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From: Kyohei Kadota <>
To: "brian m. carlson" <>,
	"KADOTA, Kyohei via GitGitGadget" <>,, Junio C Hamano <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH 0/6] Port git to Plan 9
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2019 11:22:58 +0900	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

2019-08-04(Sun) 9:38 brian m. carlson <>:
> On 2019-08-03 at 23:52:08, KADOTA, Kyohei via GitGitGadget wrote:
> > I ported git, and git subcommands only written in C to Plan 9. This pull
> > request contains patches for existing codes, and new files to build git in
> > Plan 9.
> >
> > All build options such as NO_PERL are not supported yet, and also some git
> > subcommands written not in C is not available yet. But git can synchronize
> > to remote repository with git pull and git push via HTTPS.
> >
> > This pull request don't contain a part of Git toolchain for example
> > git-credential-store, etc. So I'm going to port other parts of Git toolchain
> > too in the future.
> This series seems to build a whole new build system that uses Plan 9
> tools. Typically the way ports to non-POSIX platforms (such as Windows)
> have been handled is that the Unix tools, including GNU make, have been
> ported to those platforms, and the POSIX (or POSIX-ish) environment used
> there.
> I'm concerned that by introducing a whole bunch of new, Plan 9-specific
> build code, we're going to have it fall behind with features or bug
> fixes, because none of the main developers test on Plan 9, and most
> contributors will not have the Plan 9 skills or systems to maintain the
> code.
> In addition, the editor used by git commit and other commands invokes
> "sh", but you've set this to "rc". That's completely different from the
> way that all other environments work, and it means that Git on Plan 9
> operates in a totally different, incompatible way there. We also use a
> POSIX shell for the testsuite, and we rely on it quite heavily. rc is
> not going to cut it there.
> Plan 9 has a POSIX environment, and I think it might be a better idea to
> require that as a condition for building and running Git. It will likely
> be a lot easier, at least.
> --
> brian m. carlson: Houston, Texas, US
> OpenPGP:

I think it is possible to replace rc with ape/sh, ape/sh is POSIX
shell in Plan 9.

However Plan 9 don't have recent versions of Unix tools,
such as gcc, g++, autotools, gmake or perl,
so it is VERY hard to use Makefile instead of mkfile.

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