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From: Philip Oakley <>
To: Pratyush Yadav <>
Cc: Git List <>
Subject: Re: Git Gui: Branch->create currently fails...
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 21:34:06 +0100
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

Hi Pratyus,
On 08/10/2019 01:00, Pratyush Yadav wrote:
> On 07/10/19 11:02PM, Philip Oakley wrote:
>> I'd never used the Branch:Create before (this is via mouse) and it threw an
>> error, which appears to be repeatable, so I'm reporting it at the moment so
> I'm afraid I can't reproduce it. I tested by creating a worktree of
> git.git by running:
>    git worktree add ../git-2
> Then I opened git-gui in the worktree and clicked the "Create" option
> under the "Branch" menu.
> The dialog opened just fine, which I assume is what your error is. But
> just to be sure, I created a branch too, and that also works pretty
> well.
> Same behaviour with a "normal" branch, which is not inside a worktree.
> So is there anything else in your setup that would cause this problem?
>> I don't forget ...
>> (I'm chasing down other issue at the moment ;-)
>> This is with the version 0.21.GI git version Tcl/Tck 8.6.9
>> missing "
>> missing "
>>      while executing
>> "list "refs/heads/redo-v0" [list ""
>>      ("eval" body line 1)
>>      invoked from within
>> "eval $line"
>>      (procedure "_new" line 87)
>>      invoked from within
>> "_new $path 0 $title"
>>      (procedure "::choose_rev::new" line 2)
>>      invoked from within
>> "::choose_rev::new $w.rev [mc "Starting Revision"]"
>>      (procedure "branch_create::dialog" line 35)
>>      invoked from within
>> "branch_create::dialog"
>>      (menu invoke)
> Looking at the log, the culprit seems to be the line:
>    set line [eval $line]
> over at lib/choose_rev.tcl:159. The $line comes from reading the output
> of a call to `git for-each-ref` with '--tcl' passed in. Looking at the
> man page for 'for-each-ref', the description of the option is:
>    --shell, --perl, --python, --tcl
>      If given, strings that substitute %(fieldname) placeholders are
>      quoted as string literals suitable for the specified host language.
>      This is meant to produce a scriptlet that
>      can directly be `eval`ed.
> So this might possibly me an upstream bug.
> If I had to guess a fix, I'd suggest trying to wrap the $line in
> lib/choose_rev.tcl:159 in quotes like so:
>    set line [eval "$line"]
> If this doesn't fix it, see if you can find out which $line is causing
> problem by printing the variable before 'eval'ing it by adding a:
>    puts "$line"
> before the call to eval.
I've tried both parts and seen that this looks like some form of buffer 
overrun or size limit

with the mods I ran:
$ git gui > branch_create.txt

which produced the 'same' error missing ", but with a slightly different 

The branch_create.txt file is size 1.43 MB (1,502,103 bytes) (from the 
windows explorer file properties dialog..)
opening in Notepad++ it's 4900 lines long with the final line trucated 
at col 188 (shorter than other lines). There is an empty line 4901 (CRLF)

the last two lines are:
list "refs/heads/branch-patterns" [list "commit" 
"b2453cea29b58f2ec57f9627b2456b41568ba5da" [concat "" "Philip Oakley"] 
[reformat_date [concat "" "Tue May 28 20:22:09 2019 +0100"]] "squash! 
doc branch: provide examples for listing remote tracking branches"] 
[list "" "" "" [reformat_date ""] ""]
list "refs/heads/MSVC-README" [list "commit" 
"056fb95c8e983ec07e9f5f8baa0b119bf3d13fed" [concat "" "Philip Oakley"] 
[reformat_date [concat "" "Sun May 19 22:33:37 2019 +0100"]] "compat/vc

the file starts with 1018 lines of refs/tags before listing the 
refs/remotes and finally the refs/heads.

The repo is my local Git repo with multiple remotes (git.git, G-f-W, 
ggg, junio, gitster, dscho, t-b, tboeg, me), so plenty of refs there!

So it does look to be specific to repos with a large number of 
refs/tags, refs/remotes, and refs/heads.

something for the back-burner?


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