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From: Stefan Beller <>
To: Antonio Ospite <>
Cc: git <>,
	Richard Hartmann <>
Subject: Re: [RFC 01/10] submodule: add 'core.submodulesFile' to override the '.gitmodules' path
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 11:44:26 -0700
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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Hi Antonio,

>> Good point! I wonder if the cleaner solution would be to just
>> tell git to use HEAD:.gitmodules and not check out the file?
>> then you would not need to come up with a namespace for names
>> of the .gitmodules files and scatter them into the worktree as well?
> Any solution which:
>   1. prevents the gitmodules file to be checked out
>   2. but still tracks it in the git repository
> OR
>   1. allows to set the gitmoudles file under some namespace
> would work for vcsh I guess.

I personally would tend to rather go for supporting your first solution
(prevent .gitmodules from checked-out, load from sparse HEAD),
but I do not have strong arguments or feeling about this dimension.
I am fine with a namespaced .gtimodules solution, too.

Both solutions can be implemented by either:

A) adding the code where it is (like your patch, e.g. using

> -               value=$(git config -f .gitmodules submodule."$name"."$option")
> +               gitmodules_file=$(git config core.submodulesfile)
> +               : ${gitmodules_file:=.gitmodules}
> +               value=$(git config -f "$gitmodules_file" submodule."$name"."$option")

B) adding a helper, which is a layer of indirection
to load the relevant configuration.

And when it comes to this dimension, I'd strongly favor B over A.
Having this indirection helper in place enables to add more options
later easily as only one place needs to be touched.
(These other options could include the other solution as presented above,
or the idea with the special ref as mentioned in an earlier email)

>> > Can you give an example from the user point of view of such a
>> > "config-from-gitmodules" command?
>> >
>>     git submodule config <name> <option>
>> as an 'alias' for
>>                gitmodules_file=$(git config core.submodulesfile)
>>                : ${gitmodules_file:=.gitmodules}
>>                value=$(git config -f "$gitmodules_file"
>> submodule."$name"."$option")
>> The helper would figure out which config file to load form
>> (.gitmodules in tree, HEAD:.gitmodules, your new proposed gitmodules file,
>> .git/config... or the special ref) and then return the <option> for <name>
>> So maybe:
>>     $ git clone && cd gerrit
>>     # ^ My goto-repo with submodules
>>     $ git submodule config "plugins/hooks" URL
>>     ../plugins/hooks
> I may look into such supporting changes once you decide the approach to
> take for the bigger problem.

I think once we have the helper in place you can implement the solution
to the bigger problem as you like?

There are a few pros and cons for namespaced .gitmodules and
non-checked-out sparse HEAD .gitmodules:

How do you modify the .gitmodules config?
In the namespaced solution, you can tell users to edit that
file manually or use "git config -f $new_location" to manipulate
that file.

In the sparse solution editing becomes a little bit trickier, as you
need to edit a file in the index (or HEAD).

If you have the special ref, you could just checkout the
special ref in another worktree and make changes and
commit there

How do you change the setup?
In case of a sparse gitmodules file, you can just check it out
(make it non-sparse) or vice versa.

In case of a namespaced gitmodules file, you'd change the
config setting and have to move the file to the new location.
as git config is just about configuring, the user is left alone
with moving the file, or would we have a helper for that?
("git submodule relocate-gitmodules" or such)?

If you have the special ref, you could just checkout the
special ref in another worktree and make changes and
commit there.

I hope this helps instead of confusing more,


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