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From: Stefan Beller <>
To: Antonio Ospite <>
Cc: "SZEDER Gábor" <>,
	"Junio C Hamano" <>, git <>,
	"Brandon Williams" <>,
	"Daniel Graña" <>,
	"Jonathan Nieder" <>,
	"Richard Hartmann" <>,
	"Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason" <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH v5 9/9] submodule: support reading .gitmodules when it's not in the working tree
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2018 14:00:50 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 3:20 AM Antonio Ospite <> wrote:

> > The third call, however, looks at the nested submodule at
> > 'submodule/sub', which doesn't contain a '.gitmodules' file.  So this
> > function goes on with the second condition and calls
> > get_oid(GITMODULES_INDEX, &oid), which then appears to find the blob
> > in the _superproject's_ index.
> >
> You are correct.
> This is a limitation of the object store in git, there is no equivalent
> of get_oid() to get the oid from a specific repository and this affects
> config_with_options too when the config source is a blob.

Not yet, as there is a big push to pass-through an object-store object
or similar recently and rely less on global variables.
I am not sure I get to this code, though.

> This does not affect commands called via "git -C submodule_dir cmd"
> because in that case the chdir happens before the_repository is set up,
> for instance "git-submodule $SOMETHING --recursive" commands seem to
> change the working directory before the recursion.

For this it may be worth looking into the option
  Currently for internal use only. Set a prefix which gives a
  path from above a repository down to its root. One use is
  to give submodules context about the superproject that
  invoked it.

the whole motion of moving to in-process deprecates this clunky
API to pass around strings to subprocesses.

> The test suite passes even after removing repo_read_gitmodules()
> entirely from builtin/grep.c, but I am still not confident that I get
> all the implication of why that call was originally added in commit
> f9ee2fcdfa (grep: recurse in-process using 'struct repository',
> 2017-08-02).

If you checkout that commit and remove the call to repo_read_gitmodules
and then call git-grep in a superproject with nested submodules, you
get a segfault.

On master (and deleting out that line) you do not get the segfault,
I think praise goes to ff6f1f564c4 (submodule-config: lazy-load a
repository's .gitmodules file, 2017-08-03) which happened shortly
after f9ee2fcdfa.

It showcased that it worked by converting ls-files, but left out grep.

So I think based on ff6f1f564c4 it is safe to remove all calls to

> Anyways, even if we removed the call we would prevent the problem from
> happening in the test suite, but not in the real world, in case non-leaf
> submodules without .gitmodules in their working tree.

Quite frankly I think grep was just overlooked in review of


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2018-09-17 14:09 ` [PATCH v5 9/9] submodule: support reading .gitmodules when it's not in the working tree Antonio Ospite
2018-09-18 17:12   ` SZEDER Gábor
2018-09-19 19:24     ` Junio C Hamano
2018-09-20 15:35     ` Antonio Ospite
2018-09-21 16:19       ` Junio C Hamano
2018-09-27 14:49         ` Antonio Ospite
2018-09-24 10:20     ` Antonio Ospite
2018-09-24 21:00       ` Stefan Beller [this message]
2018-09-27 14:44         ` Antonio Ospite
2018-09-27 18:00           ` Stefan Beller
2018-10-01 15:45             ` Antonio Ospite
2018-10-01 19:42               ` Stefan Beller

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