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From: Johannes Schindelin <>
To: Junio C Hamano <>
Subject: Git for Windows v2.21.0-rc2, was Re: [ANNOUNCE] Git v2.21.0-rc2
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 11:46:37 +0100 (STD)
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

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the Git for Windows v2.21.0-rc pre-release followed suite last night:

Please test (and don't worry when I don't reply during the next few days,
please, I'll reply, no worries).


On Tue, 19 Feb 2019, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> A release candidate Git v2.21.0-rc2 is now available for testing
> at the usual places.  It is comprised of 474 non-merge commits
> since v2.20.0, contributed by 61 people, 16 of which are new faces.
> The tarballs are found at:
> The following public repositories all have a copy of the
> 'v2.21.0-rc2' tag and the 'master' branch that the tag points at:
>   url =
>   url = git://
>   url =
> New contributors whose contributions weren't in v2.20.0 are as follows.
> Welcome to the Git development community!
>   Arti Zirk, Brandon Richardson, Chayoung You, Denis Ovsienko,
>   Emilio Cobos Álvarez, Erin Dahlgren, Force Charlie, Frank Dana,
>   Issac Trotts, Katrin Leinweber, Laura Abbott, Patrick Hogg,
>   Peter Osterlund, Shahzad Lone, Slavica Djukic, and Tanushree
>   Tumane.
> Returning contributors who helped this release are as follows.
> Thanks for your continued support.
>   Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Ben Peart, Brandon Williams, brian
>   m. carlson, Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón, Christian Couder,
>   David Turner, Derrick Stolee, Elijah Newren, Eric Sunshine,
>   Eric Wong, Jean-Noël Avila, Jeff King, Johannes Schindelin,
>   Jonathan Nieder, Jonathan Tan, Josh Steadmon, Junio C Hamano,
>   Kevin Daudt, Kim Gybels, Kyle Meyer, Linus Torvalds, Luke
>   Diamand, Martin Ågren, Masaya Suzuki, Matthew DeVore, Matthieu
>   Moy, Max Kirillov, Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy, Olga Telezhnaya,
>   Orgad Shaneh, Phillip Wood, Pranit Bauva, Ramsay Jones,
>   Randall S. Becker, René Scharfe, Sebastian Staudt, Sergey
>   Organov, Stefan Beller, Stephen P. Smith, Sven van Haastregt,
>   SZEDER Gábor, Thomas Braun, Thomas Gummerer, Todd Zullinger,
>   and Torsten Bögershausen.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Git 2.21 Release Notes (draft)
> ==============================
> Backward Compatibility Notes
> ----------------------------
>  * Historically, the "-m" (mainline) option can only be used for "git
>    cherry-pick" and "git revert" when working with a merge commit.
>    This version of Git no longer warns or errors out when working with
>    a single-parent commit, as long as the argument to the "-m" option
>    is 1 (i.e. it has only one parent, and the request is to pick or
>    revert relative to that first parent).  Scripts that relied on the
>    behaviour may get broken with this change.
> Updates since v2.20
> -------------------
> UI, Workflows & Features
>  * The "http.version" configuration variable can be used with recent
>    enough versions of cURL library to force the version of HTTP used
>    to talk when fetching and pushing.
>  * Small fixes and features for fast-export and fast-import, mostly on
>    the fast-export side has been made.
>  * "git push $there $src:$dst" rejects when $dst is not a fully
>    qualified refname and it is not clear what the end user meant.  The
>    codepath has been taught to give a clearer error message, and also
>    guess where the push should go by taking the type of the pushed
>    object into account (e.g. a tag object would want to go under
>    refs/tags/).
>  * "git checkout [<tree-ish>] path..." learned to report the number of
>    paths that have been checked out of the index or the tree-ish,
>    which gives it the same degree of noisy-ness as the case in which
>    the command checks out a branch.  "git checkout -m <pathspec>" to
>    undo conflict resolution gives a similar message.
>  * "git quiltimport" learned "--keep-non-patch" option.
>  * "git worktree remove" and "git worktree move" refused to work when
>    there is a submodule involved.  This has been loosened to ignore
>    uninitialized submodules.
>  * "git cherry-pick -m1" was forbidden when picking a non-merge
>    commit, even though there _is_ parent number 1 for such a commit.
>    This was done to avoid mistakes back when "cherry-pick" was about
>    picking a single commit, but is no longer useful with "cherry-pick"
>    that can pick a range of commits.  Now the "-m$num" option is
>    allowed when picking any commit, as long as $num names an existing
>    parent of the commit.
>  * Update "git multimail" from the upstream.
>  * "git p4" update.
>  * The "--format=<placeholder>" option of for-each-ref, branch and tag
>    learned to show a few more traits of objects that can be learned by
>    the object_info API.
>  * "git rebase -i" learned to re-execute a command given with 'exec'
>    to run after it failed the last time.
>  * "git diff --color-moved-ws" updates.
>  * Custom userformat "log --format" learned %S atom that stands for
>    the tip the traversal reached the commit from, i.e. --source.
>  * "git instaweb" learned to drive http.server that comes with
>    "batteries included" Python installation (both Python2 & 3).
>  * A new encoding UTF-16LE-BOM has been invented to force encoding to
>    UTF-16 with BOM in little endian byte order, which cannot be directly
>    generated by using iconv.
>  * A new date format "--date=human" that morphs its output depending
>    on how far the time is from the current time has been introduced.
>    "--date=auto:human" can be used to use this new format (or any
>    existing format) when the output is going to the pager or to the
>    terminal, and otherwise the default format.
> Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
>  * Code clean-up with optimization for the codepath that checks
>    (non-)existence of loose objects.
>  * More codepaths have become aware of working with in-core repository
>    instances other than the default "the_repository".
>  * The "strncat()" function is now among the banned functions.
>  * Portability updates for the HPE NonStop platform.
>  * Earlier we added "-Wformat-security" to developer builds, assuming
>    that "-Wall" (which includes "-Wformat" which in turn is required
>    to use "-Wformat-security") is always in effect.  This is not true
>    when config.mak.autogen is in use, unfortunately.  This has been
>    fixed by unconditionally adding "-Wall" to developer builds.
>  * The loose object cache used to optimize existence look-up has been
>    updated.
>  * Flaky tests can now be repeatedly run under load with the
>    "--stress" option.
>  * Documentation/Makefile is getting prepared for manpage
>    localization.
>  * "git fetch-pack" now can talk the version 2 protocol.
>  * sha-256 hash has been added and plumbed through the code to allow
>    building Git with the "NewHash".
>  * Debugging help for http transport.
>  * "git fetch --deepen=<more>" has been corrected to work over v2
>    protocol.
>  * The code to walk tree objects has been taught that we may be
>    working with object names that are not computed with SHA-1.
>  * The in-core repository instances are passed through more codepaths.
>  * Update the protocol message specification to allow only the limited
>    use of scaled quantities.  This is to ensure potential compatibility
>    issues will not get out of hand.
>  * Micro-optimize the code that prepares commit objects to be walked
>    by "git rev-list" when the commit-graph is available.
>  * "git fetch" and "git upload-pack" learned to send all exchanges over
>    the sideband channel while talking the v2 protocol.
>  * The codepath to write out commit-graph has been optimized by
>    following the usual pattern of visiting objects in in-pack order.
>  * The codepath to show progress meter while writing out commit-graph
>    file has been improved.
>  * Cocci rules have been updated to encourage use of strbuf_addbuf().
>  * "git rebase --merge" has been reimplemented by reusing the internal
>    machinery used for "git rebase -i".
>  * More code in "git bisect" has been rewritten in C.
>  * Instead of going through "git-rebase--am" scriptlet to use the "am"
>    backend, the built-in version of "git rebase" learned to drive the
>    "am" backend directly.
>  * The assumption to work on the single "in-core index" instance has
>    been reduced from the library-ish part of the codebase.
>  * The test lint learned to catch non-portable "sed" options.
>  * "git pack-objects" learned another algorithm to compute the set of
>    objects to send, that trades the resulting packfile off to save
>    traversal cost to favor small pushes.
>  * The travis CI scripts have been corrected to build Git with the
>    compiler(s) of our choice.
>  * "git submodule update" learned to abort early when core.worktree
>    for the submodule is not set correctly to prevent spreading damage.
>  * Test suite has been adjusted to run on Azure Pipeline.
>  * Running "Documentation/doc-diff x" from anywhere other than the
>    top-level of the working tree did not show the usage string
>    correctly, which has been fixed.
>  * Use of the sparse tool got easier to customize from the command
>    line to help developers.
>  * A new target "coverage-prove" to run the coverage test under
>    "prove" has been added.
>  * A flakey "p4" test has been removed.
>  * The code and tests assume that the system supplied iconv() would
>    always use BOM in its output when asked to encode to UTF-16 (or
>    UTF-32), but apparently some implementations output big-endian
>    without BOM.  A compile-time knob has been added to help such
>    systems (e.g. NonStop) to add BOM to the output to increase
>    portability.
> Fixes since v2.20
> -----------------
>  * Updates for corner cases in merge-recursive.
>    (merge cc4cb0902c en/merge-path-collision later to maint).
>  * "git checkout frotz" (without any double-dash) avoids ambiguity by
>    making sure 'frotz' cannot be interpreted as a revision and as a
>    path at the same time.  This safety has been updated to check also
>    a unique remote-tracking branch 'frotz' in a remote, when dwimming
>    to create a local branch 'frotz' out of a remote-tracking branch
>    'frotz' from a remote.
>    (merge be4908f103 nd/checkout-dwim-fix later to maint).
>  * Refspecs configured with "git -c var=val clone" did not propagate
>    to the resulting repository, which has been corrected.
>    (merge 7eae4a3ac4 sg/clone-initial-fetch-configuration later to maint).
>  * A properly configured username/email is required under
>    user.useConfigOnly in order to create commits; now "git stash"
>    (even though it creates commit objects to represent stash entries)
>    command is exempt from the requirement.
>    (merge 3bc2111fc2 sd/stash-wo-user-name later to maint).
>  * The http-backend CGI process did not correctly clean up the child
>    processes it spawns to run upload-pack etc. when it dies itself,
>    which has been corrected.
>    (merge 02818a98d7 mk/http-backend-kill-children-before-exit later to maint).
>  * "git rev-list --exclude-promisor-objects" had to take an object
>    that does not exist locally (and is lazily available) from the
>    command line without barfing, but the code dereferenced NULL.
>    (merge 4cf67869b2 md/list-lazy-objects-fix later to maint).
>  * The traversal over tree objects has learned to honor
>    ":(attr:label)" pathspec match, which has been implemented only for
>    enumerating paths on the filesystem.
>    (merge 5a0b97b34c nd/attr-pathspec-in-tree-walk later to maint).
>  * BSD port updates.
>    (merge 4e3ecbd439 cb/openbsd-allows-reading-directory later to maint).
>    (merge b6bdc2a0f5 cb/t5004-empty-tar-archive-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 82cbc8cde2 cb/test-lint-cp-a later to maint).
>  * Lines that begin with a certain keyword that come over the wire, as
>    well as lines that consist only of one of these keywords, ought to
>    be painted in color for easier eyeballing, but the latter was
>    broken ever since the feature was introduced in 2.19, which has
>    been corrected.
>    (merge 1f67290450 hn/highlight-sideband-keywords later to maint).
>  * "git log -G<regex>" looked for a hunk in the "git log -p" patch
>    output that contained a string that matches the given pattern.
>    Optimize this code to ignore binary files, which by default will
>    not show any hunk that would match any pattern (unless textconv or
>    the --text option is in effect, that is).
>    (merge e0e7cb8080 tb/log-G-binary later to maint).
>  * "git submodule update" ought to use a single job unless asked, but
>    by mistake used multiple jobs, which has been fixed.
>    (merge e3a9d1aca9 sb/submodule-fetchjobs-default-to-one later to maint).
>  * "git stripspace" should be usable outside a git repository, but
>    under the "-s" or "-c" mode, it didn't.
>    (merge 957da75802 jn/stripspace-wo-repository later to maint).
>  * Some of the documentation pages formatted incorrectly with
>    Asciidoctor, which have been fixed.
>    (merge b62eb1d2f4 ma/asciidoctor later to maint).
>  * The core.worktree setting in a submodule repository should not be
>    pointing at a directory when the submodule loses its working tree
>    (e.g. getting deinit'ed), but the code did not properly maintain
>    this invariant.
>  * With zsh, "git cmd path<TAB>" was completed to "git cmd path name"
>    when the completed path has a special character like SP in it,
>    without any attempt to keep "path name" a single filename.  This
>    has been fixed to complete it to "git cmd path\ name" just like
>    Bash completion does.
>  * The test suite tried to see if it is run under bash, but the check
>    itself failed under some other implementations of shell (notably
>    under NetBSD).  This has been corrected.
>    (merge 54ea72f09c sg/test-bash-version-fix later to maint).
>  * "git gc" and "git repack" did not close the open packfiles that
>    they found unneeded before removing them, which didn't work on a
>    platform incapable of removing an open file.  This has been
>    corrected.
>    (merge 5bdece0d70 js/gc-repack-close-before-remove later to maint).
>  * The code to drive GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF command relied on the string
>    returned from getenv() to be non-volatile, which is not true, that
>    has been corrected.
>    (merge 6776a84dae kg/external-diff-save-env later to maint).
>  * There were many places the code relied on the string returned from
>    getenv() to be non-volatile, which is not true, that have been
>    corrected.
>    (merge 0da0e9268b jk/save-getenv-result later to maint).
>  * The v2 upload-pack protocol implementation failed to honor
>    hidden-ref configuration, which has been corrected.
>    (merge e20b4192a3 jk/proto-v2-hidden-refs-fix later to maint).
>  * "git fetch --recurse-submodules" may not fetch the necessary commit
>    that is bound to the superproject, which is getting corrected.
>    (merge be76c21282 sb/submodule-recursive-fetch-gets-the-tip later to maint).
>  * "git rebase" internally runs "checkout" to switch between branches,
>    and the command used to call the post-checkout hook, but the
>    reimplementation stopped doing so, which is getting fixed.
>  * "git add -e" got confused when the change it wants to let the user
>    edit is smaller than the previous change that was left over in a
>    temporary file.
>    (merge fa6f225e01 js/add-e-clear-patch-before-stating later to maint).
>  * "git p4" failed to update a shelved change when there were moved
>    files, which has been corrected.
>    (merge 7a10946ab9 ld/git-p4-shelve-update-fix later to maint).
>  * The codepath to read from the commit-graph file attempted to read
>    past the end of it when the file's table-of-contents was corrupt.
>  * The compat/obstack code had casts that -Wcast-function-type
>    compilation option found questionable.
>    (merge 764473d257 sg/obstack-cast-function-type-fix later to maint).
>  * An obvious typo in an assertion error message has been fixed.
>    (merge 3c27e2e059 cc/test-ref-store-typofix later to maint).
>  * In Git for Windows, "git clone \\server\share\path" etc. that uses
>    UNC paths from command line had bad interaction with its shell
>    emulation.
>  * "git add --ignore-errors" did not work as advertised and instead
>    worked as an unintended synonym for "git add --renormalize", which
>    has been fixed.
>    (merge e2c2a37545 jk/add-ignore-errors-bit-assignment-fix later to maint).
>  * On a case-insensitive filesystem, we failed to compare the part of
>    the path that is above the worktree directory in an absolute
>    pathname, which has been corrected.
>  * Asking "git check-attr" about a macro (e.g. "binary") on a specific
>    path did not work correctly, even though "git check-attr -a" listed
>    such a macro correctly.  This has been corrected.
>    (merge 7b95849be4 jk/attr-macro-fix later to maint).
>  * "git pack-objects" incorrectly used uninitialized mutex, which has
>    been corrected.
>    (merge edb673cf10 ph/pack-objects-mutex-fix later to maint).
>  * "git checkout -b <new> [HEAD]" to create a new branch from the
>    current commit and check it out ought to be a no-op in the index
>    and the working tree in normal cases, but there are corner cases
>    that do require updates to the index and the working tree.  Running
>    it immediately after "git clone --no-checkout" is one of these
>    cases that an earlier optimization kicked in incorrectly, which has
>    been fixed.
>    (merge 8424bfd45b bp/checkout-new-branch-optim later to maint).
>  * "git diff --color-moved --cc --stat -p" did not work well due to
>    funny interaction between a bug in color-moved and the rest, which
>    has been fixed.
>    (merge dac03b5518 jk/diff-cc-stat-fixes later to maint).
>  * When GIT_SEQUENCE_EDITOR is set, the command was incorrectly
>    started when modes of "git rebase" that implicitly uses the
>    machinery for the interactive rebase are run, which has been
>    corrected.
>    (merge 891d4a0313 pw/no-editor-in-rebase-i-implicit later to maint).
>  * The commit-graph facility did not work when in-core objects that
>    are promoted from unknown type to commit (e.g. a commit that is
>    accessed via a tag that refers to it) were involved, which has been
>    corrected.
>    (merge 4468d4435c sg/object-as-type-commit-graph-fix later to maint).
>  * "git fetch" output cleanup.
>    (merge dc40b24df4 nd/fetch-compact-update later to maint).
>  * "git cat-file --batch" reported a dangling symbolic link by
>    mistake, when it wanted to report that a given name is ambiguous.
>  * Documentation around core.crlf has been updated.
>    (merge c9446f0504 jk/autocrlf-overrides-eol-doc later to maint).
>  * The documentation of "git commit-tree" said that the command
>    understands "--gpg-sign" in addition to "-S", but the command line
>    parser did not know about the longhand, which has been corrected.
>  * "git rebase -x $cmd" did not reject multi-line command, even though
>    the command is incapable of handling such a command.  It now is
>    rejected upfront.
>    (merge c762aada1a pw/rebase-x-sanity-check later to maint).
>  * Output from "git help" was not correctly aligned, which has been
>    fixed.
>    (merge 6195a76da4 nd/help-align-command-desc later to maint).
>  * The "git submodule summary" subcommand showed shortened commit
>    object names by mechanically truncating them at 7-hexdigit, which
>    has been improved to let "rev-parse --short" scale the length of
>    the abbreviation with the size of the repository.
>    (merge 0586a438f6 sh/submodule-summary-abbrev-fix later to maint).
>  * The way the OSX build jobs updates its build environment used the
>    "--quiet" option to "brew update" command, but it wasn't all that
>    quiet to be useful.  The use of the option has been replaced with
>    an explicit redirection to the /dev/null (which incidentally would
>    have worked around a breakage by recent updates to homebrew, which
>    has fixed itself already).
>    (merge a1ccaedd62 sg/travis-osx-brew-breakage-workaround later to maint).
>  * "git --work-tree=$there --git-dir=$here describe --dirty" did not
>    work correctly as it did not pay attention to the location of the
>    worktree specified by the user by mistake, which has been
>    corrected.
>    (merge c801170b0c ss/describe-dirty-in-the-right-directory later to maint).
>  * "git fetch" over protocol v2 that needs to make a second connection
>    to backfill tags did not clear a variable that holds shallow
>    repository information correctly, leading to an access of freed
>    piece of memory.
>  * Some errors from the other side coming over smart HTTP transport
>    were not noticed, which has been corrected.
>  * Code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
>    (merge 89ba9a79ae hb/t0061-dot-in-path-fix later to maint).
>    (merge d173e799ea sb/diff-color-moved-config-option-fixup later to maint).
>    (merge a8f5a59067 en/directory-renames-nothanks-doc-update later to maint).
>    (merge ec36c42a63 nd/indentation-fix later to maint).
>    (merge f116ee21cd do/gitweb-strict-export-conf-doc later to maint).
>    (merge 112ea42663 fd/gitweb-snapshot-conf-doc-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 1cadad6f65 tb/use-common-win32-pathfuncs-on-cygwin later to maint).
>    (merge 57e9dcaa65 km/rebase-doc-typofix later to maint).
>    (merge b8b4cb27e6 ds/gc-doc-typofix later to maint).
>    (merge 3b3357626e nd/style-opening-brace later to maint).
>    (merge b4583d5595 es/doc-worktree-guessremote-config later to maint).
>    (merge cce99cd8c6 ds/commit-graph-assert-missing-parents later to maint).
>    (merge 0650614982 cy/completion-typofix later to maint).
>    (merge 6881925ef5 rs/sha1-file-close-mapped-file-on-error later to maint).
>    (merge bd8d6f0def en/show-ref-doc-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 1747125e2c cc/partial-clone-doc-typofix later to maint).
>    (merge e01378753d cc/fetch-error-message-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 54e8c11215 jk/remote-insteadof-cleanup later to maint).
>    (merge d609615f48 js/test-git-installed later to maint).
>    (merge ba170517be ja/doc-style-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 86fb1c4e77 km/init-doc-typofix later to maint).
>    (merge 5cfd4a9d10 nd/commit-doc later to maint).
>    (merge 9fce19a431 ab/diff-tree-doc-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 2e285e7803 tz/gpg-test-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 5427de960b kl/pretty-doc-markup-fix later to maint).
>    (merge 3815f64b0d js/mingw-host-cpu later to maint).
>    (merge 5fe81438b5 rj/sequencer-sign-off-header-static later to maint).
>    (merge 18a4f6be6b nd/fileno-may-be-macro later to maint).
>    (merge 99e9ab54ab kd/t0028-octal-del-is-377-not-777 later to maint).
> -- 
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2019-02-21 19:28 ` [PATCH 1/2] tests: fix unportable "\?" and "\+" regex syntax Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2019-02-22  5:00   ` Junio C Hamano
2019-02-21 19:28 ` [PATCH 2/2] commit-graph tests: fix cryptic unportable "dd" invocation Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2019-02-21 20:43   ` SZEDER Gábor
2019-02-21 22:26     ` Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
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2019-02-22 19:23               ` [PATCH v3] commit-graph tests: fix " Junio C Hamano

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	git clone --mirror http://ou63pmih66umazou.onion/git
	git clone --mirror http://czquwvybam4bgbro.onion/git
	git clone --mirror http://hjrcffqmbrq6wope.onion/git

	# If you have public-inbox 1.1+ installed, you may
	# initialize and index your mirror using the following commands:
	public-inbox-init -V1 git git/ \
	public-inbox-index git

Example config snippet for mirrors.
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 note: .onion URLs require Tor:

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