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From: Derrick Stolee <>
To: "" <>
Subject: Git Test Coverage Report (Sunday, Nov 18th)
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2018 15:01:17 -0500
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Here is the test coverage report for today.





pu: d02f4432dcda003413023869ebe412f03155f230
jch: af77f5458d76b45843ab70c577a54db24b4ea92f
next: 6e8e63e21ad73680486866b4870b45db87c3d939
master: 26aa9fc81d4c7f6c3b456a29da0b7ec72e5c6595
master@{1}: d166e6afe5f257217836ef24a73764eba390c58d

Uncovered code in 'pu' not in 'jch'

74e8221b52 builtin/blame.c    928) blame_date_width = sizeof("Thu Oct 19 
74e8221b52 builtin/blame.c    929) break;

b7f4e371e7 builtin/remote.c 1551) die(_("--save-to-push cannot be used 
with other options"));
b7f4e371e7 builtin/remote.c 1575) die(_("--save-to-push can only be used 
when only one url is defined"));

74e8221b52  113) die("Timestamp too large for this system: %"PRItime, time);
74e8221b52  216) if (tm->tm_mon == human_tm->tm_mon) {
74e8221b52  217) if (tm->tm_mday > human_tm->tm_mday) {
74e8221b52  219) } else if (tm->tm_mday == human_tm->tm_mday) {
74e8221b52  220) = hide.wday = 1;
74e8221b52  221) } else if (tm->tm_mday + 5 > human_tm->tm_mday) {
74e8221b52  223) = 1;
74e8221b52  231) gettimeofday(&now, NULL);
74e8221b52  232) show_date_relative(time, tz, &now, buf);
74e8221b52  233) return;
74e8221b52  246) hide.seconds = 1;
74e8221b52  247) |= !;
74e8221b52  248) hide.wday = hide.time = !hide.year;
74e8221b52  262) strbuf_rtrim(buf);
74e8221b52  287) gettimeofday(&now, NULL);
74e8221b52  290) human_tz = local_time_tzoffset(now.tv_sec, &human_tm);
74e8221b52  886) static int auto_date_style(void)
74e8221b52  888) return (isatty(1) || pager_in_use()) ? DATE_HUMAN : 
74e8221b52  909) return DATE_HUMAN;
74e8221b52  911) return auto_date_style();

24c10f7473  37) die(_("Unrecognized protocol version"));
24c10f7473  39) die(_("Unrecognized protocol_version"));

24c10f7473  403) return 0;

bba406749a 91) oidcpy(&oids[dst], &oids[src]);

e2419f7e30 1376) strbuf_release(&gitdir);
7454fe5cb6 1499) struct get_next_submodule_task *task = task_cb;
7454fe5cb6 1503) get_next_submodule_task_release(task);
7454fe5cb6 1530) return 0;
7454fe5cb6 1534) goto out;
7454fe5cb6 1549) return 0;

5efde212fc  70) die("Out of memory, malloc failed (tried to allocate %" 
PRIuMAX " bytes)",
5efde212fc  73) error("Out of memory, malloc failed (tried to allocate 
%" PRIuMAX " bytes)",

Commits introducing uncovered code:
Denton Liu      b7f4e371e: remote: add --save-to-push option to git 
remote set-url
Josh Steadmon      24c10f747: protocol: advertise multiple supported 
Linus Torvalds      74e8221b5: Add 'human' date format
Martin Koegler      5efde212f: zlib.c: use size_t for size
Stefan Beller      7454fe5cb: fetch: try fetching submodules if needed 
objects were not fetched
Stefan Beller      bba406749: sha1-array: provide oid_array_filter
Stefan Beller      e2419f7e3: submodule: migrate get_next_submodule to 
use repository structs

Uncovered code in 'jch' not in 'next'

0f086e6dca 3355) if (checkout_entry(ce, &costate, NULL, NULL) ||
0f086e6dca 3356)     lstat(ce->name, st))

0ecb1fc726 builtin/branch.c 456) die(_("could not resolve HEAD"));
0ecb1fc726 builtin/branch.c 462) die(_("HEAD (%s) points outside of 
refs/heads/"), refname);

88eeb24cb1 647) argv_array_push(&args, opt_cleanup);

47edb64997  93) char *sha1_to_hex_r(char *buffer, const unsigned char *sha1)
47edb64997  95) return hash_to_hex_algop_r(buffer, sha1, 
47edb64997 116) char *hash_to_hex(const unsigned char *hash)
47edb64997 118) return hash_to_hex_algop(hash, the_hash_algo);

18e711a162 2387) opts->quiet = 1;

2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  172) int hash_algo_by_name(const char *name)
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  175) if (!name)
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  176) return GIT_HASH_UNKNOWN;
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  177) for (i = 1; i < GIT_HASH_NALGOS; i++)
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  178) if (!strcmp(name, hash_algos[i].name))
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  179) return i;
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  180) return GIT_HASH_UNKNOWN;
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  183) int hash_algo_by_id(uint32_t format_id)
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  186) for (i = 1; i < GIT_HASH_NALGOS; i++)
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  187) if (format_id == hash_algos[i].format_id)
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  188) return i;
2f90b9d9b4 sha1-file.c  189) return GIT_HASH_UNKNOWN;

Commits introducing uncovered code:
brian m. carlson      2f90b9d9b: sha1-file: provide functions to look up 
hash algorithms
brian m. carlson      47edb6499: hex: introduce functions to print 
arbitrary hashes
Daniels Umanovskis      0ecb1fc72: branch: introduce --show-current 
display option
Denton Liu      88eeb24cb: merge: add scissors line on merge conflict
Elijah Newren      18e711a16: git-rebase, sequencer: extend --quiet 
option for the interactive machinery
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      0f086e6dc: checkout: print something when 
checking out paths

Uncovered code in 'next' not in 'master'

c6e7965ddf 399) die(_("not a valid object name: %s"), name);
c6e7965ddf 412) die(_("not a tree object: %s"), oid_to_hex(&oid));
c6e7965ddf 422) die(_("current working directory is untracked"));

ad8f8f4aed  369) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("%s not allowed: %s:%d"),

fb998eae6c 1717) obj = deref_tag(revs->repo, obj, NULL, 0);
fb998eae6c 1724) head_commit = lookup_commit_reference_gently(revs->repo,

74ae4b638d builtin/bundle.c 64) return !!unbundle(the_repository, 
&header, bundle_fd, 0) ||

b93b81e799 builtin/fast-export.c   52) signed_tag_mode = SIGNED_TAG_ABORT;
b93b81e799 builtin/fast-export.c   70) tag_of_filtered_mode = 
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  202) if (!p->parents)
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  203) return NULL;
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  204) p = p->parents->item;
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  205) }
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  265) die("oid mismatch in blob %s", 
a965bb3116 builtin/fast-export.c  277) printf("original-oid %s\n", 
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  356) const unsigned hashsz = 
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  357) unsigned char *out = 
xcalloc(hashsz, 1);
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  358) put_be32(out + hashsz - 4, 
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  362) static const struct object_id 
*anonymize_oid(const struct object_id *oid)
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  365) size_t len = the_hash_algo->rawsz;
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  366) return anonymize_mem(&objs, 
generate_fake_oid, oid, &len);
843b9e6d48 builtin/fast-export.c  426) anonymize_oid(&spec->oid) :
a965bb3116 builtin/fast-export.c  644) printf("original-oid %s\n", 
530ca19c02 builtin/fast-export.c  668) printf("%s\n", oid_to_hex(anonymize ?
530ca19c02 builtin/fast-export.c  669) anonymize_oid(&obj->oid) :
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  810) p = rewrite_commit((struct commit 
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  811) if (!p) {
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  812) printf("reset %s\nfrom %s\n\n",
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  814) free(buf);
f129c4275c builtin/fast-export.c  815) return;
a965bb3116 builtin/fast-export.c  825) printf("original-oid %s\n", 
cd13762d8f builtin/fast-export.c  943) printf("reset %s\nfrom %s\n\n",
cd13762d8f builtin/fast-export.c  945) continue;
530ca19c02 builtin/fast-export.c  960) if (!reference_excluded_commits) {
530ca19c02 builtin/fast-export.c  962) printf("reset %s\nfrom %s\n\n",
530ca19c02 builtin/fast-export.c  964) continue;
530ca19c02 builtin/fast-export.c  967) printf("reset %s\nfrom %s\n\n", name,
530ca19c02 builtin/fast-export.c  968) oid_to_hex(&commit->object.oid));
fdf31b6369 builtin/fast-export.c  969) continue;

674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c  87) ret = _("unknown");
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 167) objerror(parent, _("wrong object type in 
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 278) printf_ln(_("unreachable %s %s"), 
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 306) error(_("could not create lost-found"));
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 313) die_errno(_("could not write '%s'"), 
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 317) die_errno(_("could not finish '%s'"),
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 334) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking %s"), 
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 352) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking 
connectivity (%d objects)"), max);
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 371) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking %s %s"),
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 384) printf_ln(_("root %s"),
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 420) return error(_("%s: object corrupt or 
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 459) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking reflog 
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 583) error(_("%s: object could not be parsed: 
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 618) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking object 
5215bd2f7d builtin/fsck.c 636) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking %s link"), 
5215bd2f7d builtin/fsck.c 641) return error(_("invalid %s"), head_ref_name);
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 670) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking cache tree"));
674ba34038 builtin/fsck.c 686) err |= objerror(obj, _("non-tree in 

9440b831ad builtin/merge.c  131) return error(_("option `%s' requires a 
value"), opt->long_name);

ca473cef91 builtin/pack-objects.c 2086) die(_("object %s inconsistent 
object length (%"PRIuMAX" vs %"PRIuMAX")"),
ca473cef91 builtin/pack-objects.c 2087) oid_to_hex(&trg_entry->idx.oid), 
ca473cef91 builtin/pack-objects.c 2113) die(_("object %s inconsistent 
object length (%"PRIuMAX" vs %"PRIuMAX")"),
ca473cef91 builtin/pack-objects.c 2114) oid_to_hex(&src_entry->idx.oid), 

005af339c9 builtin/rebase--interactive.c  262) ret = 
005af339c9 builtin/rebase--interactive.c  265) ret = 
sequencer_add_exec_commands(the_repository, cmd);

dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 592) usage(_(reflog_expire_usage));
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 643) status |= error(_("%s points 
nowhere!"), argv[i]);
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 689) usage(_(reflog_delete_usage));
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 695) return error(_("no reflog specified to 
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 704) status |= error(_("not a reflog: %s"), 
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 709) status |= error(_("no reflog for 
'%s'"), argv[i]);
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 744) usage(_(reflog_exists_usage));
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 752) usage(_(reflog_exists_usage));
dd509db342 builtin/reflog.c 755) die(_("invalid ref format: %s"), 

c83d950e59 200) die(_("could not start pack-objects to repack promisor 
5215bd2f7d 239) die(_("repack: Expecting full hex object ID lines only 
from pack-objects."));
c83d950e59 250) die_errno(_("unable to create '%s'"), promisor_name);
5215bd2f7d 411) die(_("repack: Expecting full hex object ID lines only 
from pack-objects."));

74ae4b638d 394) struct commit *one = lookup_commit_reference(revs->repo, 

385cb64ff3 216) parse_object(r, &obj->oid);

a965bb3116 1821) read_next_command();
ca473cef91 2816) strbuf_addf(&line, "%s %s %"PRIuMAX"\n", oid_to_hex(oid),

8aa8c14097 341) die_errno(_("while expanding alias '%s': '%s'"),
8aa8c14097 350) die(_("alias '%s' changes environment variables.\n"
8aa8c14097 358) die(_("empty alias for %s"), alias_command);
8aa8c14097 361) die(_("recursive alias: %s"), alias_command);
8aa8c14097 412) die(_("%s doesn't support --super-prefix"), p->cmd);
8aa8c14097 436) die_errno(_("write failure on standard output"));
8aa8c14097 438) die(_("unknown write failure on standard output"));
8aa8c14097 440) die_errno(_("close failed on standard output"));
8aa8c14097 657) die(_("%s doesn't support --super-prefix"), argv[0]);
8aa8c14097 769) die(_("cannot handle %s as a builtin"), cmd);

b69fb867b4 http-walker.c 550) loose_object_path(the_repository, &buf, 

d73019feb4  289) return git_config_string(&curl_http_version, var, value);
d73019feb4  797) static int get_curl_http_version_opt(const char 
*version_string, long *opt)
d73019feb4  808) for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(choice); i++) {
d73019feb4  809) if (!strcmp(version_string, choice[i].name)) {
d73019feb4  810) *opt = choice[i].opt_token;
d73019feb4  811) return 0;
d73019feb4  815) warning("unknown value given to http.version: '%s'", 
d73019feb4  816) return -1; /* not found */
d73019feb4  841) if (!get_curl_http_version_opt(curl_http_version, &opt)) {
d73019feb4  843) curl_easy_setopt(result, CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION, opt);

37b65ce36b 1584) return -1;
37b65ce36b 1587) return -1;
37b65ce36b 1593) return -1;
37b65ce36b 1596) return -1;
37b65ce36b 1663) return -1;
37b65ce36b 1666) return -1;
37b65ce36b 1669) return -1;
7f8671656f 1702) return -1;
48c9cb9d6d 1758) return -1;
48c9cb9d6d 1806) return -1;
48c9cb9d6d 1812) return -1;
48c9cb9d6d 1815) return -1;
48c9cb9d6d 1825) return -1;
48c9cb9d6d 1831) return -1;
48c9cb9d6d 1834) return -1;

9440b831ad  21) return error(_("option `%s' expects a numerical value"),
9440b831ad  51) return error(_("option `%s' expects \"always\", 
\"auto\", or \"never\""),

9440b831ad  88) return error(_("%s takes no value"), optname(opt, flags));
9440b831ad  90) return error(_("%s isn't available"), optname(opt, flags));
9440b831ad  92) return error(_("%s takes no value"), optname(opt, flags));
9440b831ad 178) return error(_("%s expects a numerical value"),
9440b831ad 194) return error(_("%s expects a non-negative integer value"
8900342628 356) error(_("did you mean `--%s` (with two dashes ?)"), arg);
8900342628 651) error(_("unknown non-ascii option in string: `%s'"),
9440b831ad 785) strbuf_addf(&sb, "option `no-%s'", opt->long_name);

9d0a9e9089  675) die(_("will not add file alias '%s' ('%s' already 
exists in index)"),
9d0a9e9089  676)     ce->name, alias->name);
9d0a9e9089  691) die(_("cannot create an empty blob in the object 
9d0a9e9089  712) return error(_("%s: can only add regular files, 
symbolic links or git-directories"), path);
9d0a9e9089  786) return error(_("unable to add '%s' to index"), path);
9d0a9e9089  822) error(_("invalid path '%s'"), path);
9d0a9e9089  848) error(_("invalid path '%s'"), path);
9d0a9e9089 1686) return error(_("bad signature 0x%08x"), 
9d0a9e9089 1689) return error(_("bad index version %d"), hdr_version);
9d0a9e9089 1728) return error(_("index uses %.4s extension, which we do 
not understand"),
9d0a9e9089 1730) fprintf_ln(stderr, _("ignoring %.4s extension"), ext);
9d0a9e9089 1777) die(_("unknown index entry format 0x%08x"), 
9d0a9e9089 1848) die(_("unordered stage entries in index"));
9d0a9e9089 1851) die(_("multiple stage entries for merged file '%s'"),
9d0a9e9089 1854) die(_("unordered stage entries for '%s'"),
9d0a9e9089 2148) die_errno(_("%s: index file open failed"), path);
9d0a9e9089 2152) die_errno(_("%s: cannot stat the open index"), path);
9d0a9e9089 2156) die(_("%s: index file smaller than expected"), path);
9d0a9e9089 2160) die_errno(_("%s: unable to map index file"), path);
9d0a9e9089 2250) warning(_("could not freshen shared index '%s'"), 
9d0a9e9089 2285) die(_("broken index, expect %s in %s, got %s"),
9d0a9e9089 3071) error(_("cannot fix permission bits on '%s'"), 
9d0a9e9089 3217) return error(_("%s: cannot drop to stage #0"),

bbfc042ef9  236) = &oi_deref.size;
bbfc042ef9  245) return strbuf_addf_ret(err, -1, _("unrecognized 
%%(objectsize) argument: %s"), arg);
ab0e367154  253) return strbuf_addf_ret(err, -1, _("%%(deltabase) does 
not take arguments"));
9440b831ad 2353) return error(_("option `%s' is incompatible with 

afa5d74929  359) die("invalid server response; expected service, got 
flush packet");

0b9c3afdbf  363) warning(_("config remote shorthand cannot begin with 
'/': %s"),
0b9c3afdbf  418) error(_("more than one uploadpack given, using the 
0b9c3afdbf  684) die(_("key '%s' of pattern had no '*'"), key);
0b9c3afdbf  694) die(_("value '%s' of pattern has no '*'"), value);
0b9c3afdbf 1102) error(_("unable to delete '%s': remote ref does not 
0b9c3afdbf 1121) return error(_("dst ref %s receives from more than one 
0b9c3afdbf 1840) die(_("couldn't find remote ref %s"), name);
0b9c3afdbf 1853) error(_("* Ignoring funny ref '%s' locally"),
0b9c3afdbf 1948) die(_("revision walk setup failed"));
0b9c3afdbf 2221) return error(_("cannot parse expected object name '%s'"),

f11c958054  593) istate->cache_tree = cache_tree();
f11c958054 3974) res = error_dirty_index(r->index, opts);

f0eaf63819 sha1-file.c 2139) return r;

Commits introducing uncovered code:
Elijah Newren      37b65ce36: merge-recursive: new function for better 
colliding conflict resolutions
Elijah Newren      48c9cb9d6: merge-recursive: improve 
rename/rename(1to2)/add[/add] handling
Elijah Newren      530ca19c0: fast-export: add 
--reference-excluded-parents option
Elijah Newren      7f8671656: merge-recursive: fix rename/add conflict 
Elijah Newren      843b9e6d4: fast-export: convert sha1 to oid
Elijah Newren      a965bb311: fast-export: add a --show-original-ids 
option to show original names
Elijah Newren      b93b81e79: fast-export: use value from correct enum
Elijah Newren      cd13762d8: fast-export: when using paths, avoid 
corrupt stream with non-existent mark
Elijah Newren      f129c4275: fast-export: move commit rewriting logic 
into a function for reuse
Elijah Newren      fdf31b636: fast-export: ensure we export requested refs
Force Charlie      d73019feb: http: add support selecting http version
Jeff King      afa5d7492: remote-curl: refactor smart-http discovery
Jeff King      b69fb867b: sha1_file_name(): overwrite buffer instead of 
Jeff King      f0eaf6381: sha1-file: use an object_directory for the 
main object dir
Junio C Hamano      5215bd2f7: Merge branch 'nd/i18n' into next
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      005af339c: sequencer.c: remove implicit 
dependency on the_repository
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      0b9c3afdb: remote.c: mark messages for translation
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      385cb64ff: delta-islands.c: remove 
the_repository references
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      674ba3403: fsck: mark strings for translation
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      74ae4b638: bundle.c: remove the_repository 
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      890034262: parse-options.c: mark more strings 
for translation
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      8aa8c1409: git.c: mark more strings for 
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      9440b831a: parse-options: replace opterror() 
with optname()
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      9d0a9e908: read-cache.c: mark more strings for 
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      ad8f8f4ae: attr.c: mark more string for 
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      c6e7965dd: archive.c: mark more strings for 
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      c83d950e5: repack: mark more strings for 
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      dd509db34: reflog: mark strings for translation
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      f11c95805: sequencer.c: remove implicit 
dependency on the_index
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      fb998eae6: blame.c: remove implicit dependency 
Olga Telezhnaya      ab0e36715: ref-filter: add deltabase option
Olga Telezhnaya      bbfc042ef: ref-filter: add objectsize:disk option
Torsten Bögershausen      ca473cef9: Upcast size_t variables to 
uintmax_t when printing

Uncovered code in 'master' not in 'master@{1}'

517fe807d6 4776) BUG_ON_OPT_NEG(unset);
735ca208c5 4830) return -1;

fce5664805 2117) *opt_value = PATCH_FORMAT_UNKNOWN;

517fe807d6 builtin/blame.c    759) BUG_ON_OPT_NEG(unset);

0eb8d3767c builtin/cat-file.c 609) return error(_("only one batch option 
may be specified"));

fd6263fb73 builtin/grep.c 1051) warning(_("invalid option combination, 
ignoring --threads"));
fd6263fb73 builtin/grep.c 1057) die(_("invalid number of threads 
specified (%d)"), num_threads);

517fe807d6 builtin/log.c 1196) BUG_ON_OPT_NEG(unset);

01a31f3bca 565) die(_("unable to access commit %s"),

62c23938fa   55) return env;
3249c1251e  556) ret = -1;
3249c1251e  557) goto leave_reset_head;
bac2a1e36f  561) ret = error(_("could not determine HEAD revision"));
bac2a1e36f  562) goto leave_reset_head;
3249c1251e  580) ret = error(_("could not read index"));
3249c1251e  581) goto leave_reset_head;
bac2a1e36f  585) ret = error(_("failed to find tree of %s"), 
bac2a1e36f  586) goto leave_reset_head;
3249c1251e  590) ret = error(_("failed to find tree of %s"), 
3249c1251e  591) goto leave_reset_head;
3249c1251e  604) goto leave_reset_head;

517fe807d6 builtin/show-branch.c 607) BUG_ON_OPT_NEG(unset);

517fe807d6 builtin/show-ref.c 154) BUG_ON_OPT_NEG(unset);

2c8ee1f53c 267) error_errno(_("unable to dup bundle descriptor"));
2c8ee1f53c 268) child_process_clear(&pack_objects);
2c8ee1f53c 269) return -1;
2c8ee1f53c 478) rollback_lock_file(&lock);

2179045fd0 532) die(_("unable to create lazy_dir thread: %s"), 
2179045fd0 554) die(_("unable to create lazy_name thread: %s"), 
2179045fd0 560) die(_("unable to join lazy_name thread: %s"), 

2179045fd0 137) die(_("unable to create threaded lstat: %s"), 

b45424181e 2942) return;
b45424181e 2945) return;
b45424181e 2951) c->object.flags |= UNINTERESTING;
b45424181e 2954) return;
b45424181e 2957) mark_parents_uninteresting(c);
b45424181e 2980) return;
b45424181e 2983) return;
b45424181e 3048) continue;
f0d9cc4196 3097) if (!revs->ignore_missing_links)
f0d9cc4196 3098) die("Failed to traverse parents of commit %s",
f0d9cc4196 3099)     oid_to_hex(&commit->object.oid));
b45424181e 3107) continue;

2179045fd0 1229) error(_("cannot create async thread: %s"), strerror(err));

c0e40a2d66 207) close(fd[1]);

Commits introducing uncovered code:
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason      62c23938f: tests: add a special setup where 
rebase.useBuiltin is off
Derrick Stolee      b45424181: revision.c: generation-based topo-order 
Derrick Stolee      f0d9cc419: revision.c: begin refactoring 
--topo-order logic
Jeff King      01a31f3bc: pull: handle --verify-signatures for unborn branch
Jeff King      0eb8d3767: cat-file: report an error on multiple --batch 
Jeff King      2c8ee1f53: bundle: dup() output descriptor closer to 
Jeff King      517fe807d: assert NOARG/NONEG behavior of parse-options 
Jeff King      735ca208c: apply: return -1 from option callback instead 
of calling exit(1)
Jeff King      fce566480: am: handle --no-patch-format option
Johannes Schindelin      3249c1251: rebase: consolidate clean-up code 
before leaving reset_head()
Johannes Schindelin      bac2a1e36: built-in rebase: reinstate `checkout 
-q` behavior where appropriate
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      2179045fd: Clean up pthread_create() error 
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      c0e40a2d6: send-pack.c: move async's #ifdef 
NO_PTHREADS back to run-command.c
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy      fd6263fb7: grep: clean up num_threads handling

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