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From: Christian Couder <>
To: Atharva Raykar <>
Cc: git <>,
	Shourya Shukla <>,
	Shourya Shukla <>
Subject: Re: [GSoC][Draft Proposal] Finish converting git submodule to builtin
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 18:02:48 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>


On Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 4:08 PM Atharva Raykar <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Below is my draft of my GSoC proposal. I have noticed that Chinmoy has already
> submitted a proposal for the same idea before me, so would that be considered
> "taken"? (I don't think I can submit another proposal for the other idea either,
> because someone has already sent one for that as well)

Unfortunately, it looks like we will mentor only 2 students on the 2
projects listed on, so we might
have to make tough choices.

> Since I have already put my effort into this for a while, I thought I might as
> well send it, but I'll accept whatever the mentors say about the eligibility of
> this proposal.

Thanks for sending it anyway!

> Here is a prettier markdown version:
> --8<-----8<-----8<-----8<-----8<-----8<-----8<-----8<-----8<-----8<-----8<--
>                           ___________________
>                            GSOC GIT PROPOSAL
>                              Atharva Raykar
>                           ___________________
> Table of Contents
> _________________
> 1. Personal Details
> 2. Background
> 3. Me and Git
> .. 1. Current knowledge of git
> 4. The Project: Finish converting `git submodule' to builtin
> 5. Prior work
> 6. General implementation strategy
> 7. Timeline (using the format dd/mm)
> 8. Beyond GSoC
> 9. Blogging
> 10. Final Remarks: A little more about me
> 1 Personal Details
> ==================
>   Name        : Atharva Raykar
>   Major       : Computer Science and Engineering
>   Email       :
>   IRC nick    : atharvaraykar on #git and #git-devel
>   Address     : RB 103, Purva Riviera, Marathahalli, Bangalore
>   Postal Code : 560037
>   Time Zone   : IST (UTC+5:30)
>   GitHub      :
> 2 Background
> ============
>   I am Atharva Raykar, currently in my third year of studying Computer
>   Science and Engineering at PES University, Bangalore. I have always
>   enjoyed programming since a young age, but my deep appreciation for
>   good program design and creating the right abstractions came during my
>   exploration of the various rabbitholes of knowledge originating from
>   communities around the internet. I have personally enjoyed learning
>   about Functional Programming, Database Architecture and Operating
>   Systems, and my interests keep expanding as I explore more in this
>   field.
>   I owe my appreciation of this rich field to these communities, and I
>   always wanted to give back. With that goal, I restarted the [PES Open
>   Source] community in our campus, with the goal of creating spaces
>   where members could share knowledge, much in the same spirit as the
>   communities that kickstarted my journey in Computer Science. I learnt
>   a lot about collaborating in the open, maintainership, and reviewing
>   code. While I have made many small contributions to projects in the
>   past, I am hoping GSoC will help me make the leap to a larger and more
>   substantial contribution to one of my favourite projects that made it
>   all possible in my journey with Open Source.
> [PES Open Source] <>
> 3 Me and Git
> ============
>   Here are the various forms of contributions that I have made to Git:
>   - [Microproject] userdiff: userdiff: add support for Scheme Status: In
>     progress, patch v2 pending List:
>     <>
>   - [Git Education] Conducted a workshop with attendance of hundreds of
>     students new to git, and increased the prevalence of of git's usage
>     in my campus.
>     Photos: <> and
>     <>
>   I intend to continue helping people out on the mailing list and IRC
>   and tending to patches wherever possible in the meantime.


> 3.1 Current knowledge of git


> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>   I use git almost daily in some form, and I am fairly comfortable with
>   it. I have already read and understood the chapters from the Git
>   Book about submodules along with the one on objects, references,
>   packfiles and the refspec.
> 4 The Project: Finish converting `git submodule' to builtin
> ===========================================================
>   Git has historically had many components implemented in the form of
>   shell scripts. This was less than ideal for several reasons:
>   - Portability: Non-POSIX systems like Windows don't play nice with
>     shell script commands like grep, cd and printf, to name a few, and
>     these commands have to be reimplemented for the system. There are
>     also POSIX to Windows path conversion issues.
>   - No direct access to plumbing: Shell commands do not have direct
>     access to the low level git API, and a separate shell is spawned to
>     just to carry out their operations.
>   - Performance: Shell scripts tend to create a lot of child processes
>     which slows down the functioning of these commands, especially with
>     large repositories.
>   Over the years, many GSoC students have converted the shell versions
>   of these commands to C. Git `submodule' is the last of these to be
>   converted.
> 5 Prior work
> ============
>   I will be taking advantage of the knowledge that was gained in the
>   process of the converting the previous scripts and avoiding all the
>   gotchas that may be present in the process. There may be a bunch of
>   useful helper functions in the previous patches that can be reused as
>   well (more investigation needed to determine what exactly is
>   reusable).
>   Currently the only other commands left to be completed for `submodule'
>   are `add' and `update'. Work for `add' has already been started by a
>   previous GSoCer, Shourya Shukla, and needs to picked up from there.

Yeah, 'update' uses  ̀git submodule--helper update-clone`, `git
submodule--helper update-module-mode` and other `git
submodule--helper` sub-commands, but is not fully ported.

>   Reference:
>   <>
>   I'll have these as my references when I am working on the project:
>   His blog about his progress:
>   <>
>   (more has been implemented since)
>   Shourya's latest patch for `submodule add':
>   <>
>   For the most part, the implementation looks fairly complete, but there
>   seems to be a segfault occurring, along with a few changes suggested
>   by the reviewers. It will be helpful to contact Shourya to fully
>   understand what needs to be done.
>   Prathamesh's previous conversion work:
>   <>

It would be nice if, after finishing 'add' and 'update', you could
also completely get rid of and instead use `git
submodule-helper` as `git submodule`.

> 6 General implementation strategy
> =================================
>   The way to port the shell to C code for `submodule' will largely
>   remain the same. There already exists the builtin
>   `submodule--helper.c' which contains most of the previous commands'
>   ports. All that the shell script for `' is doing for
>   the previously completed ports is parsing the flags and then calling
>   the helper, which does all the business logic.
>   So I will be moving out all the business logic that the shell script
>   is performing to `submodule--helper.c'. Any reusable functionality
>   that is introduced during the port will be added to `submodule.c' in
>   the top level.


>   For example: The general strategy for converting `cmd_update()' would
>   be to have a call to `submodule--helper' in the shell script to a
>   function which would resemble something like `module_update()' which
>   would perform the work being done by the shell script past the flags
>   being parsed and make the necessary calls to `update_clone()', and the
>   git interface in C for performing the merging, checkout and rebase
>   where necessary.

It would be nice if you could go into more details about what
`module_update()' would look like. Do you see steps that you could
take to not have to do everything related to `module_update()' in only
one patch?

>   After this process, the builtin is added to the commands array in
>   `submodule--helper.c'. And since these two functions are the last bit

It's not very clear here that by "these two functions" you reference
the 'add' and 'update' sub-commands.

>   of functionality left to convert in submodules, an extended goal can
>   be to get rid of the shell script altogether, and make the helper into
>   the actual builtin [1].

Nice that you are talking about this!

>   [1]
>   <>
> 7 Timeline (using the format dd/mm)
> ===================================
>   Periods of limited availability (read: hectic chaos):
>   - From 13/04 to 20/04 I will be having project evaluations and lab
>     assessments for five of my courses.
>   - From 20/04 to 01/05 I have my in-semester exams.
>   - For a period of two weeks in the range of 08/05 to 29/05 I will be
>     having my end-semester exams.
>   My commitment: I will still have time during my finals to help people
>   out on the mailing list, get acquainted with the community and its
>   processes, and even review patches if I can. This is because we get
>   holidays between each exam, and my grades are good enough to that I
>   can prioritise git over my studies ;-)


>   And on the safe side, I will still engage with the community from now
>   till 07/06 so that the community bonding period is not compromised in
>   any way.
>   Periods of abundant availability: After 29/05 all the way to the first
>   week of August, I will be having my summer break, so I can dedicate
>   myself to git full-time :-)
>   I would have also finished all my core courses, so even after that, I
>   will have enough of time to give back to git past my GSoC period.


Also: s/git/Git/

>   Phase 1: 07/06 to 14/06 -- Investigate and devise a strategy to port
>   the submodule functions
>   - This phase will be more diagrams in my notebook than code in my
>     editor -- I will go through all the methods used to port the other
>     submodule functions and see how to do the same for what is left.
>   - I will find the C equivalents of all the shell invocations in
>     `', and see what invocations have /no/ equivalent
>     and need to be created as helpers in C (Eg: What is the equivalent
>     to the `ensure-core-worktree' invocation in C?). For all the helpers
>     and new functionality that I do introduce, I will need to create the
>     testing strategy for the same.
>   - I will go through all the work done by Shourya in his patch, and try
>     to understand it properly. I will also see the mistakes that were
>     caught in all the reviews for previous submodule conversion patches
>     and try to learn from them before I jump to the code.
>   - Deliverable: I will create a checklist for all the work that needs
>     to be done with as much detail as I can with the help of inputs from
>     my mentor and all the knowledge I have gained in the process.
>   Phase 2: 14/06 to 28/06 -- Convert `add' to builtin in C
>   - I will work on completing `git submodule add'. One strategy would be
>     to either reimplement the whole thing using what was learnt in
>     Shourya's attempt, but it is probably wiser to just take his patch
>     and modify it. I would know what to do by the time I reach this
>     phase.
>   - I will also add tests for this functionality. I will also document
>     my changes when required. These would be unit tests for the helpers
>     introduced, and integration of `add' with the other commands.
>   - Deliverable: Completely port `add' to C!
>   Bonus Phase: If I am ahead of time -- Remove the need for a
>   `submodule--helper', and make it a proper C builtin.
>   - Once all the submodule functionality is ported, the shell script is
>     not really doing much more than parsing the arguments and passing it
>     to the helper. We won't need this anymore if it is implemented.

Ok, great!

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