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From: Igor Djordjevic <>
To: Johannes Sixt <>, Rafael Ascensao <>
Cc: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>,
	Stefan Beller <>,
	Git Mailing List <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH/RFC] git-post: the opposite of git-cherry-pick
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2017 23:15:29 +0200
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

On 17/10/2017 19:30, Johannes Sixt wrote:
> Am 17.10.2017 um 01:01 schrieb Rafael Ascensao:
>>> This is worth discussing, though not my preference. The picture to "pick
>>> cherries" has become quite common, and now that we use it for the name of
>>> the command, "cherry-pick", the direction of flow is quite obvious and
>>> strongly implied: from somewhere else to me (and not to somebody else).
>> What if we borrow '--onto' from rebase and make it cherry-pick --onto
>> <destination>?
> I actually like this. Although I would miss the convenience that the 
> source defaults to HEAD. Unless we make a special case for --onto, 
> that is, of course.

I second this.

From my point of view, I would say that "cherry-pick" in general 
seems to just imply "taking" commits (picking "cherries"), where 
direction flow is irrelevant, or at least not strongly implied. For 
me, it`s more "from somewhere else to somebody else", indeed.

The fact that it currently "posts" its picks "to me" (on top of 
current HEAD) could very well be justified/explained as the most 
obvious case (at time of implementation, at least), where usually one 
does work "here" (HEAD), thus cares to have commits picked over 
"here" as well - but it doesn`t have to be a restriction, where other 
destination besides HEAD could/should be allowed.

Anyway, I`d say current behaviour without "--onto" should stay, 
indeed, where HEAD destination is implied if not otherwise specified 
(and that seems to align well with some other Git commands, too). 
Also, in case "--onto" _is_ provided, maybe commit to be picked could 
be allowed to be omitted, defaulting to HEAD again, but as source 
this time.

That said, might be 'git commit' looks like a nice candidate for 
being taught this new trick as well (optionally commit to a revision 
other than HEAD, what Ævar already mentioned), following the same 
logic... ;) It would even be a better (more straightforward) fit for 
one of your previous examples:

> Another use case is when you receive a patch to be applied on a 
> different branch while you are in the middle of some work. If it can be 
> applied on the current branch, then you can post it to the destination, 
> rewind, and continue with your work.

p.s. I`m very interested in this functionality, and more - I have a 
beginner`s attempt in addressing a similar use-case this topic is 
concerned with (symptomatically using a variation of "--onto" as well 
:P), hopefully I`ll sent out something soon, for the sake of 
discussion/opinion, at least :(


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