (merge dbf47215e3 js/rebase-recreate-merge later to maint).
   (merge 56cb2d30f8 dl/reset-doc-no-wrt-abbrev later to maint).
   (merge 64eca306a2 ja/dir-rename-doc-markup-fix later to maint).
   (merge af91b0230c dl/ignore-docs later to maint).
   (merge 59a06e947b ra/t3600-test-path-funcs later to maint).
   (merge e041d0781b ar/t4150-remove-cruft later to maint).
   (merge 8d75a1d183 ma/asciidoctor-fixes-more later to maint).
   (merge 74cc547b0f mh/pack-protocol-doc-fix later to maint).
   (merge ed31851fa6 ab/doc-misc-typofixes later to maint).
   (merge a7256debd4 nd/checkout-m-doc-update later to maint).
   (merge 3a9e1ad78d jt/t5551-protocol-v2-does-not-have-half-auth later to maint).
   (merge 0b918b75af sg/t5318-cleanup later to maint).
   (merge 68ed71b53c cb/doco-mono later to maint).
   (merge a34dca2451 nd/interpret-trailers-docfix later to maint).
   (merge cf7b857a77 en/fast-import-parsing-fix later to maint).
   (merge fe61ccbc35 po/rerere-doc-fmt later to maint).
   (merge ffea0248bf po/describe-not-necessarily-7 later to maint).
   (merge 7cb7283adb tg/ls-files-debug-format-fix later to maint).
   (merge f64a21bd82 tz/doc-apostrophe-no-longer-needed later to maint).
   (merge dbe7b41019 js/t3301-unbreak-notes-test later to maint).
   (merge d8083e4180 km/t3000-retitle later to maint).
   (merge 9e4cbccbd7 tz/git-svn-doc-markup-fix later to maint).
   (merge da9ca955a7 jk/ls-files-doc-markup-fix later to maint).
   (merge 6804ba3a58 cw/diff-highlight later to maint).
   (merge 1a8787144d nd/submodule-helper-incomplete-line-fix later to maint).
   (merge d9ef573837 jk/apache-lsan later to maint).
   (merge c871fbee2b js/t6500-use-windows-pid-on-mingw later to maint).
   (merge ce4c7bfc90 bl/t4253-exit-code-from-format-patch later to maint).
   (merge 397a46db78 js/t5580-unc-alternate-test later to maint).
   (merge d4907720a2 cm/notes-comment-fix later to maint).
   (merge 9dde06de13 cb/http-push-null-in-message-fix later to maint).
   (merge 4c785c0edc js/rebase-config-bitfix later to maint).
   (merge 8e9fe16c87 es/doc-gitsubmodules-markup later to maint).


Changes since v2.21.0 are as follows:

Alban Gruin (18):
      sequencer: changes in parse_insn_buffer()
      sequencer: make the todo_list structure public
      sequencer: remove the 'arg' field from todo_item
      sequencer: refactor transform_todos() to work on a todo_list
      sequencer: introduce todo_list_write_to_file()
      sequencer: refactor check_todo_list() to work on a todo_list
      sequencer: refactor sequencer_add_exec_commands() to work on a todo_list
      sequencer: refactor rearrange_squash() to work on a todo_list
      sequencer: make sequencer_make_script() write its script to a strbuf
      sequencer: change complete_action() to use the refactored functions
      rebase--interactive: move sequencer_add_exec_commands()
      rebase--interactive: move rearrange_squash_in_todo_file()
      sequencer: refactor skip_unnecessary_picks() to work on a todo_list
      rebase-interactive: use todo_list_write_to_file() in edit_todo_list()
      rebase-interactive: append_todo_help() changes
      rebase-interactive: rewrite edit_todo_list() to handle the initial edit
      sequencer: use edit_todo_list() in complete_action()
      rebase--interactive: move transform_todo_file()

Alessandro Menti (1):
      l10n: it.po: Updated Italian translation

Alexander Blesius (1):
      doc: fix typos in man pages

Alexander Shopov (4):
      gitk: Update Bulgarian translation (317t)
      l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (4577t)
      l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (4580t)
      l10n: bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation (4581t)

Anders Waldenborg (7):
      doc: group pretty-format.txt placeholders descriptions
      pretty: allow %(trailers) options with explicit value
      pretty: single return path in %(trailers) handling
      pretty: allow showing specific trailers
      pretty: add support for "valueonly" option in %(trailers)
      strbuf: separate callback for strbuf_expand:ing literals
      pretty: add support for separator option in %(trailers)

Andreas Heiduk (1):
      revisions.txt: remove ambibuity between <rev>:<path> and :<path>

Andrei Rybak (1):
      t4150: remove unused variable

Baruch Siach (1):
      send-email: don't cc *-by lines with '-' prefix

Beat Bolli (1):
      unicode: update the width tables to Unicode 12

Ben Peart (1):
      read-cache: add post-index-change hook

Boxuan Li (1):
      t4253-am-keep-cr-dos: avoid using pipes

Brandon Richardson (1):
      commit-tree: utilize parse-options api

Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón (1):
      http-push: prevent format overflow warning with gcc >= 9

Chris Mayo (1):
      notes: correct documentation of format_display_notes()

Chris. Webster (1):
      diff-highlight: use correct /dev/null for UNIX and Windows

Christian Couder (5):
      t6050: use test_line_count instead of wc -l
      t6050: redirect expected error output to a file
      replace: peel tag when passing a tag as parent to --graft
      replace: peel tag when passing a tag first to --graft
      list-objects-filter: disable 'sparse:path' filters

Christopher Díaz Riveros (3):
      l10n: es: 2.22.0 round 1
      l10n: es: 2.22.0 round 2
      l10n: es: 2.22.0 round 3

Clément Chigot (2):
      Makefile: use fileno macro work around on AIX
      git-compat-util: work around for access(X_OK) under root

Corentin BOMPARD (2):
      doc/CodingGuidelines: URLs and paths as monospace
      doc: format pathnames and URLs as monospace.

Cédric Malard (1):
      l10n: fr.po: Review French translation

Damien Robert (1):
      ref-filter: use correct branch for %(push:track)

Daniels Umanovskis (1):
      branch: introduce --show-current display option

David Aguilar (2):
      mergetools: add support for smerge (Sublime Merge)
      contrib/completion: add smerge to the mergetool completion candidates

David Kastrup (1):
      blame.c: don't drop origin blobs as eagerly

Denton Liu (38):
      completion: complete git submodule absorbgitdirs
      git-submodule.txt: "--branch <branch>" option defaults to 'master'
      submodule--helper: teach config subcommand --unset
      submodule: document default behavior
      git-reset.txt: clarify documentation
      git-clean.txt: clarify ignore pattern files
      docs: move core.excludesFile from git-add to gitignore
      contrib/subtree: ensure only one rev is provided
      midx.c: convert FLEX_ALLOC_MEM to FLEX_ALLOC_STR
      tag: fix formatting
      submodule: teach set-branch subcommand
      tag: advise on nested tags
      t7600: clean up style
      t3507: clean up style
      t7604: clean up style
      t7502: clean up style
      commit: extract cleanup_mode functions to sequencer
      parse-options.h: extract common --cleanup option
      merge: cleanup messages like commit
      merge: add scissors line on merge conflict
      cherry-pick/revert: add scissors line on merge conflict
      t7610: unsuppress output
      t7610: add mergetool --gui tests
      *.[ch]: remove extern from function declarations using spatch
      *.[ch]: remove extern from function declarations using sed
      *.[ch]: manually align parameter lists
      t2018: cleanup in current test
      branch: make create_branch accept a merge base rev
      revisions.txt: change "rev" to "<rev>"
      revisions.txt: mark optional rev arguments with []
      revisions.txt: mention <rev>~ form
      tag: fix typo in nested tagging hint
      mergetool: use get_merge_tool function
      mergetool--lib: create gui_mode function
      mergetool: fallback to tool when guitool unavailable
      difftool: make --gui, --tool and --extcmd mutually exclusive
      difftool: fallback on merge.guitool

Derrick Stolee (4):
      trace2:data: pack-objects: add trace2 regions
      midx: pass a repository pointer
      midx: add packs to packed_git linked list
      trace2: add variable description to git.txt

Dustin Spicuzza (1):
      cvsexportcommit: force crlf translation

Elijah Newren (24):
      log,diff-tree: add --combined-all-paths option
      merge-options.txt: correct wording of --no-commit option
      t9300: demonstrate bug with get-mark and empty orphan commits
      git-fast-import.txt: fix wording about where ls command can appear
      fast-import: check most prominent commands first
      fast-import: only allow cat-blob requests where it makes sense
      fast-import: fix erroneous handling of get-mark with empty orphan commits
      Use 'unsigned short' for mode, like diff_filespec does
      merge-recursive: rename merge_options argument from 'o' to 'opt'
      merge-recursive: rename diff_filespec 'one' to 'o'
      merge-recursive: rename locals 'o' and 'a' to 'obuf' and 'abuf'
      merge-recursive: use 'ci' for rename_conflict_info variable name
      merge-recursive: move some struct declarations together
      merge-recursive: shrink rename_conflict_info
      merge-recursive: remove ren[12]_other fields from rename_conflict_info
      merge-recursive: track branch where rename occurred in rename struct
      merge-recursive: cleanup handle_rename_* function signatures
      merge-recursive: switch from (oid,mode) pairs to a diff_filespec
      t6043: fix copied test description to match its purpose
      merge-recursive: track information associated with directory renames
      merge-recursive: give callers of handle_content_merge() access to contents
      merge-recursive: switch directory rename detection default
      Honor core.precomposeUnicode in more places
      merge-recursive: restore accidentally dropped setting of path

Emily Shaffer (1):
      gitsubmodules: align html and nroff lists

Eric Sunshine (1):
      check-non-portable-shell: support Perl versions older than 5.10

Eric Wong (1):
      repack: enable bitmaps by default on bare repos

Fangyi Zhou (1):
      l10n: zh_CN: Revision for git v2.22.0 l10n

Jean-Noël Avila (6):
      l10n: fr.po remove obsolete entries
      Doc: fix misleading asciidoc formating
      l10n: fr.po v2.22.0.rnd1
      diff: fix mistake in translatable strings
      l10n: fr.po v2.22.0 round 2
      l10n: fr v2.22.0 rnd 3

Jeff Hostetler (30):
      trace2: Documentation/technical/api-trace2.txt
      trace2: create new combined trace facility
      trace2: collect Windows-specific process information
      trace2:data: add trace2 regions to wt-status
      trace2:data: add editor/pager child classification
      trace2:data: add trace2 sub-process classification
      trace2:data: add trace2 transport child classification
      trace2:data: add subverb to checkout command
      trace2:data: add subverb to reset command
      trace2:data: add trace2 hook classification
      trace2:data: add subverb for rebase
      trace2:data: add trace2 instrumentation to index read/write
      trace2: t/helper/test-trace2,,,
      trace2: add for_each macros to clang-format
      progress: add sparse mode to force 100% complete message
      trace2:data: add trace2 data to midx
      midx: add progress indicators in multi-pack-index verify
      midx: during verify group objects by packfile to speed verification
      config: initialize opts structure in repo_read_config()
      trace2: refactor setting process starting time
      trace2: add absolute elapsed time to start event
      trace2: find exec-dir before trace2 initialization
      config: add read_very_early_config()
      trace2: use system/global config for default trace2 settings
      trace2: report peak memory usage of the process
      trace2: clarify UTC datetime formatting
      trace2: make SIDs more unique
      trace2: update docs to describe system/global config settings
      trace2: fixup access problem on /etc/gitconfig in read_very_early_config
      trace2: fix tracing when NO_PTHREADS is defined

Jeff King (92):
      prune: lazily perform reachability traversal
      prune: use bitmaps for reachability traversal
      prune: check SEEN flag for reachability
      t5304: rename "sha1" variables to "oid"
      diff: drop options parameter from diffcore_fix_diff_index()
      diff: drop unused color reset parameters
      diff: drop unused emit data parameter from sane_truncate_line()
      diff: drop complete_rewrite parameter from run_external_diff()
      merge-recursive: drop several unused parameters
      pack-objects: drop unused parameter from oe_map_new_pack()
      files-backend: drop refs parameter from split_symref_update()
      ref-filter: drop unused buf/sz pairs
      ref-filter: drop unused "obj" parameters
      ref-filter: drop unused "sz" parameters
      diff: reuse diff setup for --no-index case
      bisect: use string arguments to feed internal diff-tree
      bisect: fix internal diff-tree config loading
      bisect: make diff-tree output prettier
      fetch: avoid calling write_or_die()
      fetch: ignore SIGPIPE during network operation
      rev-list: allow cached objects in existence check
      doc/fsck: clarify --connectivity-only behavior
      fsck: always compute USED flags for unreachable objects
      compat/bswap: add include header guards
      config: document --type=color output is a complete line
      line-log: suppress diff output with "-s"
      line-log: detect unsupported formats
      point pull requesters to GitGitGadget
      Makefile: fix unaligned loads in sha1dc with UBSan
      t5310: correctly remove bitmaps for jgit test
      pack-objects: default to writing bitmap hash-cache rely on for --tee handling
      revision: drop some unused "revs" parameters
      log: drop unused rev_info from early output
      log: drop unused "len" from show_tagger()
      update-index: drop unused prefix_length parameter from do_reupdate()
      test-date: drop unused "now" parameter from parse_dates()
      unpack-trees: drop name_entry from traverse_by_cache_tree()
      unpack-trees: drop unused error_type parameters
      report_path_error(): drop unused prefix parameter
      fetch_pack(): drop unused parameters
      parse-options: drop unused ctx parameter from show_gitcomp()
      pretty: drop unused "type" parameter in needs_rfc2047_encoding()
      pretty: drop unused strbuf from parse_padding_placeholder()
      git: read local config in --list-cmds
      completion: fix multiple command removals
      parse_opt_ref_sorting: always use with NONEG flag
      refs/files-backend: handle packed transaction prepare failure
      refs/files-backend: don't look at an aborted transaction
      http: factor out curl result code normalization
      http: normalize curl results for dumb loose and alternates fetches
      http: use normalize_curl_result() instead of manual conversion
      revision: use a prio_queue to hold rewritten parents
      get_commit_tree(): return NULL for broken tree
      rev-list: let traversal die when --missing is not in use
      rev-list: detect broken root trees
      test-prio-queue: use xmalloc
      xdiff: use git-compat-util
      xdiff: use xmalloc/xrealloc
      progress: use xmalloc/xcalloc
      t5516: drop ok=sigpipe from unreachable-want tests
      t5530: check protocol response for "not our ref"
      upload-pack: send ERR packet for non-tip objects
      pkt-line: prepare buffer before handling ERR packets
      fetch: use free_refs()
      remote.c: make singular free_ref() public
      fetch: do not consider peeled tags as advertised tips
      packfile.h: drop extern from function declarations
      pack-revindex: open index if necessary
      t5319: fix bogus cat-file argument
      t5319: drop useless --buffer from cat-file
      midx: check both pack and index names for containment
      packfile: fix pack basename computation
      http: simplify parsing of remote objects/info/packs
      server-info: fix blind pointer arithmetic
      server-info: simplify cleanup in parse_pack_def()
      server-info: use strbuf to read old info/packs file
      server-info: drop nr_alloc struct member
      server-info: drop objdirlen pointer arithmetic
      update_info_refs(): drop unused force parameter
      t5304: add a test for pruning with bitmaps
      untracked-cache: be defensive about missing NULs in index
      untracked-cache: simplify parsing by dropping "next"
      untracked-cache: simplify parsing by dropping "len"
      p5302: create the repo in each index-pack test
      doc/ls-files: put nested list for "-t" option into block
      t/perf: depend on perl JSON only when using --codespeed
      t/perf: add perf script for partial clones
      coccicheck: optionally batch spatch invocations
      t/lib-httpd: pass LSAN_OPTIONS through apache
      coccicheck: make batch size of 0 mean "unlimited"
      get_oid: handle NULL repo->index

Jiang Xin (9):
      t5323: test cases for git-pack-redundant
      pack-redundant: delay creation of unique_objects
      pack-redundant: rename pack_list.all_objects
      pack-redundant: consistent sort method
      l10n: git.pot: v2.22.0 round 1 (270 new, 56 removed)
      l10n: git.pot: v2.22.0 round 2 (6 new, 3 removed)
      i18n: fix typos found during l10n for git 2.22.0
      l10n: git.pot: v2.22.0 round 3 (3 new, 2 removed)
      l10n: zh_CN: for git v2.22.0 l10n round 1~3

Joel Teichroeb (5):
      stash: improve option parsing test coverage
      stash: convert apply to builtin
      stash: convert drop and clear to builtin
      stash: convert branch to builtin
      stash: convert pop to builtin

Joey Hess (1):
      convert: avoid malloc of original file size

Johannes Schindelin (67):
      ident: add the ability to provide a "fallback identity"
      travis: remove the hack to build the Windows job on Azure Pipelines
      tests: let --stress-limit=<N> imply --stress
      tests: introduce --stress-jobs=<N>
      built-in rebase: no need to check out `onto` twice
      built-in rebase: use the correct reflog when switching branches
      built-in rebase: demonstrate that ORIG_HEAD is not set correctly
      built-in rebase: set ORIG_HEAD just once, before the rebase
      Makefile: use `git ls-files` to list header files, if possible
      curl: anonymize URLs in error messages and warnings
      remote-curl: mark all error messages for translation
      stash: add back the original, scripted `git stash`
      stash: optionally use the scripted version again
      tests: add a special setup where stash.useBuiltin is off
      legacy stash: fix "rudimentary backport of -q"
      built-in stash: handle :(glob) pathspecs again
      mingw: drop MakeMaker reference
      mingw: allow building with an MSYS2 runtime v3.x
      rebase: deprecate --preserve-merges
      mingw: respect core.hidedotfiles = false in git-init again
      test-lib: introduce 'test_atexit'
      git-daemon: use 'test_atexit` to stop 'git-daemon'
      git p4 test: use 'test_atexit' to kill p4d and the watchdog process
      rebase -i: demonstrate obscure loose object cache bug
      sequencer: improve error message when an OID could not be parsed
      sequencer: move stale comment into correct location
      get_oid(): when an object was not found, try harder
      difftool: remove obsolete (and misleading) comment
      parse-options: make OPT_ARGUMENT() more useful
      difftool: allow running outside Git worktrees with --no-index
      docs: move gitremote-helpers into section 7
      docs: do not document the `git remote-testgit` command
      check-docs: really look at the documented commands again
      check-docs: do not expect guide pages to correspond to commands
      check-docs: fix for setups where executables have an extension
      tests (rebase): spell out the `--keep-empty` option
      tests (rebase): spell out the `--force-rebase` option
      t7810: do not abbreviate `--no-exclude-standard` nor `--invert-match`
      t5531: avoid using an abbreviated option
      tests (push): do not abbreviate the `--follow-tags` option
      tests (status): spell out the `--find-renames` option in full
      tests (pack-objects): use the full, unabbreviated `--revs` option
      t3301: fix false negative
      untracked cache: fix off-by-one
      tests: disallow the use of abbreviated options (by default)
      t9822: skip tests if file names cannot be ISO-8859-1 encoded
      macOS: make sure that gettext is found
      remote-testgit: move it into the support directory for t5801
      Makefile: drop the NO_INSTALL variable
      help -a: do not list commands that are excluded from the build
      check-docs: allow command-list.txt to contain excluded commands
      docs: exclude documentation for commands that have been excluded
      check-docs: do not bother checking for legacy scripts' documentation
      test-tool: handle the `-C <directory>` option just like `git`
      Turn `git serve` into a test helper
      t5580: verify that alternates can be UNC paths
      fsmonitor: demonstrate that it is not refreshed after discard_index()
      fsmonitor: force a refresh after the index was discarded
      t6500(mingw): use the Windows PID of the shell
      difftool --no-index: error out on --dir-diff (and don't crash)
      status: fix display of rebase -ir's `label` command
      parse-options: adjust `parse_opt_unknown_cb()`s declared return type
      stash: document stash.useBuiltin
      rebase: replace incorrect logical negation by correct bitwise one
      tests: mark a couple more test cases as requiring `rebase -p`
      docs: say that `--rebase=preserve` is deprecated
      rebase docs: recommend `-r` over `-p`

Jonathan Tan (25):
      remote-curl: reduce scope of rpc_state.argv
      remote-curl: reduce scope of rpc_state.stdin_preamble
      remote-curl: reduce scope of rpc_state.result
      remote-curl: refactor reading into rpc_state's buf
      remote-curl: use post_rpc() for protocol v2 also
      tests: define GIT_TEST_PROTOCOL_VERSION
      t5601: check ssh command only with protocol v0
      tests: always test fetch of unreachable with v0
      t5503: fix overspecification of trace expectation
      t5512: compensate for v0 only sending HEAD symrefs
      t5700: only run with protocol version 1
      tests: fix protocol version for overspecifications
      t5552: compensate for v2 filtering ref adv.
      submodule: explain first attempt failure clearly
      t5551: mark half-auth no-op fetch test as v0-only
      fetch-pack: call prepare_shallow_info only if v0
      fetch-pack: respect --no-update-shallow in v2
      sha1-file: support OBJECT_INFO_FOR_PREFETCH
      fetch-pack: binary search when storing wanted-refs
      diff: batch fetching of missing blobs
      pack-objects: write objects packed to trace2
      transport: die if server options are unsupported
      clone: send server options when using protocol v2
      worktree: update is_bare heuristics
      fetch-pack: send server options after command

Jordi Mas (2):
      l10n: Fixes to Catalan translation
      l10n: Update Catalan translation

Josh Steadmon (5):
      protocol-capabilities.txt: document symref
      trace2: write to directory targets
      clone: do faster object check for partial clones
      trace2: fix incorrect function pointer check
      commit-graph: fix memory leak

Junio C Hamano (19):
      test: caution on our version of 'yes'
      builtin/log: downcase the beginning of error messages
      format-patch: notice failure to open cover letter for writing
      Start 2.22 cycle
      The second batch
      The third batch
      The fourth batch
      gettext tests: export the restored GIT_TEST_GETTEXT_POISON
      The fifth batch
      The sixth batch
      Makefile: dedup list of files obtained from ls-files
      The seventh batch
      The eighth batch
      Git 2.22-rc0
      pkt-line: drop 'const'-ness of a param to set_packet_header()
      Git 2.22-rc1
      Git 2.22-rc2
      Git 2.22-rc3
      Git 2.22

Kyle Meyer (5):
      rebase docs: fix "gitlink" typo
      submodule: refuse to add repository with no commits
      dir: do not traverse repositories with no commits
      add: error appropriately on repository with no commits
      t3000 (ls-files -o): widen description to reflect current tests

Martin Ågren (14):
      setup: free old value before setting `work_tree`
      setup: fix memory leaks with `struct repository_format`
      config/diff.txt: drop spurious backtick
      config/fsck.txt: avoid starting line with dash
      git.txt: remove empty line before list continuation
      git-svn.txt: drop escaping '\' that ends up being rendered
      Documentation: turn middle-of-line tabs into spaces
      Documentation/Makefile: add missing xsl dependencies for manpages
      Documentation/Makefile: add missing dependency on asciidoctor-extensions
      asciidoctor-extensions: fix spurious space after linkgit
      Doc: auto-detect changed build flags
      doc-diff: let `render_tree()` take an explicit directory name
      doc-diff: support diffing from/to AsciiDoc(tor)
      doc-diff: add `--cut-header-footer`

Matthew Kraai (1):
      t3903: add test for --intent-to-add file

Matthias Rüster (2):
      l10n: TEAMS: Change German translation team leader
      l10n: de.po: Update German translation

Michal Suchanek (1):
      worktree: fix worktree add race

Mike Hommey (2):
      fix pack protocol example client/server communication
      Make fread/fwrite-like functions in http.c more like fread/fwrite.

Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (129):
      parse-options.h: remove extern on function prototypes
      parse-options: add one-shot mode
      parse-options: disable option abbreviation with PARSE_OPT_KEEP_UNKNOWN
      parse-options: add OPT_BITOP()
      parse-options: stop abusing 'callback' for lowlevel callbacks
      parse-options: avoid magic return codes
      parse-options: allow ll_callback with OPTION_CALLBACK
      diff.h: keep forward struct declarations sorted
      diff.h: avoid bit fields in struct diff_flags
      diff.c: prepare to use parse_options() for parsing
      diff.c: convert -u|-p|--patch
      diff.c: convert -U|--unified
      diff.c: convert -W|--[no-]function-context
      diff.c: convert --raw
      read-cache.c: fix writing "link" index ext with null base oid
      completion: add more parameter value completion
      diff-parseopt: convert --patch-with-raw
      diff-parseopt: convert --numstat and --shortstat
      diff-parseopt: convert --dirstat and friends
      diff-parseopt: convert --check
      diff-parseopt: convert --summary
      diff-parseopt: convert --patch-with-stat
      diff-parseopt: convert --name-only
      diff-parseopt: convert --name-status
      diff-parseopt: convert -s|--no-patch
      diff-parseopt: convert --stat*
      diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]compact-summary
      diff-parseopt: convert --output-*
      diff-parseopt: convert -B|--break-rewrites
      diff-parseopt: convert -M|--find-renames
      diff-parseopt: convert -D|--irreversible-delete
      diff-parseopt: convert -C|--find-copies
      diff-parseopt: convert --find-copies-harder
      diff-parseopt: convert --no-renames|--[no--rename-empty
      diff-parseopt: convert --relative
      diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]minimal
      diff-parseopt: convert --ignore-some-changes
      Delete check-racy.c
      diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]indent-heuristic
      diff-parseopt: convert --patience
      diff-parseopt: convert --histogram
      diff-parseopt: convert --diff-algorithm
      diff-parseopt: convert --anchored
      diff-parseopt: convert --binary
      diff-parseopt: convert --full-index
      diff-parseopt: convert -a|--text
      diff-parseopt: convert -R
      diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]follow
      diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]color
      diff-parseopt: convert --word-diff
      diff-parseopt: convert --word-diff-regex
      diff-parseopt: convert --color-words
      diff-parseopt: convert --exit-code
      diff-parseopt: convert --quiet
      diff-parseopt: convert --ext-diff
      diff-parseopt: convert --textconv
      diff-parseopt: convert --ignore-submodules
      diff-parseopt: convert --submodule
      files-backend.c: factor out per-worktree code in loose_fill_ref_dir()
      files-backend.c: reduce duplication in add_per_worktree_entries_to_dir()
      Make sure refs/rewritten/ is per-worktree
      unpack-trees: fix oneway_merge accidentally carry over stage index
      checkout.txt: note about losing staged changes with --merge
      commit: improve error message in "-a <paths>" case
      unpack-trees: keep gently check inside add_rejected_path
      unpack-trees: rename "gently" flag to "quiet"
      read-tree: add --quiet
      checkout: prevent losing staged changes with --merge
      diff-parseopt: convert --ws-error-highlight
      diff-parseopt: convert --ita-[in]visible-in-index
      diff-parseopt: convert -z
      diff-parseopt: convert -l
      diff-parseopt: convert -S|-G
      diff-parseopt: convert --pickaxe-all|--pickaxe-regex
      diff-parseopt: convert -O
      diff-parseopt: convert --find-object
      diff-parseopt: convert --diff-filter
      diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]abbrev
      diff-parseopt: convert --[src|dst]-prefix
      diff-parseopt: convert --line-prefix
      diff-parseopt: convert --no-prefix
      diff-parseopt: convert --inter-hunk-context
      diff-parseopt: convert --[no-]color-moved
      diff-parseopt: convert --color-moved-ws
      diff.c: allow --no-color-moved-ws
      range-diff: use parse_options() instead of diff_opt_parse()
      diff --no-index: use parse_options() instead of diff_opt_parse()
      am: avoid diff_opt_parse()
      config: correct '**' matching in includeIf patterns
      interpret-trailers.txt: start the desc line with a capital letter
      read-tree.txt: clarify --reset and worktree changes
      packfile.c: add repo_approximate_object_count()
      refs.c: add refs_ref_exists()
      refs.c: add refs_shorten_unambiguous_ref()
      refs.c: remove the_repo from substitute_branch_name()
      refs.c: remove the_repo from expand_ref()
      refs.c: add repo_dwim_ref()
      refs.c: add repo_dwim_log()
      refs.c: remove the_repo from read_ref_at()
      submodule foreach: fix "<command> --quiet" not being respected
      commit.cocci: refactor code, avoid double rewrite
      commit.c: add repo_get_commit_tree()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from sort_ambiguous()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from find_abbrev_len_packed()
      sha1-name.c: add repo_find_unique_abbrev_r()
      sha1-name.c: store and use repo in struct disambiguate_state
      sha1-name.c: add repo_for_each_abbrev()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from get_short_oid()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from interpret_nth_prior_checkout()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from interpret_branch_mark()
      sha1-name.c: add repo_interpret_branch_name()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from get_oid_oneline()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from get_describe_name()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from get_oid_basic()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from get_oid_1()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from handle_one_ref()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from diagnose_invalid_index_path()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from resolve_relative_path()
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from get_oid_with_context_1()
      sha1-name.c: add repo_get_oid()
      submodule-config.c: use repo_get_oid for reading .gitmodules
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from maybe_die_on_misspelt_object_name
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from other get_oid_*
      sha1-name.c: remove the_repo from get_oid_mb()
      parse-options: don't emit "ambiguous option" for aliases
      submodule--helper: add a missing \n
      diff-parseopt: correct variable types that are used by parseopt
      diff-parseopt: restore -U (no argument) behavior
      parse-options: check empty value in OPT_INTEGER and OPT_ABBREV

Paul-Sebastian Ungureanu (17):
      sha1-name.c: add `get_oidf()` which acts like `get_oid()`
      strbuf.c: add `strbuf_join_argv()`
      strbuf.c: add `strbuf_insertf()` and `strbuf_vinsertf()`
      t3903: modernize style
      stash: rename test cases to be more descriptive
      stash: add tests for `git stash show` config
      stash: mention options in `show` synopsis
      stash: convert list to builtin
      stash: convert show to builtin
      stash: convert store to builtin
      stash: convert create to builtin
      stash: convert push to builtin
      stash: make push -q quiet
      stash: convert save to builtin
      stash: optimize `get_untracked_files()` and `check_changes()`
      stash: replace all `write-tree` child processes with API calls
      stash: convert `stash--helper.c` into `stash.c`

Peter Krefting (2):
      l10n: sv.po: Update Swedish translation
      l10n: sv.po: Update Swedish translation (4577t0f0u)

Philip Oakley (2):
      rerere doc: quote `rerere.enabled`
      describe doc: remove '7-char' abbreviation reference

Phillip Wood (21):
      am/cherry-pick/rebase/revert: document --rerere-autoupdate
      merge: tweak --rerere-autoupdate documentation
      sequencer: break some long lines
      cherry-pick: demonstrate option amnesia
      cherry-pick --continue: remember options
      commit/reset: try to clean up sequencer state
      fix cherry-pick/revert status after commit
      sequencer: fix cleanup with --signoff and -x
      sequencer.c: save and restore cleanup mode
      sequencer: always discard index after checkout
      rebase: don't translate trace strings
      rebase: rename write_basic_state()
      rebase: use OPT_RERERE_AUTOUPDATE()
      rebase -i: combine rebase--interactive.c with rebase.c
      rebase -i: remove duplication
      rebase -i: use struct commit when parsing options
      rebase -i: use struct object_id for squash_onto
      rebase -i: use struct rebase_options to parse args
      rebase -i: use struct rebase_options in do_interactive_rebase()
      rebase: use a common action enum
      rebase -i: run without forking rebase--interactive

Ralf Thielow (1):
      l10n: de.po: improve description of 'git reset --quiet'

Ramsay Jones (2):
      prune-packed: check for too many arguments
      Makefile: fix 'hdr-check' when GCRYPT not installed

René Scharfe (1):
      get-tar-commit-id: parse comment record

Robert P. J. Day (3):
      mention use of "hooks.allownonascii" in "man githooks"
      docs/git-gc: fix typo "--prune=all" to "--prune=now"
      attr.c: ".gitattribute" -> ".gitattributes" (comments)

Rohit Ashiwal (3):
      test functions: add function `test_file_not_empty`
      t3600: modernize style
      t3600: use helpers to replace test -d/f/e/s <path>

SZEDER Gábor (27):
      test-lib: fix interrupt handling with 'dash' and '--verbose-log -x'
      t/lib-git-daemon: make sure to kill the 'git-daemon' process
      tests: use 'test_atexit' to stop httpd
      t0301-credential-cache: use 'test_atexit' to stop the credentials helper
      git p4 test: clean up the p4d cleanup functions
      git p4 test: simplify timeout handling
      git p4 test: disable '-x' tracing in the p4d watchdog loop
      t9811-git-p4-label-import: fix pipeline negation
      t5318-commit-graph: remove unused variable
      Documentation/git-diff-tree.txt: fix formatting
      Documentation/technical/api-config.txt: fix formatting
      Documentation/technical/protocol-v2.txt: fix formatting
      ci: install Asciidoctor in 'ci/'
      index-pack: show progress while checking objects
      ci: stick with Asciidoctor v1.5.8 for now
      ci: fix AsciiDoc/Asciidoctor stderr check in the documentation build job
      progress: make display_progress() return void
      progress: assemble percentage and counters in a strbuf before printing
      blame: default to HEAD in a bare repo when no start commit is given
      builtin rebase: use FREE_AND_NULL
      builtin rebase: use oideq()
      progress: clear previous progress update dynamically
      progress: break too long progress bar lines
      ci: install 'libsvn-perl' instead of 'git-svn'
      trace2: rename environment variables to GIT_TRACE2*
      trace2: document the supported values of GIT_TRACE2* env variables
      progress: avoid empty line when breaking the progress line

Sun Chao (2):
      pack-redundant: delete redundant code
      pack-redundant: new algorithm to find min packs

Sven Strickroth (1):
      MSVC: include compat/win32/path-utils.h for MSVC, too, for real_path()

Tanushree Tumane (1):
      mingw: remove obsolete IPv6-related code

Taylor Blau (4):
      t: move 'hex2oct' into
      t: introduce tests for unexpected object types
      list-objects.c: handle unexpected non-blob entries
      list-objects.c: handle unexpected non-tree entries

Thomas Gummerer (15):
      move worktree tests to t24*
      entry: factor out unlink_entry function
      entry: support CE_WT_REMOVE flag in checkout_entry
      read-cache: add invalidate parameter to remove_marked_cache_entries
      checkout: clarify comment
      checkout: factor out mark_cache_entry_for_checkout function
      checkout: introduce --{,no-}overlay option
      checkout: introduce checkout.overlayMode config
      revert "checkout: introduce checkout.overlayMode config"
      ident: don't require calling prepare_fallback_ident first
      stash: drop unused parameter
      stash: pass pathspec as pointer
      glossary: add definition for overlay
      stash: setup default diff output format if necessary
      ls-files: use correct format string

Todd Zullinger (9):
      t4038-diff-combined: quote paths with whitespace
      t9902: test multiple removals via completion.commands
      completion: use __git when calling --list-cmds
      Documentation/rev-list-options: wrap --date=<format> block with "--"
      Documentation/git-status: fix titles in porcelain v2 section
      Documentation/git-svn: improve asciidoctor compatibility
      Documentation/git-show-branch: avoid literal {apostrophe}
      test-lib: try harder to ensure a working jgit
      RelNotes: minor typo fixes in 2.22.0 draft

Torsten Bögershausen (1):
      trace2: NULL is not allowed for va_list

Trần Ngọc Quân (4):
      l10n: Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.21 rd2
      l10n: vi.po(4577t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.22.0 round 1
      l10n: vi.po(4580t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.22.0 round 2
      l10n: vi.po(4581t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.22.0 round 3

Vadim Kochan (1):
      autoconf: #include <libintl.h> when checking for gettext()

William Hubbs (1):
      config: allow giving separate author and committer idents

Yash Bhatambare (1):
      gitattributes.txt: fix typo

brian m. carlson (35):
      t/lib-submodule-update: use appropriate length constant
      khash: move oid hash table definition
      pack-bitmap: make bitmap header handling hash agnostic
      pack-bitmap: convert struct stored_bitmap to object_id
      pack-bitmap: replace sha1_to_hex
      pack-bitmap: switch hard-coded constants to the_hash_algo
      pack-bitmap: switch hash tables to use struct object_id
      submodule: avoid hard-coded constants
      notes-merge: switch to use the_hash_algo
      notes: make hash size independent
      notes: replace sha1_to_hex
      object-store: rename and expand packed_git's sha1 member
      builtin/name-rev: make hash-size independent
      fast-import: make hash-size independent
      fast-import: replace sha1_to_hex
      builtin/am: make hash size independent
      builtin/pull: make hash-size independent
      http-push: convert to use the_hash_algo
      http-backend: allow 64-character hex names
      http-push: remove remaining uses of sha1_to_hex
      http-walker: replace sha1_to_hex
      http: replace hard-coded constant with the_hash_algo
      http: compute hash of downloaded objects using the_hash_algo
      http: replace sha1_to_hex
      remote-curl: make hash size independent
      hash: add a function to lookup hash algorithm by length
      builtin/get-tar-commit-id: make hash size independent
      archive: convert struct archiver_args to object_id
      refspec: make hash size independent
      builtin/difftool: use parse_oid_hex
      dir: make untracked cache extension hash size independent
      read-cache: read data in a hash-independent way make hash size independent
      gitweb: make hash size independent
      send-email: default to quoted-printable when CR is present

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (44):
      receive-pack: fix use-after-free bug
      commit-graph tests: split up corrupt_graph_and_verify()
      commit-graph tests: test a graph that's too small
      Makefile: remove an out-of-date comment
      Makefile: move "strip" assignment down from flags
      Makefile: add/remove comments at top and tweak whitespace
      Makefile: Move *_LIBS assignment into its own section
      Makefile: move the setting of *FLAGS closer to "include"
      Makefile: allow for combining DEVELOPER=1 and CFLAGS="..."
      gc: remove redundant check for gc_auto_threshold
      gc: convert to using the_hash_algo
      gc: refactor a "call me once" pattern
      reflog tests: make use of "test_config" idiom
      reflog tests: test for the "points nowhere" warning
      rebase: remove the rebase.useBuiltin setting
      gc docs: modernize the advice for manually running "gc"
      gc docs: stop noting "repack" flags
      gc docs: clean grammar for "gc.bigPackThreshold"
      commit-graph: fix segfault on e.g. "git status"
      commit-graph: don't early exit(1) on e.g. "git status"
      commit-graph: don't pass filename to load_commit_graph_one_fd_st()
      commit-graph verify: detect inability to read the graph
      commit-graph write: don't die if the existing graph is corrupt
      commit-graph: improve & i18n error messages
      reflog tests: assert lack of early exit with expiry="never"
      gc: handle & check gc.reflogExpire config
      test-lib: whitelist GIT_TR2_* in the environment
      gc docs: include the "gc.*" section from "config" in "gc"
      gc docs: re-flow the "gc.*" section in "config"
      gc docs: fix formatting for "gc.writeCommitGraph"
      gc docs: note how --aggressive impacts --window & --depth
      gc docs: downplay the usefulness of --aggressive
      gc docs: note "gc --aggressive" in "fast-import"
      gc docs: clarify that "gc" doesn't throw away referenced objects
      gc docs: remove incorrect reference to
      perf README: correct docs for 3c8f12c96c regression
      perf aggregate: remove GIT_TEST_INSTALLED from --codespeed make "./run <revisions>" use the correct gits remove GIT_TEST_INSTALLED from
      perf tests: add "bindir" prefix to git tree test results forbid the use of GIT_TEST_INSTALLED
      trace2: fix up a missing "leave" entry point
      trace2: fix up a missing "leave" entry point
      sha1dc: update from upstream

İsmail Dönmez (2):
      mingw: do not let ld strip relocations
      mingw: enable DEP and ASLR

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